Worst Things that Happened in 2017

2017 is a new year, and there have already been bad things going on so quickly.
So many bad things.

So I decided to make this list for you all.

There's so much more to go on as time goes by.

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41 Death of Rio De Janeiro

He was Supreme Court Justice helping to oversee Brazil Graft Inquiries.
He was killed in a plane crash.
Just Horrible. - nelsonerica

42 Beyblade Burst Came to America

Since it's here at Japan in 2015. - ChroniclerMan5

43 Death of Tom Petty

Tom was great.

A great poet, rocker, musician, and overall a down to earth person. Rest easy you beautiful soul.


П🎼🎶Tom Petty You shall be forever Free Falling in Rock n Roll Heaven🎤🎸... Hope to see you again on the other side. 🎶🎼🌹Your music will be forever remember by this American Girl❤️🤘🏻. RIP

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44 Death of Lil Peep

A rapper who really changed music is now gone, and I don't blame him at all. RIP Peep.

Best rapper

The only rapper I related to is gone and I’m completely lost.

45 January 2017 Baghdad Bombings

Why isn't this higher? This was just cruelty. Worse than the Fort Lauderdale, Jerusalem and Quebec massacres COMBINED!

Horrible, just horrible.

Why is Emoji Movie above? - AStumpedHuman

GUYS read this:
We've just had a MUCH worse attack in February. It happened in Pakistan. a similar suicide bombing, but killed 100 PEOPLE!
This beats the January bombings in terms of deaths.

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46 Tacoma, Washington train derailment
47 Charlottesville Riot

Oh yeah...this stupidity. The Neo-Nazis and anti-fascists are both in the wrong here. - DCfnaf

Everyone looks like they are going to kill each other at this point. I give up. - Swellow

It's moments like these that make me just want to stay on a nice mountain or countryside. - naFrovivuS

48 United Airlines Retired the Boeing 747
49 Ohio State Fair Accident

This was terrifying!

One dead, many hurt. - railfan99

50 Multiple People Stabbed in Finland
51 September 23 End of the World Hoax

Apparently, it didn't end.

This stuff is ALWAYS so bogus

This stuff is STUPID!

These hoaxes are garbage. - Gregory

52 Kim Kardashian became pregnant

Awesome... wow...

yes queen

53 North Korea Nuclear War Threats
54 Star Wars Old Republic Trilogy Cancelled

Too many mid-aged people still revere this mediocre, child's fantasy film -- it is ridden with degeneration & bad doctrines, terrible acting, and a constant over-endorsement of all of its network-affiliated empire. SpaceBalls was the only half-decent Star Wars film ever made. Grow Up, peeps!

so sad


55 Death of Gabe the Dog

Gabe passing away made me depressed

Gabe the dog was part of the meme community he was the best doggo, but then, Gabe the dog died AND Donald Trump also became president. The meme community was devastated of the doggo's death. Sleep well doggo.

Should be #1 Gabe the dog best dogggo of all time

56 YouTube Blocks LGBT Content

That is so stupid! - Iamcool

This is because parents were threatening to sue for their children seeing that sort of thing.

Youtube is a homophobe company now/ - TeamRocket747

Well done YouTube

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57 Death of Chris Cornell

Suicide is a tragic way to go. RIP Chris.

Chester Bennington killed himself on what would be Chris's 53rd birthday. - railfan99

58 Donald Trump Banned Transgender People from Serving in the U.S. Military

This shows you Donald Trump doesn't care about Transgender people.

If I became president, I would let anyone serve in the military. Except those terrible, rude, groups. I will also start relations with other countries, and decrease nuclear weapons. - TeamRocket747

What a stupid ban

Congratulations trump, you've now made a stupid decision

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59 The Great Movie Ride and Ellen's Energy Adventure at Disney World Closed

Disney takes away great stuff too soon, they just want more money.

Disney just doesn't care about history or their fans anymore.

Disney should just pay they are horrible now

I Understand You're Angry, But IT'S JUST A RIDE!
I'm Not Trying To Be Mean, But This Is A Serious List - JPK

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60 Barcelona Van Attack

Christ have mercy on them - Neonco31

Seriously this is just horrible.:( 13 people are dead. Terror is just ruining our world. - Kyle21

Yep, this was horrible. - Martinglez

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