Worst Things to Post On Facebook

The Top Ten
1 I'm So Fat and Ugly
2 Where You Live and Keep Your Spare House Key
3 "Like and Share If_____________ (Enter Crap Here)

I just ignore posts like these.

4 Creepy Chain Mail

These are very... I don't know. Weird. - HaydenFullwright

5 How Depressing Your Life Is.
6 Duck Face Pictures

It supposedly brings out your cheek bones. - HaydenFullwright

7 People That Like Their Own Status.
8 Horribly Spelt Things
9 Miles Upon Miles of Selifes at Once
10 Hashtags
The Contenders
11 Your Libido
12 Politics
13 People Thinking Cyberbullying Is a Big Deal

It is a big deal - kylebuschfan18

14 Status: Deceased
15 School Shooting

Our school went on lockdown and people got arrested because of this. One of the reasons I don't use Facebook.

16 Stuff About Bullying and How to Stop It
17 "Like If You Agree, Share If You Want_____"
18 I Am Going on Vacation To, _________

This is not a good idea, then some people may break in your house since they know your gone

19 Mean Things About Your Job

This could get you fired

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