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121 Someone made up a rumour saying that Avril Lavigne is dead and was replaced by an actress

People need to stop. Melissa isn't real. Avril is not dead. When Avril tweets something I still see some moron replying something like: "oh hi Melissa" or "Melissa we know it's you! 11! 11! 1" - StayAlive

122 Disney made rumors that The Great Movie Ride is closing

Unfortunately, it did close.

This List Is Meant For Serious Events, I'm Not Being Mean, I'm Getting Annoyed - JPK

123 Ending of Pretty Little Liars
124 Petya Ransomware Attack
125 Mississippi Plane Crash

Honestly, I am tired of these tragedies, terror or not.
It just shows lack of happiness.

126 Disney plans on making Aladdin live action remake

Just doing it to get more money. - Gregory

127 Death of John Heard

He played Kevin's dad in Home Alone

128 Greek Earthquake
129 World's Oldest Known Manatee Snooty Dies at 69

R.I.P. to snooty. He was a good creature. we'll never forget. - Kyle21

130 Ariana Grande's Instagram Account Hacked

First Manchester, Now Ariana's instagram is hacked. How sick of man.

so? - StayAlive

131 Death of Robert Hardy

Cornelius Fudge :( - StayAlive

132 Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Break Up
133 Hawaii Helicopter Crash
134 Disney's rumors to replace Dinoland U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom with Indiana Jones Land

What is wrong with Disney these days?
It's like they're greedy. - DisneyFan

135 Kissimmee Shooting
136 Death of Jerry Lewis
137 Despacito - Luis Fonsi
138 La Tuna Canyon Fire
139 Dragon Challenge closed at Universal Orlando
140 Equifax Cyber Attack
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