Top 10 Worst Things About Pokemon DS Games

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21 To Know How and When a Pokemon Evolvs In Pokedex!?
22 More Eeveeloutions

Three words: Eevee is overrated.

Instead of having new more evlutions why don't we have one more type (some kind of magic type will be so good)

We have Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Why does there have to be new Eeveeloutions after one or two generations? I swear to dear heaven, if there is another one named Steameon, I AM GOING TO KILL Nintendo. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

23 Youngster Joey and his Rattata V 1 Comment
24 Running out of money after you beat the game (and collected every item)

I can't do anything, I DEFINITELY will NOT challenge the elite 4(until my Pokemon are level 100)

25 Waiting for Summer to Catch Victini

I hate this event. I was playing Black at the time that the Victini event happened, and I went to the island without the pass (some kind of glitch, keep in mind I don't hack)
And I walked into the room where Victini is supposed to be... Lo and behold, no Victini for me.

I hate that event so much.

26 If someone in the game says you can't go that way, you can't go that way

I totally agree. While it is part of the game and usually is for a good reason, like say you have to beat the gym leader or the Pokemon are to high of a level but if you just want to explore or you have to find someone's Pokemon (Bad Trainer's) then it get annoying

27 HMS
28 Too many battles in a certain place

That just almost made me trip off, and I just want to heal my Oshawott and other Pokemon in the next town, but route 2 is overloaded with trainers with high expectations for battle. Nintendo should be ashamed for this.

29 Eeveelutions
30 They Keep Getting Easier

Diamond & Pearl were quite difficult & fun games. Then, they started to get easier. In Black & White, getting the 1st badge was effortless. If they would just make them again again.

31 The Throwaway Normal Types

I'll admit that this is mostly a gripe about Bidoof, but still, no good.

32 Fighting Trainers When I'm the Champion With Level 100 Pokemon

They can't win so why do I have to fight them just let me walk by or do what Earthbound did you just automatic win

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33 It's Compulsory to Battle Every Pokemon!
34 Endless Pokedex
35 Fisherman and His Six Magikarps

Yay, a trainer I don't wanna battle. Luckily he has four ' Magikarps. Wow such xp boost. I hate those red stupid fish.

36 You Have to Catch 634 Pokemon to Complete the Dex In Gen V
37 You Can't Transfer Pokemon With HMS or Items from Sinnoh/Johto to Unova V 1 Comment
38 Gba Games Require a 24 Hour Cooldown Between Transfer to Sinnoh/Johto
39 Why is Catching Almost Fainted Pokemon So Hard?

I was playing my Black version and an Axew appeared and it was the last Pokemon I needed to complete my pokedex and I had it at 1% hp and I used ten pokeballs and it would not stay in them. Then it killed all of my Pokemon quickly and it was so frustrating.

40 Confusion

When you are confused, it always hit yourself, against for, barely works

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