Worst Things that Happened on YouTube in 2017

YouTube has been receiving harsh criticism lately and it rightfully does on many problems. Some problems are still occurring now that have always happened. So what were some bad things that happened on YouTube? Now not everything on YouTube was bad, I was happy when H3H3 won. But there's been some real bad moments. This can be a way for YouTube to grow and for others to learn from their mistakes. I might have missed somethings and I apologize if I did. I'll leave ten suggestions and the rest is up to you.

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We've heard this word in pretty much every YouTube video. It seems to either be just as bad as last year or even worse. Some stuff is ridiculous for what they consider "Not Advertisement Friendly". Like beauty channels that teach you different hair styles, taking care of your pets and even unboxing videos. Like or hate this stuff, it gets ridiculous to the point where creators have had to quit YouTube or slowly lose out on profits. Why is that a review about a kids movie gets taken down but a video of Jake Paul's dad kissing a sixteen year old can still remain up? Because as long as you're marketable, they don't care. And that's what hurts the most.

YouTube's new monetization system is complete ludicrous! You can get demonetized for the dumbest reasons!


Ugh, this guy. Daddyofive was a youtuber who did pranks on his channel but on his own children. He had at least 700 thousand subscribers and had videos of disturbing "prank's". Like how they yelled and screamed at their children, filmed the kids choking each other, destroying one of the kids rooms and made money off his kids suffering. While all of his children were effected by this, two kids named Cody and Emma were mostly harmed. That's because Mike's current wife isn't their mother but they had a separate mother named Rose Hall. It's insane how these people thought the content they made was fine and made money off their children being hurt. Cody and Emma are with their real mom now and Mike and Heather are facing charges.

Their video claiming that they where innocent while crying to make them look victimized made made me angry... They deserve stiff imprisonment...

This the worst channel, it was not fun watching him abuse cody and his kids with pranks, like when the step mom put ink on the floor and they got mad, and when cody got in trouble at school he got so mad

I really try not to bring this mad man up when talking about bad YouTube channels.

Austin Jones

This guy went from having millions of views on his channel to millions of reasons why you wanted to punch him in the face. He's going to jail now for thirty years because of the underage child pornography he had. And if you actually read how he manipulated these young girls (one was fourteen) it's sick. He knew they were underage, tried to get them twerk and had so many videos of multiple young girls doing this. He's just disgusting.

Jim Sterling Being Sued for $10 million dollars

This was back in February but a huge Youtuber named Jim Sterling made a negative video critiquing "The Slaughtering Grounds" video game. The developer decided to flag the video to take it down but Jim got the video back up. After that the developer decided to charge Jim for slander, assault and libel. Oh and Digital Homicide (the company that made The Slaughtering Grounds) decided to sue 100 negative reviews from Steam users and wanted 18 million dollars. For doing all this crazy nonsense Valve banned Digital Homicide's games off of steam. The case was thankfully dismissed but this a crazy case of someone who couldn't take criticism well.

Casey Neistat and Jimmey Kimmel Ad Revenue

Here's the story. Casey Nesitat was helping the victims of the Las Vegas Attack by making a charity. He had a link to a GoFundMe to raise money and the ad-sense revenue he would make would also go to the victims of the Las Vegas Attack. But guess what? YouTube demonetized his video because they don't want to run ads on tragedy's. But that soon became a hypocritical statement once Philip DeFranco made a certain tweet. He showed that on Jimmey Kimmel's show he had an ad for GMC and the title of the video read "Jimmey Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas". YouTube did try to explain this but by now it seems that most people believe they bend over backwards for Late Night Show Hosts. That the small creators don't matter nearly as much as these T.V. shows. It created a bad reputation for YouTube and still frustrates me that Casey made a humble video only for YouTube to mess it all up.

YouTube Kids Drama

The YouTube Kids negativity had been going around for quite some time. Only now though, did they decide to actually do something about it. I had first heard about this stuff since 2015 and only two years later did YouTube finally decide to do something. The disturbing content on here though had been going for almost five years. That's what really gets to me. We see videos getting pulled down for the dumbest reasons but videos of sexual content on a kids channel didn't? It baffles me!

Goes to show YouTube has impossibly low standards for some channels and excessively high standards for others. 100% ignorant bias

Elsagate. My nightmare

VidCon Drama

The drama surrounding VidCon this year was crazy. Like how Logan Paul thought that it would be a good idea to have a scavenger hunt while he filmed himself running around VidCon. Hundreds of people in one area trying to rush and meet him caused massive panic. Plus if you read the terms that VidCon has for YouTubers showing up, he's not allowed to do that. Then there was Anita Sarkeesian slandering someone for calling them a garbage person, even though they didn't insult her at all. Seriously, why is she of all people allowed to attend VidCon? Then Christian Burns harassing the security guards not once but twice. He called them ugly, told them to kill themselves and bragged how famous he was. He's an "Instagram Model" but has less followers than the security guard who harassed him. This is on here because it reflects poorly on the YouTube community. They get slammed everyday from articles online and some of them are unnecessary. But stuff like this is why people don't trust YouTube at ...more

YouTube's Manual Review

For those who don't know, if you want to have your review manually fixed, there's a catch. They are only able to "review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days" And only when it reaches that, will they review the content. So if you're a smaller channel with barely a hundred subs or have old videos that barely get any views, you're not going to be able to monetize your videos. This is just awful. You're making normal Youtubers forced to wait for their 1,000 views before they get a manual review? That's terrible! I don't know if this applies to everyone but I have seen this personally and it's just appalling. Remember when YouTube was about you? Well, it's not about you it's about your views.

Wall Street Journal vs Pewdiepie

Pewdiepie was already in hot water before he said the N word. Back in February Disney cancelled connections with Pewdiepie and YouTube Red cancelled his series. Because a WSJ created an article and spoke out of context on Pewdiepie. Like calling him anti-Semitic, showing him watching a video about two people holding a sign that said "Death to Jews" and wearing a Trump Hat while watching a video on Hitler. And of course they misrepresented everything. First, with the guys holding the sign. He was showing that these two people would say or do anything for money. Then he was comparing YouTube heroes to the Third Reich because of how they would be like an army flagging content they don't like. It was a joke. Then he said that he doesn't support hateful attitudes. He wanted to show how insane the modern world was and picked the Fiverr (the website that had the two guys holding the sign) because two guys said that for just five dollars. He never intended for this to be racist and there's ...more

Angry Grandpa died

I haven't watched much of Angry Grandpa's videos on YouTube prior to his death, but man, I could only think of how heartbroken Angry Grandpa's grandchildren were when he passed away. I saw the video where his grandson was announcing Angry Grandpa's death and I could feel tears both welling up in my eyes and the eyes of his grandchildren. One of the saddest things that could happen to a YouTuber is them passing away. May the legacy of Angry Grandpa live on as he rests in peace in a place somewhere in the heavens.

This was really sad when this happened

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YouTube Rewind 2017

Phillip873 made a list about awful things on YouTube Rewind that I recommend you look at. And oh boy was this the worst one yet. I wasn't the biggest fan of the 2016 one but at least I didn't hate it. This one got me clicking the dislike button super fast. I cringed at every painful meme, the fidget spinners and sometimes the video went by too fast and I couldn't find any Youtubers I recognized. However my biggest complaint was during that eclipse part. That eclipse part showed footage of the earthquakes that happened in Mexico, Hurricane Harvey, the Manchester bombing etc. So YouTube is allowed to show that kind of footage but channels can't? And then as soon as they do the cheesy hand holding thing they're back to fidget spinners, throwing slime at each other and dancing. Wow, just wow. How ignorant can you get? I know they were trying to show all the events that happened in 2017 but the tone did not match the video. Plus the video has over a million dislikes and all the top ...more

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Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

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