Worst Things that Happened in 2017

2017 is a new year, and there have already been bad things going on so quickly.
So many bad things.

So I decided to make this list for you all.

There's so much more to go on as time goes by.

The Top Ten

1 Las Vegas Strip Shooting

So many people died without expecting a thing, if someone lived near the cost then expect a hurricane but if you go to a country festival, you won't expect to be shot...it's tragic and shouldn't have happened

60 people shot and killed at a casino concert, 300 others were injured. Biggest massacre in history of America! - DoroExploro13

60 people shot and killed at a casino concert, 300 others were injured. Biggest massacre in history of America! - DoroExploro13

Actually, 9/11was the biggest massacre in American history, but it was a series of plane attacks, this is the biggest shooting massacre in American history. - Gregory

A most horrible massacre in a year full of bad things - SOX3005

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2 Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Well, it appears the terrorists really want something to do with us based on all the incidents that happened this year - Neonco31

An oil tank incident in Pakistan killed hundreds of people, which should make that number one on the list and not this.

Um Manchester and Pakistan were worse. this list is messed up, terror is bad, but step up and realize how many innocent lives taken in those special incidents, and learn the sympathy we were in.

I was there.

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3 Kyrgyzstan Plane Crash

Why is this still number one? We had worse moments, such as the January Baghdad bombings and the February Pakistan suicide bombing, that killed 100 PEOPLE!

32 people Killed in a plane crash. - nelsonerica

Very horrible accident, over 30 people died in it. RIP - Neonco31


4 Cleveland Easter Shooting

How horrible. That man was really evil.

I'm only voting for this one because I live in Cleveland and I was even more freaked out.
I locked myself in my room with a baseball bat in my hands.
Just in case. - JamesBourne

5 Death of Chester Bennington

He was a great singer, a talented artist, an icon of Linkin Park as well as Rock Music, and then he passed away. July 20 will be remembered as one of the darkest days not just for Linkin Park, but for Rock Music as well. RIP - Neonco31

Suicide is the worst way to die, like I said about that.

Worst day in my life! I don't think I can listen to rock music ever again after knowing this.

I first found out Linkin Park by listening to my favorite song by them (breaking the habit) I love all their songs. when chester died, we lost a legend

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6 Bombing at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester UK

This is the closest time of 2017 that any pop star got involved in an incident and worst of all, 12 of the 23 victims are young children (Only under 16 years old) which would mean the 11 others are the adults. The attacker also died as well. 59 others got injured and Ariana was forced to cancel the tour. But to the haters, this is serious, no wishing of this event as a blessing to a singer you hate, that is just straight wrong. - Neonco31

All those beautiful children... and everyone affected by this act of cowardice. My heart feels so sad for everyone involved. But Manchester is a city of strong individuals who stick together through everything. They are like one big supportive family. To see them all pulling together, helping each other through this awful time is so touching. If ever there was such a thing as the North / South divide, it's just dissolved. - Britgirl

This was awful, I hate these terrorists. All those innocent children, I was in tears when it happened. - micahisthebest

This is why I was nervous about going to see Fall Out Boy in concert last night. - railfan99

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7 New Orleans Tornado Outbreak
8 Hurricane Irma

It's only just started, and will only continue, so just wait.

This was very, very bad. - railfan99

Awful day for Florida and Cuba. Our hearts go on with everybody involved.

Just awful

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9 U.S. Soldier Killed by ISIS in Afghanistan

America is doomed by ISIS

10 Jerusalem Truck Attack

It was like Nice, France, a terrorist rammed people with a truck.
Though Nice had 85 people killed, while only 5 were killed in this, but still, terror is Horrible. - nelsonerica

The Newcomers

? November 19 End of the World Hoax

I'm sick and tired of these STUPID hoaxes! - Gregory

? Death of Mel Tillis

The Contenders

11 Stephen Hillenburg Diagnosed with ALS

This is probably the worst thing that ever happened this year.
SpongeBob was my childhood and always will be.

You think that’s bad? What about Shootings?

Thanks Trump - kcianciulli

12 Hurricane Harvey

Why the heck is this behind Donald Trump winning. I live in the affected area and am so fortunately blessed to have not been affected but I have friends and family who have lost EVERYTHING. This should not even compare to something as silly as the election.

This Should Be Higher!

Hurricane Harvey should be behind Irma because Harvey has done an Enormous amount of damage, killing 77 people and flooding thousands of homes

At least I Survied. - Jay12

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13 Orlando Police Shooting

I am probably never going to Orlando again!

Rest In Peace Christina Grimme

We are just hoping for peace to restore, and this is just nothing like it.
They were heroes, shot to death, and remember what happened before in 2016 with the nightclub in Orlando.
And the police shooting in Dallas? - nelsonerica

14 Akhnoor Attack

That the dumb protest is going on boo boo

We've lost 3 civilians in the attack cause some guy did this. - nelsonerica

15 2017 San Bernardino Shooting
16 Bella Thorne Dating Sam Pepper

She was a good actress when on The Suite Life on Deck, then she went downhill when she was on Shake It Up.
And things just got downright ugly when she started dating Sam Pepper.
The Worst YouTuber of all time.
He rapes people and pretended to kill someone, as pranks.
Just Horrible.
I can't believe someone would do that. - nelsonerica

17 Cincinnati Ohio Shooting
18 Death of Gene Cernan

He was the last person on the Moon, and the one who took the photo of Earth in Apollo 17, the most famous photo of all time.

We'll Never forget him or his accomplishments.

And he was 82, same age Neil Armstrong died at. - nelsonerica

19 Syria Airstrikes
20 Taylor Swift's Ticketmaster Scam

What even happened? - CostcoHotDogs

Not that bad to be honest - ProPanda

What’s sad is that I can’t no longer defend her. Every reason people hate her is legitimate. Screw this scam, and screw Taylor Swift for being a greedy, tryhard "edgy" hack. - DCfnaf

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