Top Worst Things to Happen to You In Class

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1 You fart audibly

One time, I farted in math class in front of my crush

Yes, it's a torture!
My farts are WAY audible
Even teachers hear it. - Animefan12

2 You're listening to your mp3 during a test and you start singing to the music during a test

I don't know of anyone who actually uses their iPod in class. The only time I took mine to school was before an exam. I was using music as a memory stimulus. - PositronWildhawk

That's not the worst, I got to do that for a whole year and I got away with it...

This is why when I was in high school, my mom would not allow men to listen to music when I study the day before a test

Why does this sound like something that I would do? - RiverClanRocks

3 You get bullied in class and the teacher doesn't do anything about it

Sometimes when I get in trouble with my classmates, I don't tell an adult about it because it's a waste of time because they're not gonna do anything

Teachers who do that are lazy and don't care about their students. Why get the job if you'll be like that?

That happens to me all the time.

YES! when you *are* the weird one.

4 You stand up against a bully and YOU get in trouble

I stood up to someone who beat me up for no reason, and people say I'm the one who's "too mean". Yeah, hitting people first for no reason is perfectly fine, but self-defense is VERY VERY MEAN! (sarcasm) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

That also happened to me - username34

Also stupid. If I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, I wouldn't be a stupid one, because I know all the stupid things teachers due.Student: I need to use the bathroom!Teacher: why didn't you go at lunch?Student: I got detention for standing up to meanie!Teacher: Do your work!Student: But if I hold it in, it could cause health problems!Jerk: punches studentTeacher: Does nothing

I remember when I was in 1st grade I probably did one of the most evil things that a 1st grader could possibly do. There was an Asian boy who kept taunting me, and I was sick of it, so I ganged up on him with several other of my classmates and we forced him into a baby swing and we actually beat him up til the point that he ended up going to the hospital to get stitches. He never annoyed me ever again afterwards. I got in trouble after recess that day.

Yep, I was an evil kid...

5 You're staring blankly off in a random direction and you just so happen to be staring at your crush and you didn't realize it until they ask you why you were looking at them
6 You get called down to the principal's office for an unknown reason

This ALWAYS makes me nervous...

7 You make a statement or a point that is entirely true and nobody believes you, including the teacher
8 Getting humiliated by the teacher

One teacher got so mad over a guy who would not shut up she humiliated everyone who spoke to her that day, including me and my friend just for asking her a perfectly normal question about the work. No wonder modern education is going down the toilet. - Entranced98

Today in geography no one did a certain 'easy' question correctly so our teacher says we aren't good enough and all that. She makes us write out pretty much what we already have in our copies again so that it gets into our heads. Some people are sensitive to this kind of stuff so I wish teachers won't humiliate students.

This has happened to me WAY too many times

9 You are the only one wearing a Seahawks jersey in class surrounded by 49er fans
10 You get a racist/sexist transfer student

My high school special ed teacher is so racist. She keeps telling me, the only Asian kid in the class, off for no reason at all!

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11 You lose you brand new pen

Lol. It's a very concerning health problem actually. Penlosingitis (pen-losing-itis) was discovered by me in about ten seconds whilst battling a serious anger towards losing my one and only pencil that I had in my backpack. I finally found the pencil and decided to call attention to fact that I lose all my pencils and pens before third period on a daily basis and that many other suffering people have the same problems worldwide. That is why I think that Obama should attempt to pass some kind of law that allows people to get special medical treatment for this kind of thing. - username34

12 A know-it-all rich kid tries to contradict everything the teacher says
13 Classmates use racial slurs and classmates are on his/her side

One time, a boy in my class said racist statements to an Asian kid sitting next to him. I just wanted to punch that boy in the face

This is so very true this happens in my class all the time and nobody does crap about it - username34

14 You break your pen and it gets ink on you

Happened to me luckily it was erasable and number 1 knew (told some people later) I just walked up and got a tissue wiped it and pulled my sleeves over and erased it a little - lol2016

15 You get yelled at by the teacher in front of the whole class

One time when I was in 4th grade, I dropped my chrome book and my aide screamed at me because she thought that I threw it. I wasn’t allowed to carry a chrome book for the rest of the school year

It happened in college once I was so traumatized by it that I cried on and off FOR 6-7 HOURS after the incident!

16 You Get In Trouble For Something You Didn't Do

This happened to me A LOT, especially in high school

17 You’re on your period and it leaks because the teacher won’t let you go to the bathroom to change
18 The teacher yells at the whole class
19 You are secretly going on a website then the teacher catches you
20 You are sent to the corner
21 The teacher tells the whole class to taunt/humiliate you
22 You sharted your pants and everyone else can smell it
23 The teacher targets you as her victim
24 Getting kicked out for no reason
25 You get a detention
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