Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen On Valentines Day

What do you hate most about Valentines Day? This list was created on Valentines Day of 2014.

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Seeing Couples Everywhere to Remind You How Alone You Are

I really know how this feels. It's like a curse inside my heart that will never go away and I will be forever alone. Every single time I walked around in Valentines Day, there is always a happy couple reminding me that I'm alone. I even tried asking a girl I liked to be my Valentine and go for a date and every time I ask her; she blows me off and breaks my heart. She is usually nice to me but I guess some things were never meant to be (like me getting a Valentine) because instead, the girl I liked dated a guy that bullies and hates me. My parents are always telling me that things will get better BUT IT DOESN'T so I feel lied to. I'm going to be honest, I HAVE NEVER HADE A DATE IN MY 17 YEAR COURSE OF MY LIFE BECAUSE MOST GIRLS AREN'T INTO GUYS LIKE ME JUST BECAUSE I'M WELL BEHAVED AT SCHOOL AND BECAUSE I STILL LIKE Nintendo. I don't think anyone would want to be with a loser like me.

I wish there was someone in the world that understood my pain as this is the whole reason why I ...more

I understand your pain so much man, I've tried my best to impress girls but it never works. I even try to be jerks to them like most people with girlfriends but it JUST doesn't WORK! I've tried so hard but I now realize that I just wasn't meant to understand love. I wasn't meant to love at all.

Every Valentine's Day is when I really want to kill myself. I nearly did one Valentine's Day. I've never had a girlfriend. I never had a Valentine card before. Everyone in my school has had a Valentine's Day date except me! Every time I see a couple it just makes me more and more willing to kill somebody. I will not be surprised if I become a Serial Killer when I grow up because I have a really short fuse and I nearly killed someone before. I see why no girl wants me now since I'm a homicidal maniac. But a gleam of hope came to me! A new girl came to school a week ago and she is good looking and is my type of girl! I'm hoping that I take my time and ask her out and say yes and maybe I won't be lonely for at least a few weeks! So to anyone who thinks there's no hope out there. There is!
EDIT: I'm a liar,she doesn't like me. I am gonna give up on love. I'm gonna grow up with 30 cats and a body pillow while being 6282836272 pounds overweight.

It has happened to me. It doesn't bother me. To me it is just a holiday but it is terrible to watch for me. My friends all get rejected, A bad school dance, Kids going crazy from candy (We get Candy at our school for Holidays) and crying. Lots of crying. All my friends all come to me saying they got rejected. All I say is "Sorry.." Also almost all the boys come to me for dating advice (I don't know why. Maybe because I have blonde hair blue eyes? Don't know. If you reply let me know) So this happens every time..

I would have to do a lot of things to get a girl to go out with me. I would have to cover my acne with makeup, I would have to join the football team, I would have to let my grades drop, I would have to talk back to teachers, I would have to get a perfect six-pack, I would have to buy sparkly clothes, I would have to dye my hair blonde, and I would have to stop liking Nintendo. Apparently, dumb jocks get the hottest women.

Your Date Says She Wants to Break Up With You That Day

I know how you feel. One time my younger brother got a girlfriend. She was really nice and polite and they got along pretty good. But one day she wanted to break up with my younger brother. Not because she wanted to but she had to because she was about to move away. It's just sad when things like this happen, especially on valentines day.

My girlfriend:"I think we need to end our relationship.."
Me: "That's it I'm done. Going back to Valentine's Day in a deep depression."

Knock her out and she won't remember breaking up with you, great plan you know

Men also breaks up with Women on Valentine's Day. Not just Women dumping Men!

Your Date Dies

This is stupid. HOW OLD IS YOUR DATE? 100? How would this happen in the first place? You ran over the poor person? You shoot your date because they broke up with you the same day? Answers?

Um, they could get hit by a car, shot by a sociopath, a horrible illness, etc. ? How exactly would it be stupid?

This is worse than your date breaking up with you because you don't have another chance to be back with your date or even see him or her.

This should be in the first place... One of my friend experienced it and he committed suicide later...

And how would this happen, a teenage terrorist is jealous so he murders your date

The One You Wanted Goes After Your Friend

And then they brag about getting a Valentine's day card from them, knowing fool well you like that person. God, I hate Valentine's Day! It's so nostalgic of what's wrong with my life!

It's worse when your friend suddenly becomes your enemy, but this is still bad even when he's still your friend.

That would suck like heck because what if your so called friend rubs it in your face

My friend loved this girl that loved me and I was kinda scared because he's strong.

Your Date Says You Smell

Or they would sniff the air. Stare at you and then walk away saying you are disgusting. This is much worse.

Remember: brush your teeth and use deodorant before you go to see your date.

Haha that response from anonymous made me laugh. Thank you!

Good response but I would be to embarrassed to say that

Your Date Wants to See a Movie When You Really Want to Eat at a Fancy Restaurant

What?! Utmost impudence on the latter's part! Operating on the optic nerve when your Stomach is groaning with the pains! Dump her, I say! Dump girls who are so heartless!

You just decide, then suddenly your date says were Finished being together.

I would only see it if it was big hero 6, ima picky eater anyways

Agree with her it might help your relationship

Your Date Says She Doesn't Like You

That had always happened to me on valentines day! That's why I'm forever alone and always single on valentines day eating and playing video games and crying. Valentines day is a horrible day for me

I don't need a date to get a girl to say they don't like me

I don't care, I don't care about teen romance

My stomach groans when I hear that

You Don't Get Any Presents

Yep been there,tried that last time he got me a cupcake like seriously? And this year nothing! Which is better do you think

I don't care. I don't even get presents on Christmas. Because of my culture

Is this Valentine's Day or Christmas that we're talking about?

You don't get, not even any video games like Minecraft.

Your Date Tells You She Is Cheating On You

Nah, Don't mind- I'm better off playing' video games

That's OK because I think somebody is going to be murdered tonight because I'm yandere.

Who cares, valentimes day was never a valuable holiday

Yah, I already knew that - me too!

You Get Asked to Date Someone from Big Brother

Truth or dare, dare ok, make your valentimes day ruined and get a date

Oh shut up bigbrothersucks sucks I know you would say that

Get this to number 1 please

Truth or dare little bro?

The Contenders

A Rejected Proposal

Poor man who got rejected.

You Still Have to Do Chores

I have my own chores mom, going on a date

... Instead of playing Minecraft.

You Have To Live Through Valentine's Day

I hate valentines day for a number of reasons.

My least favorite holiday.

That’s torture! No one wants a hideous day with my least favorite thing ever: love.

... But seriously. It sucks.

You Accidentally Ask Two People Out Who Both Accept

My friend had to go through this. He ended up choosing neither. Wow. After school we went to The nearest corner store, bought some Doritos, and we just talked together. Happy Ending? Eh?

This would suck one person in my school cheated on his girlfriend so she beat him up

Wait... How are you supposed to do that accidentally?

Ouch that's bad that should be 3

Your Date Battles You

Kirito and Asuna would do it to get stronger. They're a really cute couple.

When you send out Charizard, she sends out the evolution of boldore (I forgot what its called.)

So your date shows up with a tank to Blitzkrieg your arse?

Nah, he's talking about a yugioh card battle. its time to d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!

Girlfriend Wants to Have Sex With Someone That Is Not You

I hope it's not Justin Bieber why because he sucks I wish that Austin weeting was dead

I would teach her a lesson by raping her in anal sex

What, she wants to have sex with your brother?

That's hell for you

Your Date Tells You He Hates You

Error, you should have put he/she

You Get Friend-zoned

The friend zone is the relationship equivalent of either purgatory or hell. In the purgatory version of the friend zone, your date/crush likes someone else, but isn't really a couple with them yet, meaning you have a chance to get her to like you eventually. But in the hellish version of the friend zone, she's already proposed to the guy she likes.

I was friend-zoned two years ago by a girl I really liked, and I really thought we were going to become a couple. But I learned that I was friend-zoned the hard way when I saw her and some moron cuddling on the playground. But that moron learned he was friend-zoned when he saw her kissing someone else. Would this be purgatory or hell?

I feel bad for the dude in my class who got friend zoned at a carnival by this girl

I got hell friendzoned by my crush and he likes somebody else. Oh well...

You Get Bad Games

Very bad, especially on No One Loves You Day, I'd be very bored

Your Date Kisses You In a Toilet

This list is hilarious.Your date says you smell? Your date kisses you in a toilet? Justin Bieber's baby plays at the valentines day party? Your date wants to have sex with someone that isn't you?

So confusing a toilet really

Hey, at least she kissed you!

I really don't know how to feel bout this one I pretty sure if the older ones who are smarter probably will take of their underwear or panties or whatever girls where and ask the date to do the same thing and you can see where this is goimg

The Justin Bieber Baby Song Is Playing At The Valentine's Day Party

Lol, this should be number 1.

My Mom Keep Singing That Annoying Song

You Have Sex With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend and Discovered He or She Had AIDS

I don't wanna play infection

I would get pissed then that would mean they were with someone before me >:(

Well at least one good thing about being alone is that I won't get an STD.

You Get a Restraining Order from Your Crush

A girl that I like once threatened a restraining order on me once

I strangely see this happening to someone in my school...

Your Date Is Really Justin Bieber

Date "Kyle I have something to tell you! "
Me "What? "
Date "I am actually Justin Beiber..."
Me "What a twist! "
Justin "So are you ok with being gay"
* I pull out a gun *

Osama Bin Laden is your date

Bush: Hey Osama, wanna blow up the twin towers and let me invade Iraq and Afghanistan?
Osama: Sure why not? After 9/11 lets go watch the sunset!

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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