Top 10 Worst Things Marge Simpson Has Done on The Simpsons

Homer, Bart and even Lisa have all had lists on some of their worst actions they have comittied now its time for Marge's turn in court as we coundown the worst things that Marge Simpson has done on the Simpsons

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Began Taking Steroids - The Strong Arms of the Ma

After Marge begins working out and later beats up the mugger who mugged her she soon begins taking steroids after being encouraged by her old neighbor Ruth Powers and her steroid abuse begins to driver her over the edge as it results in her violently raping Homer, and then later she violently beats up everyone at Moe's Tavern. - egnomac

Sabotaged The Other Contestants Food - All's Fair and Oven War

Marge enters a cooking competition where everyone is out to ruin her dish and after they succeed by burning her entry she decides to get back at them by pouring Maggie's ear medicine on all the entries ruining them and just for plot connivance Lisa just happens to see her doing this while looking through the key hole. - egnomac

Accidentally Saying That She Hates America - Bart-Mangled Banner

After Bart accidentally moons the American flag leading to a a huge backlash the family are asked to appear on a talk show to tell their side of the story and one of the first things Homer tells them is to not rock the boat meaning not to take it too far but the host begins push the idea that they hate America asking why they hate America and Marge disregarding Homer's advice and replies "If by Americans you mean loud mouth talk showhosts which everyone seems to be in this country, then yes I do hate Americans" as the host replies that he's surprised they haven't been run out of town as Marge also adds that she is very well liked in Springfield as the host states that Springfield hates America which leads to The United States to turn its back on Springfield. - egnomac

Developed a Gambling Addiction - Springfield (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)

During the episode Marge develops a gambling addiction and begins spending all her time at the Monty Burns Casino and begins neglecting her family at one point she fails to notice Maggie almost getting mauled by a whit tiger Gunter and Ernsts act and is saved by Barney and later forgets to help Lisa make her costume for her geometry pageant forcing Homer to make the costume and does a horrible job at it that Lisa begins crying which leads to Homer to have to intervene and put a stop to Marge's gambling. - egnomac

Keeping Homer's Gun - The Cartridge Family

Marge becomes a massive hypocrite after spending most of the episode disapproving of Homer owning a gun and wanting him to get rid of it and as Homer gives her the gun to throw away instead of doing that Marge decides to keep the gun for herself. - egnomac

Selling The Family's Old Prescription Drugs at a Yard Sale - We're on the Road to D'ohwhere

While Homer takes Bart to a disciplinary camp in Oregon, Marge and Lisa have a yard sale where Marge sells the family's expired medicine which makes her a lot of money but results in Marge getting. - egnomac

Getting Gil Fired Again - Kill Gil, Volumes I & II

Marge invites Gil to stay with the them after getting fired for giving away a doll meant for his boss to Lisa, but Gil quicky over stays his welcome and Marge is having trouble being assertive and kicking him out, when she is finally willing to do so Gil has already left and is now a successful realtor in Scottsdale however Marge still goes to confront him and tears into him making him look weak in front of the other realtor's as his boss shows up and fires him and putting Gil back in the same place he was earlier. - egnomac

Eavesdropping on Others Through Maggie's Baby Monitor - Make Room for Lisa

After Homer's latest mishap Omnitouch installs a cellular transmitter in the Simpsons household to help him pay back the damages he did to the Bill of Rights as Maggie's baby monitor begins receiving transmissions from the cellular tower allowing Marge to listen to other people's calls and rather then report it to Omnitouch Marge continues to listen on people's private conversations which leads to Bart and Milhouse to pull a prank on her by making her think a convict was trying to break into the house which results in Marge smashing the baby monitor on Milhouse's head knocking him out. - egnomac

Gave Flanders Bad Advice That Lead to Him Being Being Harassed By a Group of Bullies - In Marge We Trust

Marge takes over giving advice at the church and when Ned calls her on what to do about the three bullies Jimbo, Kerney and Dolph hanging outside his store she tells him to tell them to leave which ends up making things worse for Ned as the trio begin harassing him and when they cut the phone like she assumes he hung up and that there's nothing to worry about until she finds out the next day from Maude that Ned never came home as the bullies bagan chasing him across town as he ends up at the zoo and in the baboon enclosure in which Reverend Lovejoy then has to come to Ned's rescue. - egnomac

Overreacting to Homer's Photo of Him Dancing with an Exotic Dancer - Homer's Night Out

Not the worst but Marge's reaction to Homer's photo of him dancing with an exotic dancer is pretty hard to justify as Homer has done way worse things that Marge should have been more angry at like blowing up the church and Homer wasn't really doing anything too inappropriate all he was doing was dancing next to her. - egnomac

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Kicking Bart Out of The House Due to Lisa’s Restraining Order - On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister
Nearly cheating on Homer - Life on the Fast Lane
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