Worst Things that Happened in 2015


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1 November 2015 Paris Attacks
2 Charlie Hebdo Shooting


I feel sorry for those terrorists. If you read about the Kouachi brothers childhood on the Daily Telegraph, it is truly heartbreaking and messed up. If the foster care took better care of them, they wouldn't have likely become terrorists and be dumb asses. And if they didn't meet Farid Benyettou at the first place, they wouldn't be radicalised and think the opposite way of life, and most importantly, if their parents didn't die when they were young, they would lead a happy life. Especially, I feel sorry for Cherif, who is the youngest of the two brothers, when he was young, people would describe him as funny, cute and talented while people would say that Said is quiet, smart and responsible. I take pity on them :(

3 Sousse Attacks
4 Copenhagen Shootings
5 Barwana Massacre
6 Bangkok Bombing
7 Death of Satoru Iwata

The death of a legend... R.I.P - MaxPap

8 Bionicle G2 came out
9 Tell Tamer Bombings
10 Beirut Bombings

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11 Beginning of Undertale

Undertale sucks

12 Beyblade Burst Came Out in Japan
13 Guns Surpass Cars In Deaths Caused in the United States

These stats remain in question, their accuracy the subject of serious debate. But in any case, apples and oranges. Firearms-related deaths in the U.S. are overwhelmingly the result of purposeful, violent crime. So it's not a "gun problem," it's a CRIME problem. This is not the case with auto fatalities. And, there is no inalienable constitutional right to drive a motor vehicle. There is, however, a clearly enumerated, inalienable constitution right to keep and bear arms.

14 Toys R Us Times Square Closing
15 Support Ended for Windows Server 2003
16 Death of Lemmy Kilmister
17 RadioShack Filing For Bankruptcy
18 Amtrak 188 Train Derailment
19 Bruce Dickinson Diagnosed with Tongue Cancer
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1. November 2015 Paris Attacks
2. Charlie Hebdo Shooting
3. Sousse Attacks
1. November 2015 Paris Attacks
2. Copenhagen Shootings
3. Charlie Hebdo Shooting



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