Worst Things that Happened in 2017


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61 Oregon Wildfire

No kidding. It was just started by some dimwitted teenager who lit a firecracker in the trees nearby the Columbia River.

62 Khloe Kardashian became pregnant

3 is too much; we don’t need more Kardashians in the world! - railfan99

63 Typhoon Lan
64 Death of Fats Domino

RIP Domino, one of the most classic rock singers ever.


He was a legend. R.I.P.

65 Death of Dick Gordon
66 Tehama County School Shooting
67 Death of Malcolm Young

RIP Malcolm the best rhythm guitarist of all time with James Hetfield from Metallica.

Co founder of AC/DC. - railfan99

68 Quebec Mosque Shooting

A terrorist in Montreal spending vacations in the city as a tourist who happened to be a stupid Donald Trump supporter just came in and shot people in a mosque, as expected, everyone in Montreal got extremely mad and kicked him out of his vacation, hope that idiot goes to hell...

They were Muslims

6 Muslim children were shot by a Donald Trump fan Alexander Bissonette.

We need to stop hating on people regardless of their religions or cultures.

69 Death of Gabe the Dog

Gabe the dog was part of the meme community he was the best doggo, but then, Gabe the dog died AND Donald Trump also became president. The meme community was devastated of the doggo's death. Sleep well doggo.

70 Death of Chuck Berry

One of the greatest rock composers of the world died just so soon.
He was 90.

71 2017 Stockholm Attack

I'm a swedish user and I live kinda near Stockholm, I'm glad that I'm safe. - darthvadern

This is already on the list.
Did you check enough of the list?

72 Death of Robert Goodwin
73 Liv and Maddie ended

Sorry that your favorite show ended Mitch. As for me...well I never watched it so I can't celebrate or cry about it - DCfnaf

I HATED that show. Thank GOD!

Lol! More like one of the best things that happened in 2017! - KianaLexi

Yay! - kcianciulli

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74 Justin Bieber at One Love Manchester

At least Justin cared for the people in the world (despite hurting a fan).

Peter Griffin: Oh my GOD, who the HELL CARES? - DCfnaf

75 Tower of Terror closed at Disneyland California for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

Shame of Disney, Marvel took over, and Disney just wanted to grab cash from idiots who go on stupid rides, what it replaced was a Masterpiece.!

76 Anthony Padilla Announced That He Was Leaving Smosh
77 Pakistan Oil Tank Explosion

148 people were killed in it.

More than 100 people died in it. Worse than the February Pakistan suicide bombing.
Terror may be involved in this, if so, then this is the worst.

78 Disney announced Paradise Pier at Disneyland will be rethemed to Pixar Pier in 2018

and... - UltimateCraig

so? - StayAlive

D23! They're taking away HISTORY! This is an ICONIC LANDMARK! and they're gonna MESS IT UP in 2018!
At least Pixar's better for Disney than MARVEL!

79 Burkina Faso Terrorist Attack
80 Multiple people stabbed in Finland
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