Worst Things that Happened in 2018

2018 has started, and already bad things are happening!

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1 Stoneman Douglas School Shooting

This was sad when I heard about this shooting, it already been a year, but it always sad to hear about school shootings

Enough is enough, the school system NEEDS to change.

I think it was the worst. I found out about it after school and I cried.

School shooting is bad. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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2 Flu Outbreak

80,00 people over 17 people. The shooting was horrible but babies, children, parents died over the flu outbreak, 80 people, is anyone not realizing that's worse then the 17 people school shooting

Apparently a shooting that killed 17 people is worst than a flu outbreak that killed 80,000 people

The flu lowered my dads already unhealthy immune system, then he caught pneumonia. Which killed him. - Stalin

Totally not looking at anti-vaxxers. - XxembermasterxX

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3 People Started Eating Tide Pods

This should have been at number 1

hello ye

1,350 people died in Indonesia due to tsunami

The stench of ignorance is causing me to walk away from the list... - Ananya

The guy who made this is smart because he killed all the stupid people

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4 Xxxtentacion Shot to Death

He had a kid and he was shot to death not fair he had I great kid and life

Bye X, We'll miss you! We hope that you had a good life, your singing was great as usual, nice voice. We hope that you're in heaven and the one who killed you will BE IN HELL!

RIP Xxxtentacion

XXxtentacion faked his death.

I don't know what's stupider people who said he deserved to die or this comment. - XxembermasterxX

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5 Shootings

In 2017, there were 11 shootings in schools, in 2018 there were 36 shootings in schools, that is just sad

Guns should be banned, period!

And the media is glorifying the suspects, as always!

Parkland, Santa Fe, and (unfortunately) many many more. - allamassal

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6 Bomb Cyclone

Don't give supervillains ideas. - Ashes

Wait I had no idea. I clicked it

An over dramatic term for a nor’easter that was the coldest in 4 years. - Gregory

I experienced two nor’easters in January I think. For the first one, I think it was a Friday, I was in the van that took me to school (when I lived in my grandmother’s house for a year). And the ride was about five hours long. We also had to ride with two mean kids. We left at about 4 after a long wait and arrived at about 9 something. I don’t remember the second one very well, but I’m not sure if it was about as bad as the first one. - PhoenixAura81

7 Florida Bridge Collapse

May all those affected be prayed and helped. - Gregory

8 People Discovered Chained to Their Beds in California

Who the HELL did this?

Kids. Kids were found malnourished and chained. - Ashes

Who would do such a horrible thing to innocent people?

Wow the people who did it should be dead.

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9 Death of Stephen Hawking

Stephen had a good life though he was handicapped.

Finnaly came to what we wanted


This guy was a legendary scientist - KingSlayer93316

Rest in peace... :'( - Lucy1402

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10 Death of Avicii


Why did he have to commit suicide? - KingSlayer93316

He died at 28 from suicide with a bottle.
R.I.P. - Gregory

Not only did a great DJ die, but I also got in huge trouble for an assignment I didn’t complete. Sorry for being selfish. I also think I heard that Avicii’s suicide was accidental. - PhoenixAura81

R.I.P. Avicii - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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11 12 Boys Trapped in Cave in Thailand

That was scary as hell

In Thailand, a soccer team including 12 boys and the coach were trapped in a cave 2 1/2 miles long.
They were inside it for 18 days and went without food or clean water for the 1st 10 days.
The coach gave them food, and so did the Navy Seals.

Fortunately, they were freed after 18 days from a grueling 3 day rescue, though unfortunately one of the divers died during the mission. - Gregory

They were all found! That’s the good thing! The bad thing is a diver who drowned to save them. Rip diver. - Gabo147

12 Death of Stefan Karl Stefansson

This should be voted for top number 1 he shouldn't have suffred through cancer.

Forever number one. He always had a positive outlook on life, even when he knew he was going to die. To honor him, sign the petition to put a statue in his hometown, or subscribe to his YouTube channel so his family the golden play button, or at the very least press f to pay respect

Always number one in our hearts. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Forever Robbie, never Rotten.

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13 Kabul Suicide Bombings

Suicide is a terrible thing. It should never happen again I should know because my dad did not die from suicide but, he did die from a heart attack.

Shamefully horrible. - Gregory

14 Alberta Spring Flooding

Hope everyone’s helped in this travesty. - Gregory

I have family members in Alberta. :( (They’re okay though thankfully) - 3DG20

15 Eu's Article 13 Wants to Ban Memes Forever

How to ruin Fun on the internet

This could end the internet for good.

If this is actually true, I’m going to be enraged. - PhoenixAura81

16 2 Men Trapped in Flooding Elevator in Basement in Toronto

That's terrible

so bad

17 Fortnite Becomes Popular

This is bad, but not worse than all of the political strife our world has been going through. Still, Fortnite needs to be deleted. It is a bad influence on kids and teens, and encourages violence and idiocy. We need to be better than what we are today.

It is brainwashing people and lowering their IQ

Hate it.

Bruh fortnite is not even bad

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18 Southern California Mudslides

Our prayers go to these people affected by this disaster. - Gregory

19 Death of Billy Graham

One of the few modern men to literally change the world peacefully

He was 99 - Gregory

20 Death of Stephen Hillenburg

Oh my god 2018 has been a bad year I mean a lot of famous people die like Avicii and Stephen hawking, disasters like the Indonesia tsunami and California fires, flu outbreak, adventure time ends, and I CAN GO ON

I Like SpongeBob.
RIP Stephen Hillenburg (1961-2018)

Get this to number 5 at least. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

I just found out this last night, he made my most favorite cartoon as a kid and I still like it today

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21 False Alarm of Hawaiian missile Threat

I loved that day

This was scary - KingSlayer93316

A nightmare for our world. - Gregory

22 Mt. Kilauea Eruption

No deaths have been recorded, but still, today is May 22, 2018, and the volcano started erupting around May 2 or 3. And it shows no signs of stopping. Pretty bad - PackFan2005

23 Alabama Mall Shooting

People were hurt in a shooting at a mall in Alabama, luckily only the gunman was killed.
It happened on Black Friday. - Gregory

24 Toronto Shooting

I thought Canada was safe

25 6ix9ine Disses Ludacris

oh yee

26 Toys R Us Announced the Closing of Their Stores

This is my childhood life! How could they do this to all of the little children in the world? I'm shocked

Toys R us inThe philippines. In robinsons galleria

Yes, 100% agreed

This was my childhood store until it was ruined all because of robots, drones, self-driving vehicles, etc. ;'( - DinoLover4242

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27 Lil Tay Getting a TV Show

She is stupid why would they do that

Wow this is amazing

Lil tay is bad

Lil Tay sucks. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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28 Hurricane Florence

It was once a category 4 hurricane, then weakened into a 2, and now it's a 1.
It made landfall, and is causing widespread flooding and damage.
53 people have been killed.
Our prayers go to everyone there, the news reporters are putting their lives on the line for us to witness and get a clear idea of this storm. - Gregory

Do I need to explain here?

29 Marvel Creator Stan Lee Died

He was my hero! I loved his work and cried when I found out that he died!

I will never be able to watch another Marvel movie without remembering him.

He is awesome and will be loved for all of eternity

Although this was very sad. He was 95. So this would have happened this year or next year or some time soon either way. - B1ueNew

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30 Government Shutdown

Two in one year and one of them is lasting into 2019

31 Logan Paul’s Apology for Dead Body Video

He should of never showed the dead body

He filmed a dead body and made fun of it, and then he posted it on YouTube.
Since then, it’s gained a lot of rage, and he had to apologize, which he monetized.
Thankfully, he stopped doing daily vlogs, but he should just quit YouTube entirely. - Gregory

I hate Logan Paul. I’m shocked he didn’t get demonetized for that - KingSlayer93316

I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement, and I don’t expect to be forgiven. I’m simply here to apologize. What we came across that day in the woods was obviously unplanned. The reactions you saw on tape were raw; they were unfiltered. None of us knew how to react or how to feel. I should have never posted the video. I should have put the cameras down and stopped recording what we were going through. There's a lot of things I should have done differently but I didn't. And for that, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. I want to apologize to the internet. I want to apologize to anyone who has seen the video. I want to apologize to anyone who has been affected or touched by mental illness, or depression, or suicide. But most importantly I want to apologize to the victim and his family. For my fans who are defending my actions, please don't. I don’t deserve to be defended. The goal with my content is always to entertain; to push the boundaries, to be all-inclusive. ...more - Not_A_Weeaboo

32 Amritsar Parade Crash

61 people were killed and 7 were critically injured after a train hit a parade crossing a railroad track in Amritsar. - Gregory

Sad how we don’t give a bat’s eye if other countries gets obliterated, but when the US faces a tragedy, everybody loses their minds. - Not_A_Weeaboo

33 Meteor Shines Over Michigan

That was a loud and bright!

Shocking. - Gregory

34 Hurricane Michael

It grew from a category 1 to 4 in a matter of hours, and it was once just 1 mile shy of a cat 5.
It hit the Florida Panhandle including Tallahassee as well as the Carolinas.
The city has been obliterated and wiped out of the map, and people there are without food and clean water and suffering.
60 people have died so far. - Gregory

35 Death of Edwin Jackson

I think he’s still alive.

36 Boy Scouts Changing Their Name Due to Girls Joining

Hey all we did was to set bear traps while the girl got cookies across the lake

You have to think about the girls that don't want to do the "girly" things that girl scouts do. But they shouldn't change the name just how you think of it. I know when my brother was a cub scout, I wanted to join because of the racing durbies and the marshmellow fights. The GSA don't do that, they don't learn how to build fires, survive in the wild, etc. but there are also boys who want to be part of the girl scouts. I rememeber a couple years ago, as a brownie, we had a young boy join our troop cause he wanted to be like his sister who was a senior scout

There is Girls Scouts. Like, come on! - KingSlayer93316

I am a conservative - but I will be talking in a "coserveral" type of way

The Boy Scouts of America is a fitting sounding name. Scouts BSA is hard to say, and keep in mind BSA still stands for Boy Scouts of America! Girl Scouts exist, and yes, some of the fun stuff done by Boy Scouts doesn't get enjoyed by Girl Scouts, but they can make the girl scouts do what boy scouts do. Boy Scouts are obviously for BOYS. - 445956

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37 Amtrak Train 91 Derailment

Prayers go to the victims. - Gregory

38 BTS on the Ellen Show

Are you actually serious? People need lives

This is my friends phone, not my actual one. I love you BTS I cried when all of them were jumpscared

That is crazy


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39 YouTube Rewind 2018

Completely cringe, most disliked video on YouTube 😒 - helloitsme

40 Bakersfield Shooting

6 people were killed, with 5 victims, and the perpetrator himself. - Gregory

41 Disney World Bus Crash

At Walt Disney World, 2 buses crashed on the way to Epcot, sending 15 people to the hospital for minor injuries. - Gregory

42 France win FIFA World Cup 2018

I am Croatian and very sad Croatia lost. France winning the World Cup should come in first place for worst things that happened in 2018.

I'm french and I hate this team. They don't even deserve winning.

This is their only victory

43 "Beast from the East" Storm

Prayers for those affected. - Gregory

If you live in the UK, Ireland or anywhere in Western Europe, this was really bad. The snow was knee deep. And I thought 2010 was bad.

44 Baltimore Police Shooting

An officer was shot to his death in Baltimore. - Gregory

45 YouTube Headquarters Shooting

Great, I can just see a hardcore YouTube Rewind hater coming in to shoot the CEO next because their video was so bad. God help me if anyone gets involved except the murderers getting killed.

Very horrible

Its not that bad, sorry :l

All because a woman’s YouTube channel got demonetized, and she lost her temper and shot 3 people at YouTube HQ.
The only death was herself.
Prayers for YouTube HQ. - Gregory

46 Duck Boat Capsized in Missouri
47 National Museum of Brazil Fire
48 Ontario Ice Storm

This should be higher than 34. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Prayers for those affected. - Gregory

This should be above snapchat

I can’t believe this is lower than some stupid Snapchat update and Kylie Jenner “retiring”. It’s definitely not the worst thing that happened this year, but the roads were bad and it was hard to walk through all of the snow and ice. - 3DG20

49 CNN Accused of Being Pro-North Korea

What overdramatic hype monsters they are. - Gregory

I did NOT say CNN was accused! I said CNN ADMITTED they were pro-north korea - DoroExploro13

50 Barnaby Joyce raped a worker

What an idiot. - Gregory

He is just a sick creep that should go to jail

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