Worst Things to Hit While Driving at 100 mph


The Top Ten

1 A Train at the Railway Crossing

You're in luck if the Spiderman kid's around. - HezarioSeth

2 A Cop Car

You got a nice speeding ticket and a $10000 fine - yatharthb

3 A Millitary Tank
4 Your Own House

That's like suing yourself - yatharthb

You have messed up your car and your home now where do you live

5 An Oil Tanker
6 A Rocket Fuel Manufacturing Factory
7 $2.3 Million Buggati Veyron

Spend your whole life paying the owner if you survive - yatharthb

But if the bugatti is travelling at the highway speed of 70 mph then you can hit it from back at 100 mph

Well, chances are you'll be driving a slower car. - PositronWildhawk

The bugatti veyron car is less likely to get damaged. Your car is the one that will get damaged. - Animefan12

8 A Vehicle of Homeland Security

There is no idea how long would you spend in jail if you survive - yatharthb

9 A Cop
10 The Current President

Scientifically proved to lower stress. - HezarioSeth

The Contenders

11 Your Own Wife

Instant divorce! Er, don't want that? - HezarioSeth

12 A Police Station

The perfect place to get a speeding ticket and some time in jail if you survive - yatharthb

13 A Family Member
14 A 7 ft 5 Tall Man
15 A Landing Airplane

You know how disastrous could it be? Just picture it in your mind and you'll find out. - Animefan12

16 Giant Boulder

I wonder if you'll go right through it. - funnyuser

17 A Landing Helicopter
18 A Bomb
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