Top 10 Worst Things Ever Happened In Club Penguin

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21 Preppy Hater Rebels

I didn't experience them while I was on CP, but seeing as it's so high on the list, it must be some new thing. - LemonComputer

How this began: Hey Guys! Let's turn Club PENGUIN into Club HUMAN! and instead of wearing crappy outfits, WE WEAR ACTUAL CLOTHES! Oh, and say lol and everyday!

22 New Visitors That Are Not Moderators

It was fun when we used to greet the moderators and used to think they were characters or mascots, now they just use these dumb bots that use the same lines over and over. - SheepBuggy

Sometimes CP can hold a new visitor like Mike and Nerdy. I can't see them because it's the stupid Club Penguin times is not Eastern time. Remove visitors but add Justin Bieber because I like him

If JB comes I'm quitting CP.


23 New Mascot Changes

The Mascot Changes are terrible. Cadence has a stupid terrible shirt. Rookie had a weird summer shirt. Much more make them old please.

It' snot just the style, but some of their personalities also changed

Rookie is back from 2011 his shirt

24 Removal of DJ3K

Why did they remove it that's all I can say

25 Club Penguin Island Game

It sucks. All I gotta say. DO NOT waste your data. - Transformers234

26 Stamps

And ever since they added those, non-members weren't allowed to play games anymore. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

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27 The Parties Are Not As Fun Anymore

For the Finding Dory one all they did was flood the town and give out member-only costumes! What fun is that? NOTHING! There's absolutely nothing to do!

All you do is some boring repetitive game then get a prize now that's a PARTY? - spodermanfan1000

The Halloween one in 2016 is to dark and uninteresting but you can see the effort put into it.

I don't mind the parties. I just wish they had more activities that were available for non members too. :(

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28 The Girlfriends/Boyfriends

Oh god. I can't tell you how many times I've walked in on people "doing it".

In 2007 there used to be a skull emoji, it was really cool. But for some reason in 2011 they replaced it with a heart! Why?!?!?! - SheepBuggy

They should really remove the heart emote. that will probably stop it

They are so annoying! 💋

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29 Puffles

The new puffles are dumb. Just keep the old regular ones. Maybe keep the rainbow one, but all the cat and dog and dinosaur ones got to go

After the Rainbow Puffle was added, Puffles just got really... bad.
Getting the Rainbow and Gold Puffle actually gave you something to do, but the Dog, Cat, and Dinosaur ones don't add anything new really

30 Chat Filter

The chat filter over the years grew more and more filtered. Now it's almost impossible to get a sentence out, even if it's appropriate. When I logged in recently, members had to chop their sentences up into one word per message, but half of the words would be removed so it became difficult to communicate.
Also it sucked how the only way to ever tell if your message was removed/censored would be if someone else told you "it didn't show".

31 Banned for saying "I'm high"

That makes since. Kids can't drink alcohol, and this is a kids' site. So... - Transformers234

Wut? Why? 0/10 game

32 The Club Penguin Conspiracy

Conspiracy theory - The penguins are actually real penguins from Antarctica and have been enslaved by Disney by placing them in a virtual game called "Club Penguin", placing the penguins in harsh conditions under the users of the game. The penguins eventually die and are replaced by similar penguins. - poopymeow123

33 So Many User Names That You Can't Pick Any

Dare devil tasha Ollie's dada mums oh these are the ones I tried and I came with tasha195

34 Best Guy 1973

Is a member reports everyone moderates everyone's iggy he was in my high school from tasha19

You guys are CRAZY. Best Guy 1973 is not a creation of CLUB PENGUIN

He reports everyone he is a member that is the worst he moderates everyone's iggy and he used to go to my highscool

35 Preppy Teenagers who hang around in the University
36 Dumb Preps

They should be number 1. They think they're the best and they'll treat you like dirt if you don't look like a dumb ''handsome'' boy. - SheepBuggy

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37 Play to Win

The game went from free items for everyone and awesome parties to numerous takeovers and restrictions to Nonmembers. Make the game accessible not only for Nonmembers but for everyone. Disney and memberships destroyed the game

38 Everything Good is for Members

If you want to look good, play the arcade games longer, customize your igloo to make it look nice, or get limited time stuff from events you have to be a member. There's only so much you can do without a membership, and after a while it gets boring to the point where people will stop playing and not play Club Penguin anymore. Disney probably didn't think twice about the fact that some people can't afford a membership.

39 Making Megg the Community Manager
40 Puffle Hotel

Aww. I loved the puffle hotel. - Transformers234

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