Worst Things About Michael Jackson


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1 his crotch grabbing

he invented the crotch grabbing... thats weird...

2 his death

so sad
i wish if I could choose his doctor too
he is the biggest loser funky monkey looking like a donkey in the world

This should be mo.1 - malamJONES

3 his looks

He was so much better looking before he had all that plastic surgery.

I love MJ but he totally needed to lay off on the plastic sugury.

He's brown then ghost white... that's MESSED UP. - Thousandeyesrestrict

yes we can all agree that he was very ugly
but he's still the king of pop! - OzzyVanHalen

4 his screaming

Do you mean like in thriller when he screams like a werewolf or do you mean the songs like *coughs* SCREAM?!?! HENCE THE NAME SCREAM! And songs like Morphine and Ghost? Morphine, the lyrics are ANGRY lyrics to it makes sense to scream. And ghost he is also angry and the headteachers at the school. And also YOU ARE NOT ALONE he screams because he is worried and earth song he is upset - Flynn

5 his doctor
6 his voice

One of the most overrated musicians. M/ -_- m/ - tenthsage

7 his dancing
8 his dress
9 his lyrics
10 his music videos

The Contenders

11 his movies
12 his song beats
13 the meaning of his songs

Man in the Mirror, We Are The World, Earth Song. The meaning of these songs are bad? - 906389

Heal The World, is that bad? - micahisthebest

14 he was a pedophile

I hate this man because of this should be higher

15 his jealous temper
16 his plastic surgery
17 his wife
18 He almost dropped his son off a balcony
19 his music
20 his songs
21 he threw popcorn
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