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1 Making Fluttershy cry because she was not good at sport

Rainbow Dash has to get a life! She made others cry, call them offensive names, cheated, always whine for losing. And what's next, It turns out she's also a racist?! I think she Is because It seems like she offends earth ponies and unicorns - MLPFan

Its ok for Fluttershy to be sensitive Dash is such a mean bully! She should be kinder to the poor pony. - TwilightKitsune

This is actually what all the jocks at my school do to people who don't play/like sports. They yell at them until they cry. Not everyone on Earth can be just like you.

I felt extremely sorry for Fluttershy,it's just terrible to make your friends cry all because their not good at what your good at.Seriously?! That's bullying in the worst ways as possible! And Fluttershy is a friend who cares about Rainbow,so that's just the worst thing anyone could do,and even though your not friends with someone,it's still terrible to make them cry for not being good at what your good at.Please don't say I don't know how it's like to be maked cry for not being good at sports.I do know,because when I was a kid,someone made me nearly cry for not being good at sports in Physical Education class,I'm really telling the truth. -ApplejackFan

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2 Getting mad at Twilight when she was trying to teach her a friendship lesson

She is so immature. She should be thanking her and be grateful. - TwilightKitsune

3 Not accepting the fact that Applejack is a better athlete than her

She is a cheater she used her wings. If she represents loyalty then be loyal to Applejack and accept that she is a better athlete. - TwilightKitsune

4 She hurt Fluttershy's feelings even though she knew she was scared

Can she not accept that people are different and be nice to Fluttershy for ONCE? She is actually a very mean person and a braggart. - TwilightKitsune

5 Calling Twilight an egghead

I think that was more of a joke. (Even though it might be mean, Rainbow just doesn't always think before acting. I think it was okay, because twilight wasn't very mad. Rainbow would apologize if she hurt twilights feelings).

Twilight is a clever and smart and wants to do things for the good for her people, Rainbow Dash just wants to join the stupid Looserbolts. - TwilightKitsune

I agree with TwilightKitsune. Twilight is very smart and selfless. Rainbow Dash is just jealous(no offense)and called Twilight an egghead to feel better about herself - MLPFan

6 Trying to replace Pinkie Pie with Cheese Sandwhich

She never tried to replace her with Cheese. It just looked like that from Pinkies point of view.

I like both Pinkie and Cheese but she should have not tried to replace her she does not deserve friends - TwilightKitsune

7 Being ungrateful to Rarity for making her a nice dress

Rarity is a hard worker and I think she will tie the knot with Spike one day but Rainbow should have been a little more decent in expressing herself. How would you feel if you were Rarity? - TwilightKitsune

Rarity makes BEAUTIFUL dresses. You know Rainbow Dash you could've at least said thank you to Rarity.

All of the other mane 5 were ungrateful!

8 Being extremely bratty

I agree, spitfire is a better character, plus people say she is a jerk when she isn't,she isn't even corrupt. That's rainbow dash who they are talking about not her. P.s spitfire is the only character I liked in mlp even though I didn't like it when I watched it, the wonderbolts are okay also. The whole reason I hate mlp is because of rainbow dash, she is a bully and thinks she is awesome when she isn't, even buttercup from PPG is better than her, at least buttercup is cool and not annoying even though she sometimes bullies, but that is what makes an interesting character, yet rainbow dash is annoying, she doesn't really care for her friends while buttercup actually cares for her sisters even though she fights with them, she saved their lives.

Her voice is so annoying. And I think Soarin should be with Spitfire she is 1000,0000,0000 times better than Rainbow Dash. I ship Soarin and Spitfire. Soarin and Spitfire forever! - TwilightKitsune

9 Giving up Fluttershy as a friend just for a book

She almost traded her "friend" over a stupid book! Can't she be bit more down to earth?! - MLPFan

Of everyone in MLP she is most mean to Fluttershy. She thinks that just because Fluttershy is kind she can bully her as much as she wants. I feel so sorry for Fluttershy and she deserves to have a better friend like Twilight or Rarity. But I hate Dash.
I found a shotgun and hit Rainbow Dash with it. the end. - TwilightKitsune

10 Defeating Starscream in Death Battle

Death Battle isn't canon. Still, Starscream should've had won.


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11 Being a dumbass in "Tanks for the Memories"

It's my head canon that she doesn't want tank to leave because she has problems dealing with loss. In my head canon I think that her mom either left and never came back, or died.

Haha, yes, this!

12 Having a crappy fanbase

Her fanbase reminds me a lot about Danny Phantom fans. Both them always send death treats to their haters, treating them like a god, make other characters looks bad to make them very good, and blablablabla... I'M DONE! - ChatNoirFan18

13 Being rude and bossy

That is the reason she made Fluttershy cry. And one time she slapped Applejack during the race because she could not accept the fact that she was the real looser and Jack was better. - TwilightKitsune

14 Throw temper tantrums about how she is the best

I know, she is so annoying when she does this. Stop complaining about how you are the best, Dash! You can't always be the best, give the spotlight to some other pony, Dash! Get a life.

Rainbow Dash:I'm sooo awesome! Everyone else are just sore losers!
Me:(mutters)I hope you'll get hit by a bus or by Celestia's chariot - MLPFan

15 Abandoning Pinkie Pie and Rarity in the desert

Well she couldn't afford to let AJ go. Rarity and Pinkie should've known that and been okay with being left behind.

That was Twilight's fault. She could've teleported them back into the cart but she didn't, RD did nothing wrong. She was doing exactly what she should've done.

16 Harrasing Granny Smith
17 Treating Fluttershy like a slave

People every one make mistakes same as you and me everyone deserves second chance plus she learn soon by her mistakes so you all stop acting like a dick every one got problems

18 Being a dick to Daring Do
19 Being a jerk in 'Games Ponies Play'

She wasn't a jerk at all in this episode. She was actually very mature.

20 Not being loyal even though she is meant to

This happens with many of the ponies. Sometimes, Rarity isn't quite so generous, and sometimes applejack isn't honest ( Like the episode when she lied to make granny smith feel better) Nobody's perfect

Would a loyal friend cheat in a race because she was afraid of loosing? Would a loyal friend be a selfish jerk, braggart, liar, cheater, bossabout, rude person, brat, annoying, selfish and above all... A BULLY?
Derpy Hooves should be the element of Loyalty not Dash. Or Spitfire. - TwilightKitsune

Twilightkitsune is literally retarded.

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1. Making Fluttershy cry because she was not good at sport
2. Not accepting the fact that Applejack is a better athlete than her
3. Getting mad at Twilight when she was trying to teach her a friendship lesson



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