Top Ten Worst Things to Hear from Teachers

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1 I'm Calling Your Parents

I got this today in school I was so scared to go home, my mom got mad at me because I misbehaved in block 1 and got sent to the office

This is quite scary feeling for me if I heard it knowing I would get into trouble at home - trains45

Oh god yeah I agree
I had to delete my YouTube channel and start over again in 2019 because a teacher snitched on me - Ar0nT0pTeNz05


2 Where's Your Homework?

I left it at home! - sadical

I turned it in already, I swear!

I had it in my binder a minute ago, I swear!

Me: I didn't do it! - PeeledBanana

3 Nobody's Leaving Until I Say So

...and then you get in trouble for being late to your next class. - sadical

I have teachers that are like that! So annoying! - Pegasister12

Every time a teacher says that I wonder if she wants to kidnap us - Ihateschool

Super, duper annoying! They waste my time! - missyweirdo

4 Class, the Bell Doesn't Dismiss You, I Do.

This sucks when this happens my anxiety would kick in making me worried about being late for my next class of missing the school bus - trains45

I hate it when my teacher does this they make me worried about being late for class

Oh! Than Whats the point of the bell - XxMontrealxXRBLX

They might as well dismantle the bell

5 Class, Here's Your Homework

We all get retarded homework for autisicd like in me

Me there goes ny respect for you - Ihateschool

My high school special ed teacher gave the class some of the dumbest, pointless and most ridiculous assignments ever. None of them is even logical or makes any sense at all.

For example once she told us that our homework is to tell our parents not to drink and drive.

REALLY? That's common sense!

All around me are familiar faces
i absolutely love that song and the artist seems so deep, intelligent and sensitive :) x sorry if I offended anyone by joking about it x

6 No Talking

I was talking to my friend I haven't seen since wednesday since he was sick thursday and friday, and she said no talking

This can suck if your beside your friend having a nice conversation then the teacher stops it - trains45

I admit, it is pretty annoying when they say that - Mariomaster63

No Teaching! - missyweirdo

7 Get Over Here Right Now!

This would feel scary knowing your in trouble - trains45

8 Go to the principal's office now!

This would of made me feel nervous knowing I was in trouble, lucky I last had to go to the principal office for trouble was in grade 2 - trains45

I had this today in block 1 I felt so scared to get suspended I didn't he just got mad at me and told me not to do what I was doing again

9 Go Back And Walk

This can be annoying if your in a hurry and you have to go back and walk - trains45

I was in a hurry thanks to my teacher keeping me after the bell another teacher made me go back and walk I was 2 mins late for class

Special education probs definitely

Why I'm sometimes late to my next class in high school. My homeroom teacher will say this even if I'm across the hall. I walk, then when she is out of my sight, I RUN so I won't be Nate to my next class.

10 I Don't Care Who Started It!

Frankly my dear, I DO give a darn - Maddox121

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11 Go To The End Of The Line

Seen in lunch time - Maddox121

12 The Whole Class Misses Recess

My 3rd grade teacher did this to us. She had to reset the little timer for end of the school year early recess because the bad kids were making noise at every end of the timer. Keep in mind, we could've had nearly 15-30+ minutes of recess. Then, the teacher said, "Only 1 minute left." Around the 30 second mark, this kid got up from his seat, went to this other kid's seat. Then he said, "Can I have my markers back? " We all yelled his name really hard. We all were mad. He had the nerve to say "What? " - CartoonCriticizer

I know right, I MEAN THAT'S NOT FAIR! I mean why can't the people that were misbehaving stay inside, and everyone else has recess. If I was a teacher, I would send the good noodles outside for recess and the bad noodles stay inside.

When I was in 2nd grade a group of kids were being annoying during recess. The next day the teacher asked "Who were those kids I told to not to go to recess yesterday? " The group of idiots didn't show themselves, so the teacher said "Since you won't show yourselves, all BOYS will not have recess today."

I don't like recess anyways! I mean, it’s going outside. I never go outside. - sadical

13 Pop Quiz!
14 The Essay Must Be at Least 3 Pages Long

I had to type at least 10 pages once. It was TORTURE!

Triple space,
Size 90 font
4 in. header
4 in. footer
gigantic margins,
Now you are set.

15 You Can Not Go to the Bathroom

This not fun, once I had to go badly and had to wait - trains45

I can't? Well, can I use your bag as one?

Do you want me to pee myself? Well, you know what I'll just use the trash can! - missyweirdo

That's OK. I'm wearing an adult diaper right now. My bathroom needs are taken care of

16 What's Today's Excuse?

Hypocrite. - Maddox121

17 We Need to Have a Talk. You're Not in Trouble

The "you're not in trouble" part is obviously a lie.

18 You Have Detention

It would not be fun to get detention, I don't think I was ever bad at school enough to get it - trains45

More like you have detition - Maddox121

19 I'm Going To Murder This Entire Classroom.

Teacher:i'm going to murder this entire classroom by using math test! - SamuiNeko

And I will tear apart the test papers in defiance!

We will bury you alive before you get the chance

20 Give Me Your Phone

I don't even have a f---ing phone idiots.

Lol I have a computer at my house

I'd rather get detention than let my teacher take my phone. - Pegasister12

You can take my soul, but you can't take my phone. - Pegasister12

21 I Am an Adult and You are a Child

And yet I'm still smarter

22 You're Expelled

That would be awesome

23 School Is In

Boo - Maddox121

24 Shut the Hell Up!

@sadical-Hell is not a bad word. Step being so sensitive.

Well, it's the teacher that has been bloody ruining our life for months, so you shut the hell up!


One of my old elementary teachers said S*** because she stapled her thumb. And the class went really silent

25 You Know What, Do It by Yourselves, See If You Can Figure This Out

Then why are you sitting here glaring at us? Get the hell out and we will "Do it by ourselves"

So dumb
Then she blames us after for not getting it done

26 You! Yes, You Young Man!

Also young lady

I would feel offended if someone said this to me, because I’m not a man. - sadical

Well, there are a lot of young men in this class, can you say the name?

27 Damn is a Bad Word, Don't Say It

You just said it. - sadical

@sadical-I was using it as an example.

28 You Have to Write an Essay

Even worse than that: the essay has to be a minimum of 3-5 pages long.

A teacher in 1 of my college classes made the class type a minimum of 10 pages once. I CAN’T EVEN TYPE 5!

29 No Recess for You

This would really suck to miss recess - trains45

1 Day a substitute teacher let me sit out the intire recess when I did not do Nothing Wrong I hope she falls in a rabbit hole and stay there for the rest of her life she sucks
Sometimes Teachers are jerks

30 Sit down!!!

I'm not a dog so stop treating me like one! >:(

31 Get Out

@Maddox121-Teachers say that when they kick kids out of class

Recess - Maddox121

32 I have zero tolerance for ________!!!

For mayonnaise

33 Get Over Here!!!

Mrs Holt said that before she gave me the side eye and drags me into that closet

34 If You Don't Try Your Best Your Feet Will Never Touch the Flipping Ground
35 Understand!
36 What is This?

This is sparta!

37 I Know You are Smart, You Can Do It

Sounds like great advice but really isn't is it even advice

38 Can You Pay Attention for Once

Bitch I've been payin attention for a while and give me no time to write the stuff down and then u get in my face with that smugass smile!

39 What's the Answer for This Question?
40 When they say “Really?”

This is actually really annoying

41 Stop it!!!

I didn't even do anything! >:(

42 You're Suspended
43 You're a retarded child!

No teacher would ever say that.
Teachers have CV's and Interviews before they become a teacher.

That would be the worst thing a teacher can say.

44 Shut your mouth and be quiet

Not as rude as “shut up” but still very disrespectful

45 “darn” is a Bad Word, Don’t Say It

Darn isn't a bad word! You shut up teachers if you actually what that also mean...

46 Ladies First, You Sit in the Back

Their pushing some feminist agenda. - CartoonCriticizer

47 “hell” is a Bad Word, Don’t Say It
48 Stand up!!!
49 Now!!!!!!

They have no patience at all.

50 Let's go!

Some of my teachers were mean. Whenever they would pull me out of class, they would say this in a harsh tone of voice and if I don't comply, they would use force.

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