Worst Things that Happened in 2017


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241 Death of Prodigy
242 Death of Michael Nyqvist
243 Josh Peck Didn't Invite Drake Bell to His Wedding
244 Adele's Vocal Cords Damaged
245 Little Rock Arkansas Club Shooting
246 July 2017 Chicago Shootings
247 Avignon France Mosque Shooting
248 Boston Airport TaxiCrash
249 Death of Stevie Ryan
250 Autistic Superman Cosplayer Attacked
251 Death of Nelsan Ellis
252 Newborn Beluga Dies at SeaWorld Orlando
253 Beauty and the Beast 2017 live action remake


254 Antarctica Ice Shelf Breaks Off
255 Marco Polo Condominium Fire
256 Death of John Bernecker
257 Disney plans on Lion King live-action remake
258 Death of Julius the Giraffe in Maryland Zoo
259 Death of George Romero
260 John Lasseter Quits Directing Toy Story 4
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