10 Worst Things That Ever Happened


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1 The Holocaust
2 The Black Death / Great Plague
3 The Rise of Hitler
4 The Fall of The Roman Empire

What does Europe do with no system for 50 yrs, murder! - User4873

5 The Rise of Napoleon
6 The Rise of Rommel
7 9/11

This was a terrible thing, I was 2 when it happened

8 Smallpox
9 Fight Over Jerusalem
10 The Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Look I'm User4873, I didn't put The Bombing of Pearl Harbour up here, it's a disaster I agree. - User4873

Way too over explain things. - ZZDOORAL

I don't mean to be rude... but this definitely was not the worst thing that ever happened. They didn't even try to kill our citizens. They wanted to sink our ships. These other events killed tons of people. To be completely honest... what we did as our response to this bombing was completely unessicary and too much. We killed innocent citizens... when all they did... was bomb a harbor to sink our ships. We lost 2,500 people... and Japan lost 220,000 people. I am American and I truly believe that this wasn't nearly the worst event of all time.

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11 Justin Bieber Born

Why should we care about his birth? Don't blame God for not stopping his birth, GET USED TO IT!

This was the start of the evil plan of killing the music industry.

Get real

12 San Fransisco Earthquake
13 Rise of Stalin
14 Hurricane Katrina

No Katrina nothing Andrew was worse

15 Sandy Hook Shooting
16 Princess Diana's Death (1997)
17 Walt Disney's Death (1966)

There was a myth called Walt Disney's Frozen. - Gehenna

18 Death of Michael Jackson
19 Barack Obama Becomes President

Oh shut up!

20 Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Surely thousands of Americans would die but because of this the Cold War was started and the world was shown the Atomic bomb, everything else was horrible but needed to happen or the america and tons of other countries would be in a Great Depression and millions more would die.

21 Caillou Joins The Circus Launches on TeleToon (1997)
22 Hurricane Irma
23 Death of Chester Bennington
24 Logan Paul’s Dead Body Suicide Forest Video
25 The invention of cigarettes.

Have killed thousands people every year worldwide.

26 2016 Election
27 Splix.io got blocked on my computer
28 Verlisify was Suspended from Twitter

Twitter can't handle the truth. - bugger

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1. Princess Diana's Death (1997)
2. Caillou Joins The Circus Launches on TeleToon (1997)
3. Walt Disney's Death (1966)
1. The Holocaust
2. The Fall of The Roman Empire
3. The Black Death / Great Plague
1. The Holocaust
2. 9/11
3. The Rise of Hitler


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