Worst Things About Playing Mario Kart Wii Online


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1 Hackers

Hackers seem to rule the awesome Mario Kart Wii World. Here's the story of hackers: One rainy day, an epic rainstorm blew atop Mario Kart City.
A Funky Kong got offended by it, because it was more epic than him.
He bought an item at Coconut Mall and it was a hack box with OVER 9000 hacks.
He used a hack to get rid of the epic storm, it worked.
It backfired.
EVERYONE bought an epic hacker box.
But a few people didn't...
Yoshi, Toadette, and Toad didn't.
They saved the day by destroying 58% of hack boxes.
And hack boxes can't be made again.
So that 42% of people that still have a hack box...
They still hack.
Note to hackers:
Destroy your hack box UNLESS you use it for FUN. Not to win.
I hope all you non- hackers or people that use hacks for fun have a
Beautiful life...

I would like to see them not hack it is just not fair like the biggest examples for me are, I hit a player with an item and then I go past them but 7 seconds later they would just teleport in front of me and if somebody fell then they would spawn were they were like they never fell at all

I think for the lose hackers like Mr. Bean are fun to race against since they're giving people free points, but I just hate for the win hackers because I think hacking to win is stupid and makes those people losers.

I have played a race where there were nonstop Spiny Shells. One after another after another. In fact, the race had to end before people were finished because of the five minute time limit. After that, I quit.

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2 Blue Shells

Hackers are really bad but how is this not number one? I was playing toads factory was second behind waluigi third lap we were at the last turn before going outside I had bomb and was right behind him then blue shell comes out of nowhere I get blown up twice waluigi once I'm in 4th bowser knocks me in water I get stuck in mud 2nd to 10th :(

If you are unlucky, you get hit by this 3 times. From 1st place to last place when this stupid shell hits you

yes - YOSHIA2121

"yay! I'm going to win a multiplayer event! "
'Blue shell alarm goes off'
"I'm still got a chance to win! "
'blue shell hits when about a centimetre away'

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3 Major Loss of VR Points from Internet Disconnection

This happens to me more often than hackers appear in the game. With hackers you can have a small chance in still getting a high place in the race ( as long as there is only one hacker). Disconnection is frustrating because it happens at random times while I am playing. I hate it because I lose from 200-300 VR every time it happens. - JrodNinja

I lost 600 points today from other people quitting! :-0 - nic1997ps3

Same I keep having that quit your screen goes black

I lost 100 points today for being disconnected what the heck!

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4 Players That Constantly Vote for the Same Course

It gets old eventually.

One time, I was against five other people who all kept voting for Grumble Volcano, and it ended up getting picked four times in a row.

I once had one guy who constantly picked N64 Sherbet Land. That course stinks

I get mad when people pick rainbow road because I fall off many times.

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5 Aggressive Players

Many people are cruel when they play Mario kart

Its Mario Kart Wii your supposed to be aggressive - YOSHIA2121

Princess Peach has the most road rage.

"dude. Be nice."
Turns microphone off.

6 People With Offensive Display Names

Mine's Boneless.

so what - YOSHIA2121

I meet someone who has the name you suck ##

7 People Who Play As Peach and Beat You

She a cry baby and grew boobs early she the world weakest person in the video games. maybe she use a Mach bike because is the best one

This is pointless - YOSHIA2121

Who cares if you lost to Peach? I don't!

Peach is the worst. I've never played as her cause she sucks

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8 Glitches
9 Bullet Bills

what - YOSHIA2121

10 Thunder Clouds

These things will strike every single player except the one who uses it.
It shrinks you and you become slower than a snail.
And the guy who used it rides past you looking all big and bad.

what - YOSHIA2121

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11 Heavyweights
12 Lag
13 People who throw Red Shells at you when they're right behind you
14 Little Kids Who Suck at the Game and End Up Being Your Teammates In Battles

Oh I hate this, teams are always unfair - YOSHIA2121

I am one of those little kids. I don't technically SUCK (I'm actually decent), but I am constantly getting item raped. Say there's 12 people in a coin battle, and the course is GCN Cookie Land. Someone on the other team has a red shell. The five other players on your team have twice as many coins as you. That one idiot with the red shell choose to hit you instead of everyone else. This is what happens to me all the time. Someone has an item, and they hit you and only you all the time.

15 You Aways Lose

Someone doesn't know how to spell.

People who play Mario kart wii always beat me. they always cheat. they use an action replay!

If you always lose it means you suck - YOSHIA2121

16 Getting Banned for No Reason
17 Idiots Who Hit You With Items When You're Already Getting Hit

Why can't that person with the item just pass you? He doesn't have to let a bunch of other people pass you too!

Its hilarious - YOSHIA2121

-hit with a red shell-
-just after that a guy named Guy67 rides next to me and hits me with ANOTHER red shell-
-rage quit-

18 Blue Shell Spam

This happened to me once and it SUCKED and I was only 8!

19 Bullet Bill Spamming

When someone else does this,losing is a 200℅ chance

20 Sore Winners
21 Annoying Whiny People Who Complain All the Time
22 People Who Have More VR Than You

Why does this matter it just means they are more experienced, does whoever made this list have a problem with people who are older than you - YOSHIA2121

I don't care about VR mind did not have that

23 Grumble Volcano Glitchers
24 Princess Peach Replaces Pauline
25 Peach Takes Her Hair Down
26 Funky Kong Spammers

Funky Kong is cheep!

27 Princess Peach's Voice
28 People With Ugly Miis
29 Daisy's Voice

This is why the first three Mario Kart games, the Mario Kart Arcade GP trilogy and even Mario Kart 8 are better. You wouldn't have to suffer the bratty voices of them as much!

30 Everyone is out to get you
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