Top 10 Worst Things Meg Griffin Has Ever Done

The Top Ten

Obsessively Went After Brian (Barely Legal)
Tried to Become the New Mrs. Swanson (The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair)
Took Advantage of Chris (Chris Cross)
Filmed a Hot Dog Video (A Fistful of Meg)
Planned to Disastrously Trick Chris (Friends Without Benefits)
Got Aggressive at Home and School (Dial Meg for Murder)
Harbored an Escaped Con (Dial Meg for Murder)
Faked Her Sexuality (Brian Sings and Swings)
Got Physical on a Driver (Road to Rupert)

To be fair it was Peter and his friends who provoked Meg and the driver just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. - egnomac

Became a Religious Fanatic (Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

The Contenders

Held Up Mort Goldman (Dial Meg for Murder)
Kissed Chris at the Halloween Party (Halloween on Spooner Street)
Used Her Zit (A Fistful of Meg)
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