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21 Shock Sites

They're disgusting and I'm glad I never search for them.

22 PewDiePie's Fans

I know although I do like pewdiepie most of the fanbase is extremely annoying

They should be lot higher they are Ebola of The internet - whodafuqisthisguy

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23 Fantage
24 Naked Pictures

Especially when it makes you do it OVER AND OVER. - Lunala

Especially when it makes you do - Lunala

Sometime I hate CAPTCHA's more than I hate spambots! - Nord666

26 Attention Seekers
27 Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Sopa is just horrible, if it would pass every fandom would die

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28 Loading
29 Crazy Justin Bieber Fans
30 Scary Face Pop Ups

Disgusting where did you find it sounds that something on the deep web in fact I could write a creepypasta about it

There's this virus that installs in your computer without telling you it,
After 2 months or so then when it finishes installing
It would show gore/scary faces in your computer screen every 5 minutes.

The only way to avoid this is Task Manager/Antivirus - tent2

31 Youtube Poop

This is stupid! - Dragonserpent15

32 Minecraft Fans

Not all Minecraft fans are bad (I'm a Minecraft fan myself, but I'm not too obsessed), but I don't like those who shoves Minecraft to people's face, or those players who call winners hackers (logic: You win you're a hacker, you lose you're a noob) - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

What so bad about it? It should more specifically be about those annoying kids who are Minecraft fans. They like to swear when something goes wrong.

33 4Chan.org

Trolls, noobs, complainers, Child Pornography, pictures of gore, and more, all on one image board.

34 Encyclopedia Dramatica

I'm glad this is on this list because of all the outrageous things that it has. Whoever made that website ought to be arrested. Same thing goes for the one who created the Uncyclopedia, which should also be on this list.

35 SkyDoesMinecaft's Fanbase
36 500 Internal Server Error

A group of highly trained monkeys have been dispatched to deal with this situation. - Comi03

37 ZaDR

So, I go looking for a place to read the first comic and what do I find? Some idiot arguing that it proves Dib is gay. When anyone with a brain can see that the comic is pure chaotic nonsense. Like, really? Are you flippin serious? This what you get out of it? Kill me! - eventer51314

Zim HATES Dib! Stop making anime pictures of them making out! - PhoebeThunderman

I HATE this! I hate it with a burning passion! This should not exist. - eventer51314

1: dib is straight
2: zim has no genitalia
3: zim is a fully grown alien and dib is a 11 year old kid
4: there different species

THANK YOU! Someone else who understands this. I went into detail about all four of your points in a post here. - eventer51314

38 Amazing World of Gumball Haters

^ Exactly. Who cares that there are people who hate that show? It's their opinion.

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39 Whiny kids
40 Cheaply Made Flash Games
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