Top Ten Worst Things Humans Have Done


The Top Ten

1 Genocide

People of my country was genocide in one night. - zxm

2 War

We would never go to war but they forced us to war - zxm

3 Slavery


4 Rape
5 Oppressing Others
6 Destroy the Environment
7 Invade Other Countries
8 Create Unfair Laws
9 Steal
10 Overpopulate

This is to be disputed. The Earth is still mostly uninhabited in many areas, including Antarctica. You people just don't approve of your fellow people.

The Contenders

11 Create Religion
12 Lie
13 Purge

Similar to Genocide, but conducted on your own people. Example would be Mao Zedong killing 60 million Chinese civilians during the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960's.

Another is Pol Pot, who killed more than 2,000,000 of his own Cambodians which was a huge percentage of the total population.

It's liks in the movie but here what things in the Purge: commit crimes in a legit way for 7 hours without getting caught

What criminals do:
-Killing people
-Stealing money
-Breaking people's houses
-Disturbed neighborhood
-Getting into gun fights with other criminals

What people are like:
-Naked all day
-Getting Club Penguin's account without parent's permission
-Do stupid things

14 Commit Suicide

Muslims don't believe this, they think if they go out on a suicide bombing mission, they will go straight to heaven.

You kill yourself and go to hell, that's what happens when you do that, it's horrible.

Suicide is for week humans NOT srong

15 Create Money

How is this bad? - HiN

16 Repeal Net Neutrality
17 Making mistakes
18 Human Medical Experimentation
19 Abuse Animals
20 Murder Other People
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