Top 10 Worst Things Helga Pataki Has Done on Hey Arnold

While Helga's life isn't easy especially considering how terrible her parents are towards her but that still does not excuse some of the more reprehensible things she has done over the course of the series, for this list we will be looking at the worst things that Helga Pataki has done on the show.
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1 Pranked Lila Leaving Her Humiliated - Ms. Perfect

After her and some other girls become jealous of Lila being so perfect and out shining them all in everything they do they attempt to prank her after several failed attempts Helga and the girls finally prank her as they have her get hit with some old spinach and rotten fish as everyone laughs at her as she is left in tears from the humiliation, though they're happy with their handy work they later regret it after seeing the poor state of Lila and her father are in.

She and the other girls should have had a way harsher punishment, Lila didn't deserve such horrible treatment.

2 Got Inga Fired as Their Nanny - Helga and The Nanny

Helga's dad hires a nanny Inga to help take care of the house since her mom is unable to, as Inga tries to make Helga act more proper Helga begins resenting her and tries to get her fired she eventually does after she steals her father's big beeper belt and frames Inga for it and when asked about it Inga clearly knows Helga set her up and expects her to confess but when she dosne't Inga is fired, though Helga is happy with Inga being fired but when everyone else finds out what she did they are appalled by her actions and later beings feeling guilty about what she did.

3 Horribly Mistreated Phoebe - Phoebe Breaks a Leg

Through out the first half of the episode Helga awfully mistreats Phoebe by ordering her to do several errands like return all of her overdue library books as well as her own as she asks Helga to hold the bus which she couldn't be bothered to do which leaves her to walk home in the rain, and while being forced to carry all of Helga's stuff Phoebe gets hit by a truck that she was unable to see coming thanks to all the stuff she was forced to carry which leads to her having a broken leg and Helga actually feels guilty for what happened.

4 Got Nadine to Let Her Cockroaches Loose in the Restaurant to Get Out of Paying - Dinner for Four

After receiving a certificate for a dinner for four at a restaurant she of course invites Arnold, Phoebe and Gerald but during dinner Helga realizes that she's at the wrong restaurant that the certificate is good for, rather then clear up any misunderstanding with the restaurant Helga calls Nadine to bring her cockroaches and let them lose in the restaurant to get out of paying this results in the restaurant getting shut down and when Arnold finds out about what Helga did he tells her she needs to do the right thing and tell the restaurant owner the truth Helga of course is unwilling to do so but does so anyway as she and the others are punished by washing dishes.

Let this be a lesson always check which restaurant your certificate is good for, just how in the hell did Helga not do that before this.

5 Getting Arnold in Trouble After She Spends The Whole Episode Tormenting Him from Girl Trouble

While Helga bullying Arnold on a daily basis is nothing new in this episode she goes way overboard constantly causing nothing but misery towards Arnold when they are forced to work together for a school project Arnold becomes so fed up with her that he retaliates by pouring glue on her which immediately gets him into trouble as Mr. Simmons is shocked by his actions yet he completely ignored everything Helga was doing to him, whats really infuriating is Helga never gets any comeuppance nor does she apologize to Arnold.

6 Convinced Phoebe to Take the Fall - Phoebe Takes the Fall

After finding out about a contest that even her perfect sister Olga couldn't win she convinces Phoebe to let her win the trivia contest so she can go on to the finals however she feels guilty of forcing Phoebe to throw the contest for her own selfish purposes and later allows Phoebe to compete instead.

7 Changed Olga's Grade - Olga Comes Home

Helga's sister Olga comes home and she of course is annoyed by all the attention Olga is given while she is ignored and after seeing the letter from Olga's college with her grades with all A+'s Helga decides to pull a prank and change one of her grades to a B+ and when Olga sees her grades and sees the B+ she immediately breaks down crying and has a mental breakdown and shuts her self off in her room, and while Helga enjoys seeing Olga being so miserable all over a measly B+ she eventually begins to regret it and confesses to Olga about changing her grade.

Personally I didn't feel that bad for Olga who was being such a crybaby over getting a B+.

Me getting a D- : Yay at least I didn't fail

Olga getting a B+ : OH NOES! IT'S THE END OF the WORLD!

8 Starting Her Own Newspaper and Printing False Stories - The Big Scoop

Helga starts her own school newspaper and begins printing false news headlines with pasted together pictures like Arnold is love with a tree and Gerald playing with his sisters dolls and everyone instantly believes everything she says.

9 Has Her Monitor Lizard Devour Arnold's Parrot from Helga's Parrot

While Helga didn't directly order her new Monitor Lizard to eat Arnold's parrot which originally belonged to her father who overheard her confessing her love for Arnold she was still satisfied with the lizard eating the parrot and preventing it from revealing her name from the poem.

10 Instigates a Fight Between Arnold and Harold and Repeatedly Reminds Arnold How Long He Has until He Dies - 24 Hours to Live

After Arnold beams Harold with a baseball he is ready to beat Arnold up until Helga stops him telling him they should postpone the fight until tomorrow and from then spends the rest of the day reminding Arnold how long he has left before Harold is set to cream him.

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11 Drops The Christmas List - Arnold's Christmas

She ran outside to run around with her snow boots. In the midst of her joy, she drops Mr. Bailey's Christmas list.

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