Worst Things that Happened in 2017


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101 February 2017 Chicago Attacks
102 Death of Alan Colmes

Another Fox News person has died. What a horrible year of 2017.

103 Storm Doris

Blew a roof off and injured a 9 year old girl.

104 Alabama Gulf Shores Parade Accident

This was a perfect way to ruin Mardi Gras.

A car plowed into a Mardi Gras parade, injuring 11 members.
At least no one died. at least yet.

105 2017 London Stabbing

Part of the Westminster attack.

106 Harvey Beaks Moves to Nicktoons

Worse, it got cancelled.

Yes, Because an Iranian Woman is President of Nickelodeon, an IRANIAN WOMAN! - kcianciulli

107 Ending of Bones (TV Series)
108 St. Petersburg Russia Explosions
109 2017 Sweden Attack

I'm a swedish user and I live kinda near Stockholm, I'm glad that I'm safe. - darthvadern

Terror is just ruining our society.

110 2017 Paris Shooting
111 Bill O'Reilly Fired for Sexual Harassment Accusation

I just can't believe that happened.

112 Death of Jonathan Demme
113 Florida Wildfires

I'm glad my house didn't burn down, but very heartbreaking if anyone died.

114 WannaCry Ransomware Attack

While not as terrible as the other events, it infected thousands of computers across the globe. Fortunately it stopped as soon as it started. - Neonco31

115 Teterboro Airport Plane Crash
116 The Cancellation of Scream Queens


117 Death of Roger Ailes

Why are you having sympathy for him? He was a liar and rapist. He deserved to die so young.

118 Times Square Crash
119 The Cancellation of Sens8

It came back on Netflix

120 Someone made up a rumour saying that Avril Lavigne is dead and was replaced by an actress

People need to stop. Melissa isn't real. Avril is not dead. When Avril tweets something I still see some moron replying something like: "oh hi Melissa" or "Melissa we know it's you! 11! 11! 1" - StayAlive

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