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21 Death of William Peter Blatty

He was the author of The Exorcist movies.
Dead at 89. - nelsonerica

22 Hurricane Maria

This was a dark day for Puerto Rico and shows just how powerful nature can be and take a force on places like this.

It is a wrath of destruction that screwed Puerto Rico up and destroyed the Dominican Republic.

There's NO way this could be down here, nothing even remotely compares to how devastating this event was in 2017.

Soon, everyone will die in Puerto Rico.
Poor Puerto Rico.

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23 Ending of Regular Show

So what if a show is ending? All shows need to end because maybe their creators get tired of working on them and want to move on with their lives.

Good news, a show called Close Enough is being made and it's by the creator of regular show. I think it's first season is done and just not released but I might be wrong. - Skullkid755

They ended Regular Show but they aren't gonna end Teen Titans Go? Pathetic. - EpicJake

So? , I mean I like regular show, but it getting cancelled is not a reason why 2017 is a bad year - VideoGamefan5

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24 February 2017 Pakistan Suicide Bombing

OH MY GOD! 100 PEOPLE KILLED! THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT HAPPENED IN 2017! And the January Baghdad bombings were the worst we had before this year.

Worst day ever

Worst Thing Ever. I mean a guy who killed everyone in that park and himself with a bomb.

That suicide bomber should get his karma ASAP! - Neonco31

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25 Donald Trump becomes president

Oh for pete's sake. - DCfnaf

He does suck, but we would of been in trouble if Hillary won

Yes. A Brand New President.

He sucks

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26 Beyblade Burst Came to America

Since it's here at Japan in 2015. - ChroniclerMan5

27 Emoji Movie

I'm glad it has a 0% on rotten tomatoes!

Ugh will you stop it please!? - Neonco31


I Hate The Emoji Movie, But It's Hate Is Literally Going Too Far - JPK

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28 Death of Chris Cornell

Suicide is a tragic way to go. RIP Chris.

Chester Bennington killed himself on what would be Chris's 53rd birthday. - railfan99

29 Death of Lil Peep

The only rapper I related to is gone and I’m completely lost.

30 January 2017 Baghdad Bombings

Why isn't this higher? This was just cruelty. Worse than the Fort Lauderdale, Jerusalem and Quebec massacres COMBINED!

Horrible, just horrible.

What isn't this on the Top?!
This has been the WORST! More people died that day than any other day so far this year.
And it was an act o terror and suicide.

GUYS read this:
We've just had a MUCH worse attack in February. It happened in Pakistan. a similar suicide bombing, but killed 100 PEOPLE!
This beats the January bombings in terms of deaths.

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31 Fidget Spinners Launched

Lol, this is as silly as every trend ever. "They're supposed to help you focus" my foot. Fidget Cubes are way better. - DCfnaf

They're supposed to help you focus? I think it does the opposite. Besides, like pretty much any other trend, it's stupid.

Lol! This is the funniest item on this list in my opinion. - KianaLexi

Lol - Randomator

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32 Death of Rio De Janeiro V 1 Comment
33 Grenfell Tower Fire
34 Tacoma, Washington train derailment
35 Ohio State Fair Accident

This was terrifying!

One dead, many hurt. - railfan99

36 Charlottesville Riot

Oh yeah...this stupidity. The Neo-Nazis and anti-fascists are both in the wrong here. - DCfnaf

Everyone looks like they are going to kill each other at this point. I give up. - Swellow

37 Death of Tom Petty

Tom was great.


He suffered cardiac arrest and he was a classic rock legend, he was 66.
R.I.P. - Gregory

He was a great singer. I remember he told you that “the waiting is the hardest part”.

R.I.P. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

38 Ransomware Cyber Attack

This was on the list first.
It's one of the most serious man made disasters around. Hospitals are messed up, hurting the patients, computers stopped working, people can't make money, we can't buy food, and we are dying.

WannaCry and Petya were awful, to fix the computers, you have to pay a fee

Oh no…I was right…NO! - Ultron123

39 The Great Movie Ride and Ellen's Energy Adventure at Disney World Closed

Disney takes away great stuff too soon, they just want more money.

Disney just doesn't care about history or their fans anymore.

Disney should just pay they are horrible now

I Understand You're Angry, But IT'S JUST A RIDE!
I'm Not Trying To Be Mean, But This Is A Serious List - JPK

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40 Barcelona Van Attack

Christ have mercy on them - Neonco31

Seriously this is just horrible.:( 13 people are dead. Terror is just ruining our world. - Kyle21

Yep, this was horrible. - Martinglez

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