Worst Things About Michael Jackson


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1 his crotch grabbing

he invented the crotch grabbing... thats weird...

2 he was a pedophile

LIAR. The movie Leaving Neverland was money making.

I have never supported burning things before but when the DVD of Leaving Neverland comes out burn it. Build a fire and burn DVDs of Leaving Neverland.
Throw slime over anyone who watches it.

Michael Jackson: I am a zombie, I was assassinated in 1993.

No it was R Kelly.
Now make a big apology and do not watch Leaving Neverland.

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3 his voice

One of the most overrated musicians. M/ -_- m/ - tenthsage

4 his looks

This guy doesn't know he bad wigs and vitilgo

He was so much better looking before he had all that plastic surgery.

I love MJ but he totally needed to lay off on the plastic sugury.

He's brown then ghost white... that's MESSED UP. - Thousandeyesrestrict

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5 He almost dropped his son off a balcony

That was the dumbest thing that has ever happened.

6 his death

so sad
i wish if I could choose his doctor too
he is the biggest loser funky monkey looking like a donkey in the world

This should be mo.1 - malamJONES

7 his plastic surgery

His plastic surgery was horrible I can't believe he did that to himself

8 his song beats
9 his songs


10 his doctor

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11 his screaming

Do you mean like in thriller when he screams like a werewolf or do you mean the songs like *coughs* SCREAM?!?! HENCE THE NAME SCREAM! And songs like Morphine and Ghost? Morphine, the lyrics are ANGRY lyrics to it makes sense to scream. And ghost he is also angry and the headteachers at the school. And also YOU ARE NOT ALONE he screams because he is worried and earth song he is upset - Flynn

12 his dancing
13 his dress
14 his music videos
15 his lyrics
16 his movies
17 his jealous temper
18 his wife
19 the meaning of his songs

Man in the Mirror, We Are The World, Earth Song. The meaning of these songs are bad? - 906389

Heal The World, is that bad? - micahisthebest

20 he threw popcorn


21 Attitude


22 his music
23 he played with children

Sadly that is why the mockumentary Leaving Neverland was made.

24 He had no childhood, so people make up lies even after his death.
25 He embraced his inner child badly.
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