Worst Things Justin Bieber Has Done


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1 Called a fan a whale

Everybody ( but his Dumbass fans ) knows he's a jackass I'm never gonna blame anyone who makes bad lists about him because its true

He also got banned from the USA how did that manage to happen. - Selfiefan68

Well he's a prick. - Catacorn

Sorry, but this is actually Nintendofan126's list. - EpicJake

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2 Peed in a mop bucket

You stole my list. I made a list exactly like this long ago. - nintendofan126

Gross! - DynastiSugarPop

Nintendo fan,shut up,we don't need your jackass hating,jeez - Nateawesomeness

3 Flipped off a photo of Bill Clinton
4 Dated Selena Gomez
5 Tried to rap
6 Had his friend take the blame for him for drugs found in his house by police

Holy crap! That's insane!

He is drug addict.Shouldn't blame it to others. - catwalk

7 Showed up two hours late for his own concert

And even stopped a show because he was impatient. - Catacorn

8 Egged his neighbor's house
9 Walked around shirtless

Dumbass, put a shirt on! - BubbleBear01

How's this bad - billyungerforever

10 Compared himself to Kurt Cobain

Really...? Woah

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? He is very inconsiderate and rude
? He has no courtesy and no manners

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11 Said that Anne Frank hopefully would've been a Belieber
12 Licked the naked breasts of a stripper

Ew! Gross! That is SO inappropriate!

He actually bit it. But it's still gross. - BubbleBear01

2spooky4me (too spooky for me) m8 - CerealGuy

13 Walked out on his own concert

During a show, a fan threw water onstage at Justin Bieber, and he bent down to mop it up. He continued to scream at excited fans, "Stop! I;m cleaning it up! " After one fan grabbed his hand, he threw his hands up and said, "Forget it. I'm not doing this." And he left the concert. Thousands of fans had waited years and paid hundreds to see him, and he totally disregarded this. He is insensitive and handling fame terribly. He needs to take control of his life, and he is only getting worse with rude, female-objectifying songs like "What Do You Mean? " and "Where Are U Now? ".

He stopped a show because he's impatient and stubborn. - Catacorn

14 He refused to take a picture with a disabled fan
15 Abandoned his cute pet monkey

How can anybody do this? I randomly listen to his music and I saw his monkey and it was so cute.

16 He spits on his neighbors
17 He groped a girls breast

He was asking for sex with that girl I mean really, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

18 He is a cheater
19 He does drugs
20 He is often nude
21 He has a bad voice
22 He is often late to concerts
23 He has no talent
24 He went to jail
25 Cursed at Bill Clinton
26 He sang
27 He was mean to rock and metal fans
28 He made the baby song
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1. Called a fan a whale
2. Peed in a mop bucket
3. Flipped off a photo of Bill Clinton
1. Showed up two hours late for his own concert
2. Called a fan a whale
3. Flipped off a photo of Bill Clinton


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