Worst Things That Happened In 2016


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101 Taoyuan City Bus Disaster
102 Palm Springs Shooting V 1 Comment
103 Fukushima Earthquake


104 Death of Craig Sager

We need to be more aware of cancer, it's a horrible cause of death.

I thought it was Death if Craig the snake from Sanjay and Craig. - AlphaQ

105 Death of Rashaan Salaam
106 Norm Of The North Was Released

This movie just sucked. Period.

107 The Cancellation of 100 Things to Do Before High School

I can't believe Nickelodeon would do that! Now we don't have good comedies anymore.

108 Ben Bocquelet announced that The Amazing World Of Gumball will end in season 6

YES! YES! YES! I never liked that show anyways. - PerfectImpulseX

The amazing world of gumball is one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen its lazy boring really stupid rip off of other characters like regular show and adventure time this show should be canceled right now at this moment as I write this comment it's the worst cartoon I ever seen since Cartoon Networks mad show I will pay them billions to stop making episode for this show

109 Sports Authority went out of business
110 Talking Angela chat removed

This makes me tear up... - JamesBourne

111 Sports Authority Is Closing All Stores
112 Death of Kimbo Slice

Annoying Orange Killed Another Celebrity!

113 Death of Gloria DeHaven

One of the last famous people of Hollywood's golden age, dead at 91, Hollywood lost all its good stars.

114 Shooting of Pokemon Go Player Calvin Riley

Another reason why I don't play Pokemon Go. - Catacorn

He was shot while playing Pokemon Go, Man it's dangerous.

115 Milwaukee Police Shooting
116 Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott
117 Death of Arnold Palmer

One of the greatest golf ambassadors of all time died at 87.
We will never forget Sports as it was and is.

V 1 Comment
118 Death of Bud Spencer
119 Death of Johan Cruyff
120 Tennessee Bus Crash

Deaths matter, but especially when it's children, it REALLY matters.
Those poor bus children killed in the crash, the driver was reckless.

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