Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened to Squidward on SpongeBob SquarePants

The writers on SpongeBob Squarepants just love to torture Squidward mostly for no real reason, these are the top worst things that have ever happened to Squidward on the show.

The Top Ten

1 Suffered Head Trauma and Regressed to an Infant State - Squid Baby

An what makes this even worse is both SpongeBob and Patrick end up babysitting him until he goes back to normal and he again suffers more abuse. - egnomac

2 Got Kicked Out of the Cephalopod Lodge After SpongeBob and Patrick Followed Him - Cephalopod Lodge

Being a member of the Cephalopod Lodge was one of the few things Squadward had at happiness and once again Spongebob and Patrick decide to mess it up for him by following him to the lodge for no good reason and getting him kicked out and all of this just to emphasize what a loser he is any time Squidward finds any happiness in his life its all taken away from him either by Patrick or SpongeBob or both. - egnomac

3 Had His Sunday Ruined by SpongeBob and Patrick - Good Neighbors

All squiadward wanted was to enjoy his day off on Sunday but SpongeBob and Patrick refuse to leave him alone and annoy him until finally gets it through their heads he then gets a new security system but because SpongeBob and Patrick show up to apologize the system doesn't see them as a threat which angers him and after he kicks it his house gets up and kicks him out and starts destroying the whole town for no reason, and just when it seems Squidward is finally going to get some much needed relaxation he along with SpongeBob and Patrick are sentenced to community service after his house destroyed the town and now has to spend the rest of his Sunday's doing community service for the rest of his life. - egnomac

4 Got Repeatedly Tortured by Patrick So He Could Harvest His Ink for His Lemonade - Ink Lemonade

God, this was just cruelty and abuse.

5 Forced to Attend Boating School After Crashing While Trying to Get Away from SpongeBob - Boating Buddies

He's forced to attned Boating school where he is again harassed and stalked by SpongeBob and gets forced to ride in the boat during SpongeBob's driving test also with Mrs. Puff who has forgotten how horrible SpongeBob is at driving and they get into another accident and Squidward is left in a body case and is unable to complete his test and fails as he now has to spend another week in boating school. - egnomac

6 Got Upstaged by SpongeBob at the Men's Choir - Choir Boys

Squidward spends most of the episode getting tortured by SpongeBob's fault and once again has his dreams shattered when SpongeBob shows up and upstages him taking his spot in the boys choir. - egnomac

7 Got His Toenail Ripped Off - House Fancy
8 Got Maimed and Tortured for Following Proper Boating Procedures - Boat Smarts

He basically gets punished for doing things the right way all while SpongeBob who has no boat smarts goes through the whole episode unscaved. - egnomac

9 Got His Concert Ticket Eaten by Patrick - Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom
10 Getting His TV Show Ruined and Getting Kicked Out of It - Tentacle Vision

During this episode, all Squidward wanted to do was start his own T.V. show (called Squidward Chat) which was one of his opportunities for happiness. But then, Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Pearl, and everyone else ended up ruining it. And despite this, the people ruining his show still win since Squidward gets kicked out of his own show for no reason. Squidward Chat is now changed to Squidward’s House Party where Zeus The Guitar Lord is the host with Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Pearl in a band instead of Squidward. - HoldenFanatic

The Contenders

11 Returned Home Only to Be Wished Back on Board the Flying Dutchman - Shanghaid

Duirng the episode the Flying Dutchman sends Squidward into a portal where he falls down a nearly endless area until he ends up back home only for SpongeBob and Patrick to wish him back on board the ship again. - egnomac

12 Got His Identity Stolen by a Puppet that Was Made by SpongeBob - Squid Wood
13 Got Annoyed by Patrick After Filing a Restraining Order Against SpongeBob-Restraining SpongeBob

This was both a "Squidward Torture Porn" and "Patrick's A Prick" episode.

14 Got His House Destroyed by Patrick's Sister-Big Sister Sam
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