Worst Things that Happened in 2017

2017 is a new year, and there have already been bad things going on so quickly.
So many bad things.

So I decided to make this list for you all.

There's so much more to go on as time goes by.

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61 Taylor Swift's Ticketmaster Scam

What even happened? - CostcoHotDogs

Not that bad to be honest - ProPanda

Disagree. She's basically just using her fans for one thing - money. - Skullkid755

What’s sad is that I can’t no longer defend her. Every reason people hate her is legitimate. Screw this scam, and screw Taylor Swift for being a greedy, tryhard "edgy" hack. - DCfnaf

62 Libya Sex Trading
63 Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape

Melanie was one of my favorite singers of all time. She was accused of raping her friend Timothy Heller. Melanie admitted to this, and said that Timothy - "never said no", but that means that Timothy never said yes either. There's been new evidence saying that Timothy's lying, and that Melanie was touring when Timothy claimed that this happened, along with Piggyback. But I'm just confused throughout this whole situation... - Catacorn

64 Florida Tornado Outbreak

I can't believe something like this would happen so soon.

65 2017 Westminster Attack

I'm getting sick of these terrorists. They should just stop already. - drdevil

66 Death of Don Rickles

I guess there will be no toy story 4.

He did a good job voicing Mr Potato Head - Ihateschool

67 2017 Paris Shooting
68 DisneyQuest Closed on July 3

I Know You're Upset, But I Think You're Overreacting - JPK


R.I.P. Disney quest, Screw u Disney

Stupid Disney Awful :(

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69 East Denver High School tortures cheerleaders

Have any of you seen the video? Purely sickening. - railfan99

70 Rapper Nelly Accused of Rape

Nelly why - Iamcool

71 Maryland Shooting
72 Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Allegations

To be honest, sexual misconduct allegations in the animation industry and Hollywood has been an ongoing problem for years now, and while this has happened in recent times before like with Clarence creator Skyler Page having been accused of sexually assaulting a female employee at Cartoon Network named Emily Partridge, the Weinstein and Savino sexual misconduct allegations have truly brought this subject to light and spread more awareness about it. I don't know anything about Harvey Weinstein himself other than the fact that he's part of the Weinstein company and that people like Black Critic Guy perceived him as a shady person, but either way, Weinstein is just a sick, sick man. What with all these sexual misconduct allegations going on, I'm glad women in the animation industry like Rebecca Sugar, Laura Faust, and other women in the animation industry are finally taking a stand against this and want to put an end to this major issue. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ladies and gentleman the closet thing to Bill Cosby of a monster. - htoutlaws2012

73 Death of Malcolm Young

RIP Malcolm the best rhythm guitarist of all time with James Hetfield from Metallica.

One of the best guitarist's ever

Co founder of AC/DC. - railfan99

74 Same Sex Marriage Banned at Bermuda
75 New York Bus Station Explosion
76 Tilikum and Granny Died at Sea World

Even know I don't Support Peta or Blackfish because I hate them. But I kinda wish they Freed Tilikum.

Such a horrible day and year, more legendary animals dead, along with people. - nelsonerica

I by no means support PETA; in fact I don’t like them at all, but this is very sad. - railfan99

77 Tower of Terror closed at Disneyland California for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

Shame of Disney, Marvel took over, and Disney just wanted to grab cash from idiots who go on stupid rides, what it replaced was a Masterpiece.!

78 Northern California Wildfires

This is just awful. Unprecedented.

So many people died, this is one of the worst wildfires in US History.

Just Horrible, 29 people died, this is like the deadliest fire in Californian history.

79 Death of Dick Gordon
80 Melbourne Car Attack
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