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1 Bastille Day Terrorist Attack In Nice, France

A terrorist drove a truck into people, killing 84, in France, in Bastille Day.


One more victim died later on, putting the death toll to 85

Guys, the deaths of celebrities are sad but they have no reason to be higher than actual terrorist attacks. - HiBye

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2 Shooting in Orlando, Florida

In about a second, somebody in the US will start shooting up a public place. It's probably happening now. - FrozenHatingPokefan

May the people who died rest in piece. :'( - 906389

You guys think that Donald Trump winning and Harambe was worse than SHOOTINGS? - DCfnaf

The deadliest shooting in our country, that's so sad.

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3 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Don't blame Donald Trump for winning; blame Hillary Clinton.

It's obvious that Donald Trump should have never even gotten close to being a potential candidate for the presidency, but to be honest Hillary was the worst choice. We all know she's a pretty horrible person who is willing to do anything for power and the spotlight. So lets be honest with ourselves, would we want a semi-honest semi-idiot in power, or a lying politician who is manipulating the system to her own advantage?

It was obvious through her leaked e-mails, media activity and through her campaign that she was doing everything in her power in order to win. She rigged the primaries so that the Republicans would choose the worst possible candidate, had every major television channel and social media site talk down on Donald Trump, covered up her illness, and focused her entire campaign around talking down Trump.

With all this mind its obvious why America voted for Trump and not Hillary. People are ...more - Fortifier

"Peace loving" liberals started throwing molotovs at people because they didn't get their way

A guy who can't even control his hair has been given control of the nuclear codes.

This election has the potential of being one of the most tragic events in the history of this country. For me it has nothing to with economic policies, diplomacy or any of the stated job duties for the President. It has to do with the fact that we have told our children that it is ok to be a bully, a racist, a sexist and liar. We have elected an individual who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is, for me, the great tragedy.

Do you always have to play the "child" card to advance your agenda? And what's worse: possibly being whatever-ist, or possibly being a criminal who took so many lives because of their crooked schemes and having the police be wrapped around their finger? - Lmrpirate

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4 Harambe Killed In Cincinnati Zoo Harambe Killed In Cincinnati Zoo

Harambe didn't even hurt the boy. He just checked on him. Hell, the boy wouldn't even have fell in if his mother had done a better job with him.

He was trying to keep the child away from the screaming adults and neglectful parent that just dropped her kid into a gorilla enclosure

... Why. WHY you killed that innocent thing! You monster


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5 Disney Gator Attack

This is really helpful I am writing a paper for school about this. and I am so sorry that this happened I send my condolences.

There were a lot of bad stuff that happened in 2016 but my cousin dying was the worst, no lie, the little boy was my cousin.

There was a father, a mother and a 2 year old. They were in the disney castle in the lake. One gator took the 2 year old and KILLED him. Same thing with the dad but with a different gator. The mother was crying. This is why I don't want to go to disney land again.-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

I just hate it when things like this happen.

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6 Death of Carrie Fisher

She was Leia from Star Wars. 2016 is the worst enemy. This may be worse than David Bowie's death.

Two-and-a-half months my junior, I have had a fondness fir her for many years. Debbie's death I understand. Carrie's death makes no sense whatsoever. For the first time in decades I shed tears of er the passing of a celebrity. There may be more to come...

She played one of the greatest female roles ever. Her life was tragic, her death was worst. But her legacy lives on in the greatest movie series of all time.

She was an icon and will never be forgotten.

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7 Donald Trump Elected U.S. President

At least he not letting Muslims in usa like justin truedal is in canada

Really? I mean, he has said some inappropriate things I don't approve of. Donald Trump being a racist misogynist is just a lie told by the media used to manipulate ignorant people and innocents. - FluffyBanana

I hate him and that's all there is to it.

Disgusting Human Being! A Pivotal moment in how that world now see the United States. They think we have lost our minds. 48% of the US did!

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8 Death of David Bowie

He was a great musician, it's a major example of good people dying and bad people living on, his music was amazing and unforgettable, now we can't listen to good music anymore because good singers are being replaced by bad people like Justin Bieber when they die.

They kept Bieber and took away bowie my girlfriend is still sad about it - princepretty

I think this is the worst thing that happened

This item, should DIE, how was a death of one bad singer worse then an ISIS attack! - Nateawesomeness

If he is a bad singer, than why the hell is he one of the most well know singers of all time?! - 906389

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9 Orlando Shooting

I cried for like an hour, how dare they killed all of those innocent people, this just proves America and the whole world are going down hill, everyone needs to get it together!

This is already on the list.

The worst mass shooting in recent US history.

Uh, although I used to live in Florida, take this off because it's already on the list. - AlphaQ

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10 Death of Christina Grimmie

We lost an important singer, all because some guy shot her.

We lost an amazing singer and person all because some man was upset he couldn't have her all to himself and most of America just completely ignored her death even happened

Her death was something that could've been avoided and it just shows how mucked up America's system is.

She was so young, and this could've been avoided by stricter gun laws.

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11 Dallas Police Shooting

I know that we've recently been seeing a lot of cases involving crooked cops abusing their power, but we need to remember that not all police officers are bad. The noble, fair police officers keep our communities safe. Our cities would be much worse off without a police department to protect law-abiding citizens from murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and other dangerous criminals. Those Dallas police officers didn't deserve to be shot. They had nothing to do with the recent shootings of African-American males. They were just doing their jobs. People, please stop acting like all police officers are evil! It's as foolish as believing that all Muslims are terrorists! It's the bad cops that deserve to be hated, not all cops in general.

Annoying Orange Caused This Because He Thinks Violence is Funny.

This event was chaos we just been through the Orlando shooting than this than after few days the attack in nice was going to start 2016 nice attack

This should be in the top 3 the event was caught on tape Orlando nightclub shooting was the deadliest terrorist attack since the September 11 attacks while the 2016 shooting of dallas police officers was the deadliest day for lawinfocement since the September 11 attacks

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12 Death of Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman was Snape in the Harry Potter movies!

It Should Have Been Annoying Orange

He died shortly after David BOWIE'S death

Alan Rickman was an amazing actor and life without Severus Snape is not life.

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13 Hurricane Matthew

So sad. It was really powerful. I feel so bad for those people.

Category 4 hurricane that hit the Caribbean, Haiti and caused major flooding.
Killed up to 900 people, 877 in Haiti, and 19 in the US so far.

Stupid haiti

And expect 2017 to be better (it wasn’t) - MrCoolC

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14 2016 Istanbul Airport Attack

We lost 36 people because of a bombing.

I was just there in 2015. I can't believe this happened

This was worse than the Dallas shooting

This should be in the top 5

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15 Zika Virus Outbreak

I feel so sorry for all those poor people. - Catacorn

Zika was one of the deadliest viruses at the time and could even live in sperm making it an STD also so it could travel in basically any form and also affects unborn children.

16 The Bombing In Brussels, Belgium

I feel so bad for the victims and words cannot describe how much my heart goes out to those families. I hope that terrorism ends and the leader of ISIS dies (that leader, whoever it is, deserves it). - Anonymousxcxc

This killed more than the Dallas shooting

What a present for me. It was in my birthday. Screw you, 2016!

17 New Ebola Cases In Africa

One day it is declared that de decease has finished, the next there is a new case - Martinglez

Something needs to be done. We need to be more careful when working with sick people.

That was 2014. - anonygirl


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18 Death of Prince

Give us back Prince, David Bowie, and Michael Jackson. We'll give you the Kardashians, Justin Beiber, and Donald Trump.

Bring back Stephen Hawking and Elvis Presley. We give you One Direction and Hillary Clinton. - TeamRocket747

Bring back Christina Grimmie in we'll give you Hillbilly Clinton in return!

He was a great musician, his music was classic.

Why Prince and not the bad singers?

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19 Gatlinburg North Carolina Wildfire

Quite sad. I never thought something like this would happen in my state. I give my thanks to the people of North Carolina who worked hard over the Thanksgiving holiday to contain the wildfires. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It sucks a lot because my family lost our rental cottage there

2 teenagers decide to play around with fire for the fun of it. What is the result? The burning of thousands of building in Gatlinburg and Piegon Forge.

All the good resorts including the westgate there burned down and it was so terrible. That's where I vacation to every year and it's all gone because some crazy person did this. - AggressiveBlaze

I want to punish those guys to no end for what they did to one of the most beautiful places I've been. - railfan99

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20 Fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

This was a sad fire in 2016, I remember when people came to grande prairie alberta because of the fire, and grande prairie public school District accepted students that were evacuated

This was a bad fire, I remember it destroyed lots of stuff in fort mcmurry alberta, they probably still rebuilding, it was also terrifying for people, I remember hearing about the fire a lot when it happend

This was bad it burned down houses and the fire burned from may 1,2016 to August 2,2017

So many people lost their homes in that fire. I live a couple hours south of it and it was so big I could see the smoke.

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21 United States Stock Market Declined

Heh bush did 911

22 Bionicle ended again
23 December 10 Istanbul Turkey Bombings

Important and innocent lives were taken.

24 2016 New York and New Jersey Bombings

I think it's sad how music is higher than this. Shows how careless people are.

I live in NY, oh flip :( - Catacorn

25 2016 Cascade Mall Shooting
26 Germany Train Stabbing

A 17 year old stabbed dozens of people on a train in Germany, Terror never ends.

At least the kid got shot and hopefully none of the victims die along with that freak - wariolady

27 Uri Terror Attack

Add it

28 Death of Debbie Reynolds

This needs to be so much higher, she was more than just carries mom

29 Karrada Bombing
30 DisneyAnime1234 Got Killed in a Car Crash

That's not right

31 Death of Muhammad Ali

Why is he at the bottom? He should be at the top. - Catacorn

This should definitely be on top 10

He was the black superman

Why is he not at the top

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32 Pakistan Suicide Bombing

70 People were killed.

33 Armed Militia Took Control of a US Government Building in Oregon
34 September 2016 Kabul Attacks
35 Kanye West Plans to Record David Bowie

Yo Kanye, Imma Let You Finish, But You Will NOT Record David Bowie!

This was just a rumor. - Billyv

What's so bad about this? Many people cover him! - ProPanda

Oh, Imma Going to Finish Him!

36 Ending of Gravity Falls

OH MY GOD. It's just a show. Get over it. Gravity Falls is a great cartoon and all, but hey, does it getting cancelled really belong on a list of the worst things that happened in 2016? Especially since a majority of the list focuses on fatal incidents. Try focusing on actual serious events that happened in 2016 such as the Orlando shooting rather than whining about your favorite show ending. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is the best show on the planet you uncultured swines

Stop pity voting this event! We can't do anything about it anymore

They keep on whining about this show. GROW UP!

I agree with this visitor. They should just move on with Gravity Falls getting cancelled rather than trying to stop it. It's the creator's decisions to end it. - Neonco31

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37 Celebrity Deaths

This is One Of The Worst!
Pretty much the top along with terrorist attacks

38 Turkey Wedding Bombing

The worst ever:(

39 Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

Such a horrible day... 39 people killed while drunk and having fun.. No words

39 life end in the beginning of the year.

What a great start for 2017

40 Church Shooting in Egypt

It's already on the list, click the next numbers.

41 Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack

She's the Princess Leia actress, and she's gonna be the next to die, of a heart attack.

RIP Princess Leia, you were the best movie Princess. May the force be with you. - Catacorn

I can't even comment this without tearing up. - EastZombie

She had a hard life, struggling with drugs and alcohol and her manic de - Cry_For_Carrie_Fisher

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42 Death of George Michael

We lost so many people this year, hopefully 2017 will be better. - EastZombie


43 Fort Myers Shooting

This just happened recently, 2 people were shot, at a nightclub, in Fort Myers Florida, second after Orlando.

44 ISIS Attack in Jakarta, Indonesia
45 Shooting in Baton Rouge

Caused By Henry Danger

3 officers were killed when shot.

46 Flooding in Louisiana


47 Fred from YouTube Still Making Videos

It seems this part of the list expired, his last Fred video was on Valentine's Day, and everything after that was just reaction videos of Fred, Fred is officially dead.

I saw his last video months ago, After seeing Lucas's later videos, I noticed he did the Fred voice in parts of a few, he kinda still got it, but not what you'll think I'm saying it.

Fred killed himself. Lucas took over his place, and his videos are even crappier than Fred's.

At least we have Lucas - ygj

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48 The Powerpuff Girls 2016 Reboot

Oh my god. IT'S JUST A CARTOON. There are way worse events that are below THIS. I'm disappointed in humanity. - Jasmine21064

The old Powerpuff Girls was much better. - HyenaLover

I kind of like this reboot

Let's not even go here. Let's just hope the Ducktales reboot will turn out better than this crap.

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49 Italy Earthquake

I can't believe this just happened.

50 Mexico City Fireworks Explosion

This is a terrible event that happened because some one decided to smoke. Smoking is worse enough and now one person has caused 38 people to die.

Doesn't matter what country or what place in the world, or who's involved.
It's a horrible thing.

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