Harambe Killed In Cincinnati Zoo


Harambe was just checking out the boy, and he did no harm. I can't believe some idiot would be so stupid and neglectful that they let their child in a gorilla enclosure. And also, why couldn't they have just stunned Harambe instead of killing him? - Powerfulgirl10

This is so dumb. Stop with Harambe. A gorilla getting shot is nowhere near as bad as a massacre in Florida. - DCfnaf

This will get hate but... harambe was kinda violently dragging the child around, but still, it was not a good choice to kill harambe

Sad, but annoying because yesterday in class some kid thought it would be funny to throw a pen at one of their friends and scream "HARAMBE! " - Lunala

Harambe was a kind loving gorilla and did not deserve to die!

How dumb do people have to be to think that a gorilla is more important than multiple human lives who weren't even possibly going to hurt anybody, unlike Harambe... How dumb? - EliHbk

Really, it's a gorilla that was going to kill a kid, not on purpose, but it was inevitable unless this... and by the way tranqs don't work instantly - EliHbk

It was the parents fault and besides The gorilla is a god dang ape

Why do the people have to kill Harambe? He was trying to protect the kid when he fell in. RIP Harambe the gorilla.

Yo where can I find the smoke pit's?

In all honesty, the Mother was at fault for putting her child's live in peril.

What!? Why you just leave Harambe alone people!

That Boy Shouldn't Have Went Into His Habitat In The First Place. That Wasn't A Good Thing To Do.

He just wanted to save that poor child

Harambe was an angel, he could helped us achieve world peace!.

Actually, it's a misunderstanding, harambe was about to KILL the child! If he was left alive, the child would of been torn to pieces, you guys just misunderstood

Them killing Harambe is stupid

Harambe was a true hero. If it wasn't for him. The boy could have died. RIP Harambe

This is so sad. An innocent creature. He did nothing to harm the child

That child should be taken from the mother on the charge of neglect.

Who ever killed him must be put to DEATH

What?! How is this #1?! You guys REALLY need to grow up...

Why is this on here, it's just an animal. You guys need to grow up...

You three need to grow up if you think that a gorilla getting shot because they had no choice is worse than massacres. This is in no way, shape, or form an act of animal cruelty. The fact of the matter is that a child was in danger and they couldn't do anything else. - DCfnaf

You're the one that needs to grow up. Animal cruelty is really bad for our environment. If you do not think it is, then you are selfish and should start caring about others. - anonygirl

He was a living, breathing creature of this Earth. Just like you and any others. How would you like it if someone shot you and didn't care? You are heartless. - 906389

Definitely didn't deserve to be killed, sheesh some people just can't see thing "the right way". Whoever killed him deserves to have his firearms license revoked.

Harambe is our one true god, bow down and show respect.