Worst Things that Happened in 2017


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81 East Denver High School tortures cheerleaders

Have any of you seen the video? Purely sickening. - railfan99

82 The Dab

I thought the dab came out in 2016? - Catacorn

The infamous dab started to spread at around early 2017, it is the worst thing that happened in 2017. - AIan

Ruined Squidward For Many - JPK

83 Kinder Surprise Came to America
84 Mexico Earthquake
85 Freeman High School Shooting
86 Cassini Spacecraft Ended its Mission
87 Tennessee Church Shooting
88 Eastman Chemical Plant Explosion
89 Maryland Shooting
90 Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Allegations

To be honest, sexual misconduct allegations in the animation industry and Hollywood has been an ongoing problem for years now, and while this has happened in recent times before like with Clarence creator Skyler Page having been accused of sexually assaulting a female employee at Cartoon Network named Emily Partridge, the Weinstein and Savino sexual misconduct allegations have truly brought this subject to light and spread more awareness about it. I don't know anything about Harvey Weinstein himself other than the fact that he's part of the Weinstein company and that people like Black Critic Guy perceived him as a shady person, but either way, Weinstein is just a sick, sick man. What with all these sexual misconduct allegations going on, I'm glad women in the animation industry like Rebecca Sugar, Laura Faust, and other women in the animation industry are finally taking a stand against this and want to put an end to this major issue. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ladies and gentleman the closet thing to Bill Cosby of a monster. - htoutlaws2012

91 Chris Savino Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Of all people, I never expected the creator of The Loud House himself to be a sexual predator. For shame! I know a lot of people hated him for contributing to seasonal rots of shows like Dexter's Lab and PPG, but I didn't think he was a bad person for that. But now that there's evidence proving that Savino did indeed sexually harass women among the staff at Nickelodeon and other women he's worked with in the past, I can truly say that Chris Savino is a horrible person and deserved to be suspended (no, not just suspended, but FIRED) from Nickelodeon for good. I send my deepest condolences to all the women who were unfortunately victimized by this man's sexual harassment. I truly feel sorry for fans of The Loud House who feel betrayed that their favorite show's creator is a vile pervert and for the staff (and especially women) that work on The Loud House that now have their names tied to a sex criminal like Savino or were sexually harassed by him. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

92 Grambling State University Shooting

Terrorism is like just an everyday thing now?

93 New York Truck Attack
94 Colorado Walmart Shooting
95 Celina, Ohio Tornado
96 Seminole Heights Shooting
97 November 19 End of the World Hoax

I'm sick and tired of these STUPID hoaxes! - Gregory

98 Death of David Cassidy

Another good star, dead too young.
R.I.P. - Gregory

99 Tilikum and Granny Died at Sea World

Even know I don't Support Peta or Blackfish because I hate them. But I kinda wish they Freed Tilikum.

Such a horrible day and year, more legendary animals dead, along with people. - nelsonerica

100 Death of Mary Tyler Moore V 1 Comment
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