Top Ten Worst Things Popular Instagrammers Do


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1 Post Shoutouts 24/7

It's so annoying I don't care about whatever they post - ToptenPizza

I hate shout outs, unless they're actually what the account is for (like on art s/o accounts, not to brag, but one of mine got shouted out by official Disney arts! ), I think the worst part is when they say things like "going private in ___! " Or "i don't understand why everyone doesn't follow @___! ". It feels like they're trying to deceive us. We all know it's a shout out... - keycha1n

2 Doing Sponsors Too Much

I don't want any apps! I don't need to loose weight, I'm 68 pounds I'll disapear! I don't care about crappy clothes! I don't need ugly overpriced watches! - ToptenPizza

3 Post Memes

Am I the only one who notices that! No one even plays inchy! - ToptenPizza

All they ever do is post narcissistic pictures of themselves and call them selfies..

I meant post memes about inchy. Sorry, typo. I love memes. - ToptenPizza

4 Repost the Same Stuff

Okay, I ran a fan account and sometimes it was really hard to keep up with what I had already posted and what I didn't - keycha1n

Running out of original content, eh? - ToptenPizza

5 Do _______ for a Shoutout

I'm kind of a shy instagrammer (i'm new to it) and I only follow people that I know in real life and a few celebrities, companies, family restaurants, etc. And I also want more followers and most of the people who say they'll give shoutouts usually tell people to follow some random person and comment "done" on one of their posts when they're done. (I also don't really like commenting on a random person's post). And also, I apologize for my bad English, I hope you can understand what I'm saying.

It's stupid and they never do shoutouts - ToptenPizza

6 Before and After Pic

I did this once to make fun of popular people they started commenting on it and saying I was mean

In one an instagramer had brown hair and brown eyes, and pale skin. In another one by the same instagramer, she had blound hair blue eyes and freckles. what? Are you Tonks? - ToptenPizza

7 Stuff by Other Instagramers

Come up with your own stuff! - ToptenPizza

8 Pathetic Memes

Sometimes they don't do it right! I hate it - ToptenPizza

9 Take Nude Pictures of Themselves

Especially if the user was under 18 (s.adgalbri).

10 Nasty Stuff

I'm bored; guess I'll take a picture of my ######! "

The Contenders

11 Emotional Posts

The point of social media, to let others know your business.

I just don't see why you would want someone knowing all your buissness - ToptenPizza

12 Cuss

People say$&&@&!?.,;:($ way to much

13 Selfies
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