Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened to Ned Flanders on the Simpsons

Despite being one of the nicest guys in Springfield poor Ned Flanders has had his share of misfortune usually at the hands of Homer Simpson, for this list we will be looking at the worst things that have happened to Ned Flanders on The Simpsons, not surprisingly most of the worst things done to Ned were caused by Homer.

The Top Ten

1 Maude's Death - Alone Again, Natura-Diddily

No surprise her the absolute worst thing to happen to poor Ned was the death of his beloved wife Maude which was inadvertently caused by who else Homer as he taunts the cannon girls into firing a series of T-Shirts at him only for him to duck to pick up a bobby pin resulting in Maude to get hit and fall to her death leaving Ned devastated - egnomac

2 His Home Being Destroyed During a Hurricane - Hurricane Neddy

During a hurricane Ned's home is destroyed meanwhile everyone else's including the Simpsons are still intact, things don't get any better for Ned as the citizens of Springfield attempt to rebuild his house but do a horrible job of it as it collapses and ends up breaking his glasses while cleaning them as Ned finally snaps as he lashes out at everyone. - egnomac

3 His Leftorium Store Nearly Going Under - When Flanders Failed

Ned opens up a Leftorium store but his business quickly fails as due to people not knowing about it and part of that is due to Homer making a wish on a wishbone that his business would fail and purposely not telling people about the store as he takes too much enjoyment out of watching Ned struggle things only get worse as Ned's financial troubles pile up and his home is nearly repossessed which finally leads to Homer to feel bad and calls all the left-handed people in Springfield about the store and help save Ned's buissness. - egnomac

4 Found Out That a Couple of College Girls Where Filming in His House for a soft core Pornographic Website and That Everyone in Town Knew About It - Home Away from Homer

Needing extra money after his Leftorium store is on the rocks due to the new Left-Mart taking all his business Ned rents one of his rooms to a pair of college girls Katja and Vicky who take advantage of his good nature to use their room to film for a soft core pornographic website and Bart and Milhouse stumble across the website and realizes that its happening in Flander's home and when Homer finds out he tells everyone about it and when Marge finds out she demands that Homer tell Ned about it and of course he's furious and kicks the girls out only for most of the town to show up at his yard to cheer the girls on and making matters worse he finds out that Homer told everyone about it which becomes the final straw for him that he moves away to Humbleton Pennsylvania. - egnomac

5 Was Forced Out of His Own Bomb Shelter - Bart's Comet

When a comet is set to hit Springfield Ned allows the Simpson's to share his bomb shelter, later most of the other citizens also want in and Ned reluctantly lets them in however with so many of them inside they can't get the door closed meaning someone will have to leave to save everyone else and Homer of course suggest that Flanders should be the one to leave. - egnomac

6 Had His Beatles Collection Destroyed by Bart and Milhouse - The Bart of War

To the surprise of many its revealed that Ned had an entire Beatles collection in his basement which ends up destroryed by Bart and Milhouse who in his words went all Yoko Ono on his collection. - egnomac

7 Accidentally Married a Cocktail Waitres in Vegas - Viva Ned Flanders

After everyone learns that Ned is actually 60 and has not lived his life to the fullest they begin to pity him which leads to Ned to seek help from Homer who takes him to Las Vegas where they end up while drunk married to a couple of cocktail waitresses Amber and Ginger and even though it seems like the matter is resolved in the end where Homer and Ned get kicked out of Vegas and Amber and Ginger disown them they return in season 13 episode "Brawl in the Family" who show up out of the blue leading to problems for Homer but luckily for Ned Muade never found out about it as she was dead. - egnomac

8 Was Pursued Across Town by Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney and Ends Up in the Baboon Enclosure at The Zoo - In Marge We Trust

Ned calls Marge who was working at the church for advice on what to do about the trio of bullies Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney loitering around his Leftorium store and Marge tells him he should tell them to vamoose and when Ned tries this the trio begin harassing him eventually they chase after him across town until they finally give up at the zoo where Ned accidentally ends up in the Baboon enclosure as the Baboons begin to attack him. - egnomac

9 Homer Becoming Too Into Him - Homer Loves Flanders

After Flanders invites Homer to a football game Homer and him start becoming good friends but Homer ends up becoming too much for Flanders to handle as he starts becoming like a total leech showing up unexpected and making a fool of himself that Ned starts to resent him so much so that he even dreams of trying to kill Homer. - egnomac

10 Was Repeatedly Harassed by Homer While Coaching the Pee Wee Football Team - Bart Star

Ned becomes the coach for the pee wee football team that Bart joins and does a pretty good job however Homer as always begins heckling Ned from the stands and calls him the worse coach despite him being the only coach and the season hasn't even begun as Marge points out, later Ned starts to get really annoyed by Homer taunting him and finally snaps after Homer throws his beer can at him as he storms the stands and tells Homer since he has a problem with him coaching he's going to give the job to him. - egnomac

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