Worst Things About The Resident Evil Movie Franchise


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1 Alice

Alice was never meant to work as a game character, the fact that the whole movie franchise is about her and not the main Resident Evil game characters really ticks me off. - egnomac

Alice would have worked a lot better as a movie character if the movie wasn't called Resident Evil.

I agree Alice has no business being the hero of this franchise.

2 Not Staying True to the Series

The idea of a group of special team agents being stranded at a creepy mansion fighting off zombies and monsters sounded good enough to be a movie why in the hell would any one not want to make that movie and instead come up with there own version of it.. - egnomac

3 It Was Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson
4 Not Staying True to the Characters
5 Shawn Roberts As Albert Wesker

I don't know about the rest of you but I really wanted Robert Patrick to play Albert Wesker. - egnomac

6 Ali Larter As Claire Redfield

Ali Larter failed to capture everything that was great about Claire from the game and why doesn't she have her signature pony tial - egnomac

What? She's much more bad ass in the movies, but she remains the same, Ali dyed her hair red to do the role and she absolutely rocked, people need to stop blacklashing her, we see how she remains the strong hearted girl when she rescues K Mart in Afterlife. - LukeTargaryen

7 Characters From the Game As Side Characters

Even though we get to see Jill, Chris & Claire and others they're played off as mere side characters while Alice takes over. - egnomac

8 The Story
9 They Keep Making More

The Truly scary thing about the Resident Evil Movie Franchise is they keep making more no matter how much they suck they still keep making more. - egnomac

10 The over focus on Alice

I love Alice and unlike many RE fans I actually like the movies a lot, I just think supporting characters should get more screentime and they should have bad ass scenes too not just Alice. - LukeTargaryen

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