Top 10 Worst Things Lynn Sr. and Rita Loud Have Done on the Loud House

Its no secret that the parents on The Loud House aren't always the best parents then again you can make the argument for most other parents in cartoons, while they do try their best to be good parents to their 11 kids they don't always set the best examples for their kids and more often then not choose to do nothing when things escalates with their kids or they end up trying to hard to be good parents only to do more harm then good. For this list will be looking at the worst things that Lynn Sr. and Rita have done on The Loud House either together or individually the times they were terrible parents or just terrible as individuals.

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1 Kicking Lincoln Out of the House For Thinking He Was Unlucky - No Such Luck

By far the worst act they committed not only do they buy into the idea of Lincoln being unlucky but they also go as far as to barricade the door to his room and force him to live outside and even after he confesses to faking being unlucky to get out of going to his sisters activities they still refuse to believe him until later when they finally believe him before adding insult to injury by telling him they sold his furniture.

so wrong he is there son, they should be better then that to him

Of course

2 Doing Nothing When Lori and Leni Began Fighting - Brawl in the Family

Instead of being actual parents Rita and Lynn Sr. simply go along with the sister fight protocol choosing to do nothing and let Lori and Leni resolve their conflict on their own when things get more out of control thanks to Lincoln's interference they still do nothing about it despite in previous episodes they have been shown to put a stop to the kids fighting when ever it got out of control.

It was pretty pathetic parenting

3 Their Behavior During the Thanksgiving Episode - The Loudest Thanksgiving

During the episode Rita and Lynn Sr. act pretty awfully when the Casagrandes come over to Thanksgiving though at the same time the Casagrande parents Rosa, Hector, Frida, Carlos and Maria weren't any better as they compete and try to upstage one another at every corner showing they can throw the best Thanksgiving as they act very rudely towards them at one point when Frida tells her to control her children after Lola attacks Carl after he unplugs Luna's guitar when Lynn Sr. orders her to upstage Hector and Rita tells her very rudely that if she doesn't like it she's welcomed to leave but allows Bobby to stay which later leads to the families getting into a massive food fight with one another which drives Bobby and Lori away as they later call them whole family for their behavior and threatened to not want to spend Thanksgiving with either family as they finally realize how badly they acted.

I really don't like this episode it's really annoying

4 Rita Purposely Getting Tickets On Purpose to Get Break from Her Family - Rita Her Rights

After being forced to do community service due to unpaid parking tickets Rita begins to enjoy her new stress free time that she begins getting tickets on purpose just to have a break from her kids however this horribly backfires as due to her committing so many crimes within a short time she is forced to serve time in jail and the irony is she simply could have just volunteered for community service instead of committing so many petty crimes to get a ticket though she gets off early after the officer who arrested her is driven crazy by the antics of her family when they come to visit her and simply allows her to go free.

well I understand this one why would she want to go home to those little brat's

Not sure how anyone could ever think of this as a good idea

5 Secretly Made a Private Bathroom for Themselves - Pipe Dreams

Tired of having to share one bathroom Lynn Sr. and Rita decide to build their own private bathroom just for them, they secretly build a bathroom in their closet but things quickly blow up in their face as they become so desperate to keep their bathroom a secret from their kids that they go overboard with the security and accidentally get themselves locked in forcing the kids to come to their rescue.

I actually understand their reasoning for doing this

they all want two bathrooms, I don't like this one

6 The Skinny Dipping Incident - Suite and Sour

Well this moment speaks for itself.

WORNG! what where they thinking when they put that in there?

7 Lynn Sr. Willingly Helping Luan Prank the Family - Fools Paradise

After Luan has the family stranded at a run down hotel filled with her traps Lynn Sr. reveals to Lincoln that he was helping her the whole time as Luan had promised him a prank free decade in exchange for helping her prank the family and even though he did regret this selling out your own family just to avoid Luan pranking him for a full decade is pretty awful.

I hate all of the april fools day ones

8 Doing Nothing When the Kids Go on Strike Refusing to Do their Chores and Allowing the House to Turn into a Pigsty - Chore and Peace

Its no secret that Lynn Sr. and Rita aren't the best parents all the time and in this episode Lincoln goes on strike refusing to take out the garbage until one of the sisters trades chores with him and this leads to the sisters to all go on strike and refusing to do their chores until Lincoln gives up his strike and rather then put a stop to it Lynn Sr. and Rita choose to do nothing and let the kids solve the problem on their own though they at least take Lily with them due to the chores not getting done the whole house becomes filled with garbage and the parents still do nothing though eventually the kids come to their senses and end their strikes however they once again go on strike wanting to be paid for doing their chores and Lynn Sr. and Rita once again do nothing.

9 They Just Let Luan Do Whatever She Wants to on April Fools Day - Fools in April

why just let her do whatever she wants be a parent and tell her no

10 Rita Bribing the Kids Into Pretending to Be Perfect Children In Order to Land a Job for a Parenting Advice Column - Write and Wrong

Rita attempts to land a parenting advice column job for the newspaper from chief editor Jesse Hiller but when she expects her kids to be perfect as she plans to interview her at home and rather then Rita telling her the truth she bribes the kids by promising to take them to Jean Juan French Mix Buffet if they act perfect for Jesse during the interview, she gets the job but is too embarrassed to be seen in public with her kids not wanting people to know she isn't a perfect parent and when the kids remind her of the promise she made prior she tries to go back on her word but ultimately takes the kids to Jean Juan's at 3 O'clock as the place is likely to be empty only to find Jesse there with a couple of co workers who happen to sit nearby them and the kids antics causes Jesse get upset wondering whats going on as she recognizes the Loud kids and is shocked that their not the perfect kids that she was led to believe as Rita is forced to come clean confessing that she's not the perfect ...more

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11 Lynn Sr. Forcing His Dreams of Cooking Onto Luan - Feast or Family

When Luan is forced to enroll in a culinary class Lynn Sr. uses it to share his passion for cooking at first things are fine until Lynn Sr. begins going overboard and pushing Luan further and further now wanting her to take over the family restaurant and takes all the fun out of cooking he even shows up at Luan's school embarrasses her in front of her friends and almost sets the school on fire when he while trying to lite his baked Alaska and Luan finally snaps after he takes away Mr. Coconut so she can focus more on cooking.

all he did was make sure that she never wanted to cook again

12 Lynn Sr. Being a Jerk to the Family - Vantastic Voyage

he put a minivan before his family so wrong

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