Worst Things that Happened in 2017


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141 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Moved to Nicktoons

Why is Cyma Still President? She's a Whore who mistreats cartoons! - kcianciulli

142 Death of Troy Gentry

From a helicopter crash in New Jersey, at 50.
R.I.P. - Gregory

143 London Train Explosion
144 Toys R Us going bankrupt

Let's Hope They Get Out Of Bankruptcy - JPK

Apparently it's because most kids these days don't play with toys anymore, they're glued to electronics.
It was the number 1 toy store chain in the world, and it's the end of an era. - Gregory

They’re not going completely bankrupt. They’re just in a reorganization phase. - railfan99

145 Best Friends Banned at Schools

Now I hate school more than EVER!

146 Oaxaca Earthquake
147 Death of Hugh Hefner

Founder of Playboy in 1953 and introduced the world to it. He was 91.

148 East Orange Stabbing
149 Niger Attack
150 Yellowstone Supervolcano Hoax
151 Aliso Viejo Shooting
152 Szechuan Sauce Riots

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this is NOTHING compared to other tragic events like the Las Vegas Strip shooting and hurricanes this year. That said, while this isn't the worst event of 2017, it's without a doubt THE STUPIDEST event of 2017! To think Rick and Morty fans would go crazy over a little dipping sauce to the point of causing actual protests and even getting THE POLICE of all things involved just so they can keep this whole controversy under control. Again, not the worst event of 2017, but at the very least it's an honorable mention for one of the most stupid events of 2017. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

153 University of Utah Shooting
154 North Korea Nuclear Base Collapses
155 Chicago Starbucks Shooting
156 Death of Gloria Fallon
157 Taylor Swift released her album Reputation
158 Iran-Iraq Earthquake
159 Mall of America Stabbing
160 Death of Butch Trucks

He committed suicide, and that's how he died.
Such a shame humanity has gotten into.

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