Top Ten Worst Things in Super Mario Maker as of 2017

As of now, what are the worst things in Mario Maker?

The Top Ten

1 Enemy Spam

Hate it and they fill up expert and super expert - YOSHIA2121

2 When You Have an Awesome Level and It Doesn't Get Stars

Time to cry under my bed for a week

So annoying for me to put in 3 hours of effort and get no stars - YOSHIA2121

3 Japanese Language Levels

Over half the levels are japanese and it's a pain in the ass to have to turn off japanese levels every time I play - YOSHIA2121

4 When Other People Get Lots of Stars for Crappy Levels

Makes me think the game is rigged - YOSHIA2121

5 Hammer Bros

So annoying - YOSHIA2121

6 Bumpers

annoying - YOSHIA2121

7 Troll Levels that Don't Warn You that They are Troll Levels

So annoying to play a level that seems normal and it turns out it's a troll level - YOSHIA2121

Why would they warn you? That would make them not "troll" levels at all. Trolling is all about baiting an unsuspecting person, and giving you a warning wouldn't work.

Trolls don't warn you if they're trolling you or not. Why would they? That would ruin the whole point of trolling - TwilightKitsune

8 Underwater Spike Levels

Get very annoying very fast and when they are long mazes that's the worst - YOSHIA2121

Add Kaizo to the name and remove the underwater.

You now have the worst creation. - mattstat716

9 Death at the Start

For example when you start the level and there is a giant thwomp right above you so you die unless you run a certain direction immediately - YOSHIA2121

10 Auto Levels

I highly disagree - ShaunFan04

I hate them they fill up the game - YOSHIA2121

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