Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened in 2022

While many hope that 2022 will be better than the last 2 years, that isn't to say that it'll bring total peace and joy to the world. With the ever-growing Omicron variant on the rise, it is unknown what will happen in the coming year.
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1 Russia Invades Ukraine Russia Invades Ukraine

I send my condolences to the families of the victims of these attacks, and I pray that this doesn't escalate into a deadlier attack, or potentially even the 3rd World War. I actually almost cried a little bit ago after seeing something on the news about a massive explosion in Kyiv, and I'm scared that it'll now more than ever escalate into a World War, especially with the president that we have, I'm worried that we won't be defending anymore, but fighting.

This should go to the top numbers now. If this keeps going on, what if we have a 3rd world war? We don't want to get killed do we? The Ukraine is being wiped off of our Earth if they don't do anything to Russia to stop this from continuing. Prayers to all the victims & families of this indescribable mess. 2022 has reached a catastrophe for the Ukraine.

This is horrible war in a different country with millions of people dying in Ukraine and being killed by Russian soldiers. Hopefully it will end soon, because this is just absolutely unforgivable of what's currently happening at the moment.

This situation feels unreal. It's like we're living in a apocalypse movie. Please no World War. It's scary that Ukraine could possibly disappear within the next few days. But, the worst things any country can do is attack Russia. Just don't provoke them. It will likrly cause WW3. Putin will be remembered like all the dictators and terrorist. Sorry if my comment is politicial or offensive.

2 Robb Elementary School Shooting

As if you thought the mass shooting at the Buffalo supermarket in New York wasn't enough of a wake up call, here's a really shocking wake up call for Texas. 19 CHILDREN (+ 2 teachers) were KILLED at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas. This's causing more fear as shootings continue even though the chances of you or your kids getting shot at any school is very low. It shows us our country isn't at full peace & our gun control laws are stubborn. R.I.P. to the 21 people who lost their lives & pray for their families after Texas's deadliest school shooting & America's deadliest on school property since Sandy Hook Connecticut's in 2012.

Literally Sandy Hook 2.0. What the hell is wrong with America? Why are we the only country where this still happens? Those children still had their whole lives ahead of them. I absolutely hate getting into politics but damnit something HAS to change.

What has gone through the shooter's mind to do something this cruel? My thoughts and prayers to the family of the children and teachers who died. Screw school shootings! This must have been absolutely horrifying

This is awful. Gives shades of Sandy Hook. Just why kill children? This should be a wakeup call on why there needs to be stricter gun laws.

3 Arianna Delane Gets Shot on New Year’s Day Arianna Delane Gets Shot on New Year’s Day

Who the hell has the heart to shoot an innocent 4-year old relative of one of the most well known victims of racial inequality and why didn't the police respond to the event quickly? If it's anything racism is still an underlying problem and sadly anyone nowadays (even kids!) is in danger thanks to what's happening right now!

Lots of people know who shot her, but the "no snitching" honor code is more important to uphold than bringing them to justice.

Arianna is recovering, thank heavens, but the perpetrator has not even been announced yet. I hope they got brought to justice as soon as possible.

If you don't know who Arianna Hill is, she is the Niece of George Floyd!

4 Buffalo, New York Supermarket Shooting

Ten people have died based on the Replacement Theory. Everyone should condemn mass shootings and white supremacy. Call out this extremist ideology against several public officials and media hosts who embrace and spread it.

5 Omicron Infection Rates Increase Omicron Infection Rates Increase

This is making history for the world even though it's said to be a mild variant compared to Delta. It shows us the world may never be normal again.

That sucks, it made me get COVID in January 25th until February 1st that I had to be absent from school for two weeks, and was where I got it from. And now, my dad has it.

6 The Rise of Terrorism in Afghanistan

Right when we were hoping for more peace after the Taliban attack, terrorism just grows. Prayers for all the families of Afghanistan & the world.

7 Mariupol Theater Airstrike

300 deaths from an airstrike all showing is the Ukraine isn't getting any better as the evil Russians keep attacking it.

8 Putin Threatens to Start a Nuclear War Putin Threatens to Start a Nuclear War

This means the world could in over the years. WWIII may be here. We're doomed. Thanks a lot Vladimir Putin.

Oh boy, that sounds bad. Putin lost his sanity completely at this point

9 January North Korean Missile Launch January North Korean Missile Launch

Seriously why are they more concerned about killing their "enemies" with nukes than actually making peace with them or with that matter their own oppressed people? This alone makes Kim Jong Un easily tied (if not worse) with Xi and Trump as the worst world leader of this century!

I thought North Korea was talking about the environment other than nukes... what happened?

10 Vaishno Devi Temple Stampede Vaishno Devi Temple Stampede

This was a horrible start to the new year. 12 pilgrims were killed at the Vaishno Devi Temple. R.I.P. to them & prayers to their family.

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? Alex Jones Sued for $49 Million
? FBI Searches Mar-a-Lago

So much for "innocent until proven guilty." What did he do? Unless you have solid, irrefutable evidence that he did something criminal, you have to get a search warrant for this garbage. It feels like we're living in Biff Tannen's Hill Valley in Back to the Future II; not the United States. I'd like to say this will backfire on the democrats, but after a good SIX YEARS of democrats (Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton) colluding with our foreign adversaries, doing crimes, or both, but they NEVER get held accountable! Meanwhile if Trump steps in dog poop, he gets investigated!

Congrats, you managed to successfully unite Republican voters to continue voting Republican and in bigger numbers than before. Most Republicans already see this as something about as bad as a real insurrection and even Democrats like Andrew Yang are condemning this. Add to this the recent issue of hiring new IRS agents and many people are already exclaiming "if they can do it to Trump they will do it to you" in some form. The government and agencies really hate American civilians now.

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11 Kazakhstan Protests Kazakhstan Protests

Ain't it a bit early for this kind of list?

It shows us it's still not at peace.

12 January 3rd Islamic State Rocket Attack January 3rd Islamic State Rocket Attack
13 January 3rd Kenyan Village Massacre January 3rd Kenyan Village Massacre
14 Idlib Loses Water Supply After Russian Bombing Idlib Loses Water Supply After Russian Bombing

Poor people. This shows us how seriously horrible bombings are.

15 Police in Amsterdam, Netherlands Brutally Beat Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates Police in Amsterdam, Netherlands Brutally Beat Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates

I slightly erred when I put this here, supposedly the police fought back when a protestor actually attacked them with a plank of wood, but still ugly situation.

Regardless of how you feel about what they're protesting over, the response from the police was too far.

16 Trucker Convoy Freedom Movement in Ottawa, Canada Trucker Convoy Freedom Movement in Ottawa, Canada

Where does the funding go to? Does their health even matter as anyone else would? Aren't other nations lifting vaccine mandates without their attention? Is this a well-planned mass demonstration?

God, this is making me lose out some brain cells.

That's all you need to know about this protest. It's nothing, it's stupidity, and it's for losers by losers.

They are causing the economy to loss. How patriotic are they, and it's nothing more than moaning about inconvenience. We don't need to hear them about the cry for removing mandates, and this can still disappear without hearing their voices.

This is going to make inflation worse for threatening our supply, but also threatening workers with layoffs, and yet, Republicans are cheering on this protest.

Would you choose a higher probability of death over freedom?

Like the Capitol riot from last year, this movement is also stupid since the people running this movement are against the LGBTQ+ & BIPOC communities! This movement only exists because of the COVID mandates!

17 Bronx Apartment Fire Bronx Apartment Fire

All 17 were killed. Including a 2 year old. This's got to be the worst apartment disaster anywhere in years & the worst ever for Bronx. R.I.P. to all the 17. No survivors.

18 Tonga Hit by Tsunami After Volcanic Eruption Tonga Hit by Tsunami After Volcanic Eruption

Tonga was hit by a tsunami on January 15 and has flooded the capital. RIP to the victims.

19 West Sumatra Earthquake West Sumatra Earthquake
20 January Arauca Clashes January Arauca Clashes
21 Russo-Ukrainian Crisis Worsens Russo-Ukrainian Crisis Worsens
22 The Yemen Crisis Worsens The Yemen Crisis Worsens

I don't understand why this wasn't on the list before? More than 300 people were killed in the recent airstrikes and the world was silent about it.

23 Mass Shooting in South Carolina Mall on Easter Weekend
24 Bucha Massacre
25 March 20th Miami Beach Shootings March 20th Miami Beach Shootings

Sad how these keep happening in our country. Our country deserves better.

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