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1 Smoking

That is the most horrible! Smoking is so annoying! The crazy thing is that people who smoke act as if they are the victims when smoking in certain places is forbidden, but in fact, they are not the victims. The victims are the other people who have to breathe all this poison smokers leave behind them!

Why would people try to poison themselves - Jake09

I will never understand why people smoke. - LarkwingFlight

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2 Sports

Sports are so boring! I can only go 10 minutes watching them without falling asleep. Tons of athletes spend their giant salaries on steroids so they can have millions of people watch unfair games. And sport fans can be so stupid sometimes! They get into fist fights over people liking a different team from them. But they don't realize without another team, there would be no sports. That would make me happy, but they like sports so that doesn't make sense. And soccer is the most boring thing ever.

Never understood this, always used this as an example of how humans are so stupid that they can take pleasure in this, and exclude people who don't!


I hate sports, it's boring, it's painful. I hate it so much.

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3 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. ...read more.

Come on he puked on the stage - Jake09

Bieber IS A D-O-U-C-H-E - CN121

4 Bugs
5 School

Go ahead, drop out, but you'll regret it. Your video games wouldn't be made without proper education so stop acting like you are 10 and realize that school is important. - CamAsff

School is useful. But they do teach a lot of useless stuff, like drawing parallel lines with rulers and compasses. Well, they do in my school :/

They make you do boring work - Jake09

I like school and I'm proud of it, considering that means I can learn without getting bored

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6 My Little Pony V 2 Comments
7 Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the first female artist to ever since Cher to get nominated by the Grammys and Emmys . In 2013, during her era on Artpop, she was chosen to perform in a concert from iTunes . ...read more.

Um, not an LG fan, but she's actually good at singing.

8 One Direction

Their music is mediocre, and I sort of like it. But they're extremely overrated.

Like their music, it's pretty good.

9 Death V 1 Comment
10 Bronies

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11 Earthbound
12 Call of Duty

It's the same game over and over and over - ikerevievs

I hate kids bragging about their overpowered guns trying to sound "cool". They say that your games suck, even advanced warfare!

13 Drugs
14 Inside Out
15 2DS

Why do people love this thing, despite the fact that it's completely horrible? I have a 3DS XL! Why would you need a 2DS? What's wrong with the 3DS, or 3DS XL? So, tell me, everyone! Why is this a horrible thing, and why do we still love it? This is a list of horrible things that we still like, and the Nintendo 2DS is on here. I guess that means one thing. It's time to do A... GAME THEORY... Later. Stay tuned for a game theory on the 2DS right here on TheTopTens. by the way, if you're asking right now, the answer is no. I am not MatPat from Game Theory, but I am a fan of MatPat & his show, Game Theory, despite the fact that I find the videos, Why Mario Is Mental Parts 1 & 2, and Wii you Is The Virtual Boy, to be completely wrong. Speaking of the video, Wii you Is The Next Virtual Boy, this is actually going to be the second theory on a game system, but remember I'm a fan of MatPat & his show, Game Theory, not the actual guy. One more thing! This will be on this site, not on YouTube. ...more

Actually, the 2DS was a good replacement for my 3DS when it split in two. I've had it for a year and a half now, and it's still really good! - LarkwingFlight

16 The Legend of Zelda Series
17 Meth
18 People who talk too much

Please do NOT get me started on this. I'm still exhausted over my last rant! - Britgirl

19 Five Nights at Freddy's V 1 Comment
20 Liv and Maddie Liv and Maddie Liv and Maddie is a live-action Disney Channel sitcom that started on July 19, 2013, and ended on March 24, 2017. It is about two identical twin sisters named Olivia "Liv" Rooney and Madison "Maddie" Rooney (both portrayed by actress Dove Olivia Cameron; born in January 1996 as Chloe Celeste Hosterman) ...read more.
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