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41 September 23 End of the World Hoax

Apparently, it didn't end.

This stuff is ALWAYS so bogus

This stuff is STUPID!

42 Florida Tornado Outbreak

I can't believe something like this would happen so soon.

43 Donald Trump banned Transgender people from serving in the U.S. Military

This shows you Donald Trump doesn't care about Transgender people.

What a stupid ban

Wow, so edgy for Trump - Neonco31

Congratulations trump, you've now made a stupid decision

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44 Death of Craig Butz

He was an awesome hockey player, and was later the principal of my old high school. - railfan99

45 Kim Kardashian became pregnant

yes queen

46 North Korea Nuclear War Threats
47 United Airlines Retired the Boeing 747
48 Taylor Swift released Look What You Made Me Do


49 2017 Westminster Attack

I'm getting sick of these terrorists. They should just stop already. - drdevil

50 Death of Don Rickles

I guess there will be no toy story 4.

He did a good job voicing Mr Potato Head - Ihateschool

51 DisneyQuest Closed on July 3

I Know You're Upset, But I Think You're Overreacting - JPK


R.I.P. Disney quest, Screw u Disney

Stupid Disney Awful :(

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52 Mexico City Earthquake

Very bleak and dark day for Mexico, an Earthquake, that happens to be one of the biggest in America, has caused a lot of damage, and hundreds of people are dead, and expecting more lives soon.

It was the 3 year anniversary of the great Mexico City Earthquake of 1985, and it just happened again. Lots of buildings damaged and Hundreds of people dead. Our hearts go on with them.

What an awful event, it was the first time since 1985 that a huge Earthquake struck Mexico City, then 0,000 people died, and we're just getting started on the death toll.

My mexican friends cried for days, me with them - waldo

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53 Northern California Wildfires

This is just awful. Unprecedented.

So many people died, this is one of the worst wildfires in US History.

Just Horrible, 29 people died, this is like the deadliest fire in Californian history.

54 Rapper Nelly accused of rape
55 Texas Church Shooting

Terrorism is just ruining our world. I give up. - railfan99

56 Death of Rob Stewart V 2 Comments
57 YouTube Blocks LGBT Content

That is so stupid! - Iamcool

We should accept all people.
YouTube's really done it this time.

That's just so STUPID of them.
YouTube is meant to be an accepting program, and we're not showing acceptance.
How dumb of YouTube.

This is SO UNFAIR! YouTube's supposed to be an accepting community, and they just hate off on LGBT+ people and their videos, so they just block them off to people using restricted filter, and not let people using the filter watch videos with LGBT+ people/content.
It shows us we still aren't willing to accept people regardless of their differences. it's like back when black people were not allowed to communicate with white people. How Stupid!
We live in a world where people are supposed to feel happy and proud of who and what they are.
Man, people these days.

58 Death of Gregg Allman

Great musician

59 Death of Lars in Steven Universe

This was so sad

He isn’t dead, idiots. He is alive and well when Steven brung him back to life. Now, they are figuring out what to do. Ugh. And also how is this ahead of some major shootings?

60 Death of Adam West

The actor of Batman, Marvel lost the flag man.
Dead at 88, from leukemia disease.

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