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121 24 Hour U.S. Police Shootings

I can't believe it. We must take care of our country

122 Death of Florence Henderson

Brady Bunch Actress Florence Henderson died at 82.
More celebrity deaths again this year.

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123 Death of Dick Latessa
124 Death of Andrew Dorff V 1 Comment
125 Death of Zsa Zsa Gabor

She Was 99. - kcianciulli

126 Death of Kevin O'Morrison
127 Death of Greg Lake
128 Goanimate removing comedy world and other non business friendly themes

LOL! I laughed seeing this idea. This is pretty bad for GoAnimate fans, but it is nowhere near as bad as the Orlando night club shooting. - anonygirl

Then in the summer, They did the same with GoAnimate for schools. I think Comedy world may be back on GoAnimate for schools.

That was great - Iamcool

Go animate are you kidding me - venomouskillingmachine

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129 The Cancellation of Harvey Beaks

Am I the only one who hated this show? So, I'm glad that they cancelled it. - PerfectImpulseX

Why? Nickelodeon You CAN'T BE SERIOUS!
SO STUPID! They cancelled my SHOW!

Honestly it was funny and it taught life lessons.
Nickelodeon doesn't care about fans or respect.

130 Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup

San Jose Should've won! Boo to Crosby!

131 Cleveland Easter Shooting

This was in 2017. Check your memory.

132 Disney Hollywood Studios removed Mickey's Hat

i cried

133 The Live-Action M:ST Movie Premieres

And it sounds like the worst movie ever made - PerfectImpulseX

134 New Trolls On TheTopTens V 1 Comment
135 Wander Over Yonder Cancelled

That was good, because Wander Over Yonder was a bad show, a character running around on tiny "planets" doing stupid things.

Definitely not the worst thing of 2016, no one probably lost their lives because of this, but it was still a great cartoon. One of the only good ones that still aired. It will be missed. By me at least. I don't care what you say, it's your opinion.

Wander Over Yonder was GARBAGE, It was Great when it got cancelled, who would want to watch a tiny little loser run around planet-like black holes and get teased at by other creatures? and who would want to keep listening to that STUPID theme song? At least it wasn't the worst show on T.V., there are and were worse shows, but this SUCKED! Thank GOD it was cancelled, that was a good thing.

That's actually a good thing! - ConorDooley

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136 Harvey Beaks Won't Air New Episodes Until June

Actually, that might be a good thing, because otherwise, Harvey Beaks might run shorter if it aired new episodes sooner, Plus, Nickelodeon is still running out of ideas.

Harvey Beaks is really rare to watch now on Nick.

Now They're Not Airing New Episodes Until The Fall Because of Dan Schneider!

It got cancelled before the end of the year.

Why Nick, Why? cough (money)

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137 YouTube Star Joey Graceffa Came Out Gay and Dated His Boyfriend

I can't believe that this is on the list. This is homophobic. Saying that it isn't doesn't make suddenly not homophobic. You need to wake up. This is 2016. People are happy. Love is love. You just have hate in your heart.

Not gonna lie, I would put this as number one on a list of best things that happened in 2016

You're wrong

People keep fighting over homosexuality being the best and others saying it's the worst.
Don't continue the war, Homosexuality is a problem, a MAJOR problem.
It takes us away from the Bible, and especially God. God created us to be equal, we just don't respect each other these days.

2016 has seen more hate in the world than love, and we've had all those horrible terrorist attacks, like Orlando, Dallas, Baghdad, Pakistan, Turkey, Japan, and Washington State.

We need to stop the fight and continue accepting the fact that we need to keep moving towards God, people these days don't believe in God, and are going to Hell.

Sorry to any religion if this makes you go nuts, but it's true, we need to accept God more.
What has the World and Human Society Come To?

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138 Death of Garry Marshall

Created Happy Days and directed Pretty Woman, he died at 81.

139 Munich Mall Shooting

At least 9 people were killed in a shooting at a German mall.

140 South Carolina Gator Attack

We had one in Disney. Couldn't believe this would happen again in South Carolina too.

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