Top 10 Worst Things That Happened to Rocko on Rocko's Modern Life

It's not easy being a wallaby in the modern world and for Rocko things always seems to be going wrong for the guy and for this list we will be looking at the top 10 worst things that have ever happened to Rocko on Rocko's Modern Life.

The Top Ten

Was Video Taped Naked by Heffer and Filburt - Camera Shy

While Heffer and Filburt are helping Rocko make a film video for his parents they end up catching footage of Rocko descending down the stairs to get a glass of milk while completely naked and later give the footage to the Chameleon brothers for editing who later edit the video into a Art House video and exploit Rocko's nakedness and make him a hit and produced over 11,000 copies for everyone in town to buy.

His Disastrous Plane Ride - Jetscream

Rocko and Heffer travel to Las Vegas for a comic convention via a plane and as you would expect things don't go smoothly for Rocko between dealing with airport security, getting wacked in the head by Heffer's seatbelt, getting zapped while trying to stop Heffer from sneaking into first class while Heffer doesn't get zapped by the force field separating first class and coach, is repeatedly pestered by a bratty kid who causes trouble for him, while trying to get to the bathroom he nearly gets hit by several stewardess carts who constantly pursue him and later the plane's engines and wings break off causing the plane to free fall and crash back down in O-Town.

Was Sued by Flecko Then Turned Into a Fly - Fly Burgers

Flecko fakes an injury so that he can sue Rocko in court which he wins and as punishment Rocko is unfairly turned into a fly for 30 days meanwhile Heffer and Filburt host a party at Rocko's house and Heffer manages to get into Rocko's secret fridge and steal his AAA Australian Beef he hid earlier.

Was Attacked By Earl the Dog on Garbage Day - Trash-O-Madness

Rocko attempts to gather all the trash inside the house and get it to the curb before the garbage truck arrives however standing in his way is Earl the vicious dog whose patrolling outside his house so in an attempt to get the trash to the garbage truck he squeezes all the garbage into a tiny cube and use a fishing pole to get it to the truck however unbeknownst to Rocko Spunky ended up in the trash as he quickly reels him back only for Earl to eat the trash cube with Spunky inside as Rocko attempts to get Spunky back from him as he accidentally punches Earl in the nose making him angry as he spits out Spunky and the trash and viciously beats up Rocko.

Had His Car Impounded Forcing Him to Go to the DMV - Skid Marks

After a being pulled over by police over a missing gap and a squirrel hiding in his trunk his car is impounded and is forced to endure the horrors going to the DMV get his car back and as usual things don't go well for him.

Was Forced to Be Roommates with Heffer - Bedfellows

After Heffer's dad gets laid off and rents out his room to a couple of mice Heffer decides to move in with Rocko much to Rocko's dismay as Heffer proves to be a horrible roommate as his snoring keeps Rocko awake all night, he leaves the bathroom a horrible mess and didn't even flush the toilet after using it, makes him dinner then makes him wash the mountain of dishes, had all his belongings replaced as Heffer revels he gave it all away to charity and later Heffer decides to become a nudist and hosts a nudist party in Rocko's backyard which infuriates Rocko that he shuts down the party and forces all the nudists out of his house he chastises Heffer for taking advantage of his hospitality and making such a mess in his house however Heffer completely ignores this and decides that Rocko is too difficult to live with as his father shows up to take him back home.

Was Forced Into a Demolition Derby By Mrs. Wolfe - Driving Mrs. Wolfe

After Rocko attempts to teach Heffer's mom Virginia to drive his car is completely totaled in the process which leads to Virginia to take the new family car to drive him home however she ends up driving them to the demolition derby which so happens to be where the rest of her family are at as everyone there attempts to smash the car as Rocko panics over the danger their in Virginia is completely oblivious to the whole situation meanwhile her husband is horrified of the possibility that the car will be destroyed.

Got Sucked Inside The Suck-O-Matic - Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic

Rocko gets a new vacuum the Suck-O-Matic that quickly goes out of control and starts sucking up everything in site and just as he Spunky and Heffer are about to be sucked up as well the Suck-O-Matic malfunctions until Heffer removes a potato chip from throat of the machine which causes it to start up again and sucks up all three of them trapping them inside the Suck-O-Matic.

Was Threatened with Deportation - Kiss Me I'm Foreign

Due to a mix up by a deportation commissioner Rocko is faced with deportation within a week later when gets home Heffer, Filburt and the Bigheads throw him a "Your being deported" party moments later the deportation commissioner shows up at his doorstep to inform him that Rocko doesn't have to leave the country within a week that he has to leave right now however Heffer steps in and convinces him that Rocko is about to be married to Filburt

Was Arrested - Dumbells

Filburt and Heffer play ding dong ditch all over town and bring Rocko along and get him to do the prank himself which he does on the door of Gladys Hippo who catches him as he explains what he and the others were doing playing ding dong ditch and Glady's finds the prank so hilarious that she gets Rocko to teach her how to do it and later drags him along as she begins ding dong ditching doorbells all over town which later reuslts in him and Glady's getting arrested by the S.W.A.T team and taken to court where later Heffer and Filburt confess that the whole ding dong ditch thing was their idea getting Rocko and Glady's off.

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