Top Ten Worst Things to Hear from Teachers


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21 Understand!
22 School Is In
23 Shut the Hell Up!

Well, it's the teacher that has been bloody ruining our life for months, so you shut the hell up!

Last year back in 8th grade, my math teacher and my English teacher swears and my math teacher said this to one of the boys in my class and the class was like "OOOH! " and I'm like "Shut up all of you, you all cuss so why are you suprised? Idiots..." - PrincessKiana

Well, my teacher nearly said 'sh*t'. Because there wasn't enough space to take a PICTURE!

24 If You Don't Try Your Best Your Feet Will Never Touch the Flipping Ground
25 You! Yes, You Young Man!

Well, there are a lot of young men in this class, can you say the name?

26 What is This?

This is sparta!

27 I Know You are Smart, You Can Do It

Sounds like great advice but really isn't is it even advice

28 Damn is a Bad Word, Don't Say It
29 No Recess for You

1 Day a substitute teacher let me sit out the intire recess when I did not do Nothing Wrong I hope she falls in a rabbit hole and stay there for the rest of her life she sucks
Sometimes Teachers are jerks

30 Go to the principal's office now!
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