Worst Things Hillary Clinton Blames for Her Election Loss

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1 'fake News'

Can she be a little more original than that? I mean, trump had months ahead of her with whining about that. But in all seriousness, I have absolutely no f-ing idea what she is even talking about.

News on T.V. only made her look like the better candidate & continuoously bash trump all they could. Even Fox News (who is usually republican biased) I've heard from people who watch it that it bashed trump during the election.

She also complains about New York Times where I've went there plenty of times & found mostly articles AGAINST TRUMP.

Here she also seems to blame twitter & Facebook. Listen, I know my faith in humanity is pretty low, but I'm sure majority of Americans aren't stupid enough to listen to everything someone tells them on social media sites. If they where swayed on twitter/Facebook, I am betting its not because their friends spead fake slander with no clams. - person5000

Was it fake? Hell yes it made her look good in every way and made Trump look bad. She just couldn't hide her email scandal - Randomator

2 Bernie Sanders

After she said this, I took a personal vow that I would never support her, no matter who she runs against. This quite proves that she is delusional and corrupt, and only cares about her own political gain, instead of improving conditions for the American people. - Alpha101

She's saying Bernie did nothing to help support her. I wouldn't be the most willing to want to help you win when you cheated the nomination from me! But in all seriousness, she's blind or something. She blames that one guy for not training her for the emails? Bull. We can see that here. Bernie not only told his supporters to vote for her via twitter, but on T.V. her came told his supporters to vote for her. He lost supporters due to having to do that! - person5000

3 Russia Hacking

Old topic, but people still whine about it - Phillip873

Dems knew about the hacking before the election results, but didn't come forward till AFTER the election? Oh yea, seems legit๐Ÿ™„ No the only hacking during the election was what Hillary was doing & the cheating came from her side for the nomination. If they have proof, they should bring it to authorities or whoever & trump would be in jail. But that hasn't happened yet. I wonder why... ๐Ÿ™„ - person5000

4 Husbands Forcing Wives to Vote Trump

She's sexist. Not agaist woman, but men. What, is she psychic or something, or does she delusioned herself to believe she's god that sees everything?

And it's like her to only care about woman votes. Maybe if she started to see men as human beings with legal issues that needed fixing too instead of controlling brainless idiots who oppress woman maybe she would be president. But of course, she's too sexist for that! - person5000

5 Misogyny

If it's misogyny, then how did she get the nomination? Oh right, she's the cheater. Here's the proof right here folks. She also got the popular vote. How can you even think this? - person5000

6 Mr. Comey

Leave him alone! He was doing his job (ok some question that, but not on a good defense for Hillary). He even says they can't find anything wrong for Hillary in his investigation. How does that hurt her? - person5000

7 Bad Pollings

The pollings where a prediction, & they said she'd win. It wasn't till after the election that they where proven wrong. That can't be because of that that she lost. - person5000

8 Democrats

How about she be Trump around when that 05 recording came out. There was a couple republicans who completely turned on trump then. Was there a time a dem did that to her? Yea, I don't think so. - person5000

9 Non Voters/Who Couldn't Vote

She said something along the lines of "those who are upset about these issues, why didn't go out and vote? "
Maybe they hated both options (like I did) or for one reason or the other weren't able to? - person5000

10 Obama's Two Terms

Sounds like she crawled outta her hole too soon then. Not Americans fault Hillary is so dumb. - person5000

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