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41 Turkey Wedding Bombing V 1 Comment
42 Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

Such a horrible day... 39 people killed while drunk and having fun.. No words

39 life end in the beginning of the year.

What a great start for 2017

43 Obama's Last Full Year of Being President

This is a good thing - DoroExploro13

44 ISIS Attack in Jakarta, Indonesia

I was kinda afraid to go out after hearing the news because I live in Indonesia (not in Jakarta though) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

45 Pokemon Go Launched

Another bad app, way to go! - Catacorn

This crap isn't real Pokemon! - FrozenHatingPokefan

DON'T VOTE FOR THIS! VOTE FOR A REAL BAD INCIDENT IN THE TOP 10 LIKE TERRORIST ATTACKS! The game isn't that good but it should be at #500 at best! - PeeledBanana

The worst Pokemon game ever made. >:( - PerfectImpulseX

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46 Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack

She's the Princess Leia actress, and she's gonna be the next to die, of a heart attack.

RIP Princess Leia, you were the best movie Princess. May the force be with you. - Catacorn

I can't even comment this without tearing up. - EastZombie

May the force be with you. - Jay12

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47 Church Shooting in Egypt

It's already on the list, click the next numbers.

48 Flooding in Louisiana V 1 Comment
49 Death of George Michael

We lost so many people this year, hopefully 2017 will be better. - EastZombie


50 Fort Myers Shooting

This just happened recently, 2 people were shot, at a nightclub, in Fort Myers Florida, second after Orlando.

51 Worst Pop Music (Overrated Songs)

Drake and rihanna and Justin Bieber and meghan trainer and g eazy... awful year

52 Italy Earthquake

I can't believe this just happened.

53 Mexico City Fireworks Explosion

This is a terrible event that happened because some one decided to smoke. Smoking is worse enough and now one person has caused 38 people to die.

Doesn't matter what country or what place in the world, or who's involved.
It's a horrible thing.

54 Fred from YouTube Still Making Videos

It seems this part of the list expired, his last Fred video was on Valentine's Day, and everything after that was just reaction videos of Fred, Fred is officially dead.

I saw his last video months ago, After seeing Lucas's later videos, I noticed he did the Fred voice in parts of a few, he kinda still got it, but not what you'll think I'm saying it.

Fred killed himself. Lucas took over his place, and his videos are even crappier than Fred's.

The guy already grew out of Fred and decided to kill him off down the drain.
Fred Is Dead

Oh, and this was on the list because of one video on Valentines Day 2016.

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55 Andria-Corato Train Collision
56 Shooting in Baton Rouge

Caused By Henry Danger

3 officers were killed when shot.

57 London Stabbing

An American was stabbed to death in London.

58 The Cubs Winning the World Series

I'm a cubs fan, what's so bad about this?

It took 108 years for them to win a world series title! - creed99

Worst thing about 2016!


59 The Powerpuff Girls 2016 Reboot

The old Powerpuff Girls was much better. - HyenaLover

Let's not even go here. Let's just hope the Ducktales reboot will turn out better than this crap.

Not as bad as Teen Titans Go.

I Want to see a better reboot, a T.V. Special and a new theatrical film with Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong and Elizabeth Daily for the 20th anniversary of their franchise.

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60 Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride Incident

This was such a tragedy. Follow me on ig: @amandaxwifi and enter my giveaway

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