Worst Things to Hit While Driving at 100 mph


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1 A Train at the Railway Crossing

You're in luck if the Spiderman kid's around. - HezarioSeth

2 A Cop Car

You got a nice speeding ticket and a $10000 fine - yatharthb

3 A Millitary Tank
4 Your Own House

That's like suing yourself - yatharthb

You have messed up your car and your home now where do you live

5 An Oil Tanker
6 A Rocket Fuel Manufacturing Factory
7 $2.3 Million Buggati Veyron

But if the bugatti is travelling at the highway speed of 70 mph then you can hit it from back at 100 mph

The bugatti veyron car is less likely to get damaged. Your car is the one that will get damaged. - Animefan12

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8 A Vehicle of Homeland Security

There is no idea how long would you spend in jail if you survive - yatharthb

9 A Cop
10 The Current President

Scientifically proved to lower stress. - HezarioSeth

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11 Your Own Wife

Instant divorce! Er, don't want that? - HezarioSeth

12 A Police Station

The perfect place to get a speeding ticket and some time in jail if you survive - yatharthb

13 A Family Member
14 A 7 ft 5 Tall Man
15 A Landing Airplane

You know how disastrous could it be? Just picture it in your mind and you'll find out. - Animefan12

16 Giant Boulder

I wonder if you'll go right through it. - funnyuser

17 A Landing Helicopter
18 A Bomb
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