Top Ten Worst Things to Hear from Teachers


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1 Where's Your Homework?

I had it in my binder a minute ago, I swear!

Me: I didn't do it! - PeeledBanana

My dog ate it.

Up your ass - missyweirdo

2 I'm Calling Your Parents

Well I'm a teacher (I'm not) and I'm calling the Prime Minister/President - jmepa1234

3 Class, Here's Your Homework

Me there goes ny respect for you - Ihateschool

All around me are familiar faces
i absolutely love that song and the artist seems so deep, intelligent and sensitive :) x sorry if I offended anyone by joking about it x

4 Nobody's Leaving Until I Say So

I have teachers that are like that! So annoying! - Pegasister12

Every time a teacher says that I wonder if she wants to kidnap us - Ihateschool

Super, duper annoying! They waste my time! - missyweirdo

Make me late to class?!
I will bolt and knock people over.
I will not be late!

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5 No Talking

I admit, it is pretty annoying when they say that - Mariomaster63

No Teaching! - missyweirdo

6 Go Back And Walk

Oh my gosh I hate this so much! Most irritating thing ever! Makes me want to punch them in the face! - missyweirdo

7 What's the Answer for This Question?
8 Go To The End Of The Line
9 You Have to Write an Essay
10 The Whole Class Misses Recess

When I was in 2nd grade a group of kids were being annoying during recess. The next day the teacher asked "Who were those kids I told to not to go to recess yesterday? " The group of idiots didn't show themselves, so the teacher said "Since you won't show yourselves, all BOYS will not have recess today."

I know right, I MEAN THAT'S NOT FAIR! I mean why can't the people that were misbehaving stay inside, and everyone else has recess. If I was a teacher, I would send the good noodles outside for recess and the bad noodles stay inside.

At least you get recess, once you get to middle school there is NEVER recess.

There is no recess in middle school so... - missyweirdo

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? When they say “Really?”

This is actually really annoying

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11 You Have Detention
12 What's Today's Excuse?
13 I'm Going To Murder This Entire Classroom.

Teacher:i'm going to murder this entire classroom by using math test! - SamuiNeko

And I will tear apart the test papers in defiance!

We will bury you alive before you get the chance

14 You Know What, Do It by Yourselves, See If You Can Figure This Out

Then why are you sitting here glaring at us? Get the hell out and we will "Do it by ourselves"

My math teacher was a quitter, she had anger issues but I don't blame her. - PrincessKiana

15 Class, the Bell Doesn't Dismiss You, I Do.

Oh really? Then what's the purpose of bell? To get our hopes high and get them killed again?

That's what one of my teachers say EXACTLY THE SAME.

Then what is the bell for?

Woah, one of my teachers says exactly this O_o
But yeah, this is why I'm always late to my next class. - wrests

16 Give Me Your Phone

I'd rather get detention than let my teacher take my phone. - Pegasister12

You can take my soul, but you can't take my phone. - Pegasister12

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17 Can You Pay Attention for Once

Bitch I've been payin attention for a while and give me no time to write the stuff down and then u get in my face with that smugass smile!

18 You Can Not Go to the Bathroom

I can't? Well, can I use your bag as one?

Do you want me to pee myself? Well, you know what I'll just use the trash can! - missyweirdo

19 I Am an Adult and You are a Child

And yet I'm still smarter

20 You're Expelled V 1 Comment
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1. Where's Your Homework?
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