Top Ten Worst Things to Miss After You Watch a Long Movie

Don't even think about watching a 4-6 hour movie during a special day.

The Top Ten

1 Your Oldest Sibling's Wedding

I'm the oldest sibling, so I don't have to go through this!

I would say, this would be really bad if you missed it. - TopTenJackson

2 A Birthday Party That You Were Going To Attend

Your friend would get mad at you. - TopTenJackson

At lest you enjoyed the movie! Right?

3 A Play

Your child in a play and you missed it - TopTenJackson

This would be really sad and bad for a cad! - HezarioSeth

4 Your Sibling Or Child That You Forgot To Pick Up After School

This would be really bad. - TopTenJackson

Poor kid, he or she might get left at school :( :( - funnyuser

5 An Episode That You Were Hoping To Watch On A TV Show

Reap bad when there is no recap

You were wanting to watch T.V. , then all of a sudden, you miss the episode. - TopTenJackson

6 A Dance Party

You wanted to go to it but you eventually missed it. - TopTenJackson

7 A Basketball Game That Was On TV

After the movie, you turn on the T.V. , and BOOM! You missed the game. - TopTenJackson

8 A Grocery Store That You Were Going To Go To But Closed

You wanted to buy it, but it was too late. - TopTenJackson

9 Your First Day Of School

You forgot about school, and the next day, the teacher is mad at you. - TopTenJackson

10 A Computer That Was Going To Be Free But You Missed It

You wanted the computer, but eventually missed the sale. - TopTenJackson

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