Worst Things to Hate About Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina from Mario Games

There’s a lot of stupid or untrue things people complain about these girls...

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1 Ugly

That’s untrue, & a shallow reason to hate characters/anyone. - Mariosprincessesfan

2 Hair Color

How shallow, stupid, & picky can people be... - Mariosprincessesfan

I like Rosalina and Daisy’s hair colours. I wish Peach’s wasn’t yellow, I like retro peach when she had strawberry blonde hair. Wish she still had it.

3 Overrated

Who cares how popular they are. Instead of being a hipster, look deeper into the characters yourself to develop opinions. If you still hate them fine, just stop hating stuff because ‘it’s too popular! ’ - Mariosprincessesfan

4 Their Voices

There voices are to squeaky or to dull.

It’s the voice actors fault they sound terrible/annoying/etc, has nothing to do with the character. If it bothers you so much, mute your T.V.. - Mariosprincessesfan

5 Rosalina is Replacing Daisy/Waluigi/Birdo/Toadette/Ect..

Those characters weren’t in much even before Rosalina came along, so no she didn’t... - Mariosprincessesfan

6 Rosalina/Daisy are Just Clones of Peach

Look at them closer, and you’ll see tons of differences. They all have different hair color, different lengths of hair, different lip color, different eyebrow sizes, different dresses, different color crowns & designs on the crowns, facial shape, daisy has different gloves while Rosalina has no gloves, rosalina has different eye shape & color... yea very little is the same about their looks.

Also they have different personalities & backstories. Daisy is a tomboy princess. Peach is a girly princess who likes sports. And Rosalina is a woman who lived thousands of years, takes care of Lumas, built her own ship/home, knows about the universe & how it works, and lives in space. - Mariosprincessesfan

7 They are Mary Sues

That’s not true. Peach & daisy have been kidnapped, while Rosalina has lost her family, & bowser was able to steal her power from her ship. - Mariosprincessesfan

8 Rosalina is Just an Elsa Copy

First off, rosalina came before Elsa, so obviously that’s false. Second... how? Rosalina has no ice powers, the Lumas love her unlike how everyone but her sister hated Elsa, she had a brother (that we know nothing about) not a sister, she didn’t cause the world to be in pearl like Elsa... w t f? - Mariosprincessesfan

People only say it because they think Rosalina looks just like her, which is not true

9 Peach is Always Kidnapped

Can we please complain about bowser/his minions always kidnapping her instead? Seems way more fair. And no one complains as much as Mario is always the hero & bowser is always the main bad guy! Sorry, it’s part of the main story! - Mariosprincessesfan

10 Peach is Mean


I agree, Peach is not mean

This is completely untrue - Mariosprincessesfan

The Contenders

11 Peach Hogs the Spotlight Because She Appears in Everything

That's like saying a music artist hogs the spotlight because they appear in their own music videos.

She is a main character. Why does no one complain about Mario or bowser hogging the spotlight? They are in all games too!

12 Rosalina Took Daisy’s Spot

Oh com’on Daisy fans ya gonna moan about this?

This didn’t happen by the way. Daisy unfortunately isn’t as popular as Peach and Rosalina since Nintendo doesn’t put her in the main games. She’s not in as many as he other two, so don’t blame Rosalina blame Nintendo

13 Daisy Screams a Lot

When she doesn't - ParkerFang

14 Peach Forces Mario to Love Her

She never does...

15 Daisy is a Tomboy Poser

No. She is one of the more tomboy characters. She’s one of the more stronger characters, she is very competitive, & has high stamina.

16 Peach Rejecting Mario's Proposal

Mario never proposed to her! Why would he with a super common flower he can find on 3 planets & including in the mushroom kingdom? It makes way more sense that Mario
was going to confess his feelings or ask her to go out with him.

But I’ll humor everyone & pretend for a moment that Mario was trying to get engaged with her... 🤦‍♀️
1. That be so INCONSIDERATE of Mario! Peach was dragged across the Universe to almost marry bowser, & just afterwards Mario expects peach to marry him after that experience?
2. Peach is allowed to reject him, & thinking otherwise is... quite sexist & disgusting. It doesn't matter that Mario saves her 87559995379 times. Girls or even people aren't to be a prize for how many times you were nice/saved them.
3. So all in all, if this is the case you should be more mad at Mario for being an inconsiderate immature @$$ to peach.

17 Peach Stole Mario’s Ship & Was Going to Abandon Him on the Moon

1. How is it Mario’s ship? Cappy is the one who knew about it, how it worked, & operated it all the time. If you want to say it was both cappy’s & Mario’s then still peach did no wrong as she got promission from Cappy to use it.
2. That makes no sense. While peach was mad at Mario, there was no reason for Cappy to be angry at him
3. Why would peach yell out, “hey! Let’s go home! ” If she planned on leaving him there?
4. If she was just toying with him, why was there 0 indications of her toying with him? No evil smirk, no laughing when he was struggling, & no discontent sound when he made it?
5. And Cappy, if he was in on this (for no reason...) why did he assist Mario on the ship & was happy that he made it?
6. Why did Mario look happy when peach yelled at him, instead of pissed or worried?

See, none of it makes sense, so it isn't what happened. What seemed to have happened is that peach looked back & saw Mario sad & felt bad & wanted to ...more

18 Daisy Never Saved Anyone

Well that’s because Nintendo won't let her. And Toad, Pauline, bowser jr., waluigi, etc... never saves anyone ether.

19 Rosalina is a Different Person Now Thanks to Mario Kart

This is pretty ridiculous. I’m pretty sure games like smash bros. & Mario party/tennis/kart are non canon. Like look at strikers & you’ll see yoshi being completely OoC being a jerk because he lost. And second I don't see how that should be a reason to hate Rosalina. You should be upset at whoever made her react the way she did in smash.

And in all honestly, I don't understand why people see Rosalina as shy or aloof. Yea, she only has Luma’s around but they obviously talk even the same language as Mario as he understands them. Also, in her story book she seemed a bit playful & emotional there, so it’s not hard for me to image when Rosalina is in a less stressful situation (like she was in Mario Galaxy) then I can easily see her enjoy things like racing.

20 Rosalina Uses Luma’s as Shields in Smash

How could people consider smash bros canon? Why would hero’s fight each other while their are villains around? Also, peach beats her by using leaving creatures as shields, as she used toads as shields. And you don't even have proof if she forced them to do it, or if they come to protect her on their own will because they love their mama so much. Also red uses Pokemon to fight for him. And everyone can use those things from earthbound to chuck at each other, or even off a cliff! So I guess you all should hate all characters in smash?

21 They are Too Girly

Daisy is a tomboy, not girly. It’s stated by Nintendo. Rosalina is somewhat girly as she’s pretty motherly & peach is mostly girly, all girls enjoy playing sports.

In any case, there is nothing wrong with being girly. That’s mainly what you are into or your taste in clothes in which everyone should have that right into what they like & how they want to dress.

22 Rosalina Abandoned Lumas

There is no proof of that. Bowser could of destroyed their food or they are too worried about getting g Starbits with Bowser’s minons around

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