Top 10 Worst Things Robloxians Go Through


The Top Ten

1 Being called a noob

Really... I have been playing roblox for over 3 years and you call me a noob? You just started playing 4 days ago and just learned what a noob is. - legomen444

2 ODers

Please go away I try everything I can to destroy them even so far for a anti ODer foundation and these people are still here. And even worse they are invading NON ODing games. WHAT?!?!?! - legomen444

3 Random people giving friend requests

Really do you think I would be friends with a random person on the street. - legomen444

4 Dantdm/EthanGamerTV games

These games don't care about itself but instead that its about a youtuber. - legomen444

5 Life in Paradise

Why is this on the front page? - legomen444

6 People getting on top of you

I am not a stand I am a person. - legomen444

7 FNAF games

Only one of them is good. - legomen444

8 Forum trolls

Don't use the forums much but they troll hard. - legomen444

9 Games getting barely any plays

I tried to do something from scratch and not be appreciated but instead a free modeled game that is stupid got 1000000000000000000000000000000 times more plays than mine WHY!?!?! - legomen444

10 Charging 100000 robux for a stupid game pass

160 robux for plus in meep city and it was 60% off WHAT?!?! - legomen444

The Contenders

11 Spammers on a group

This is so annoying because every time I post an interesting idea someone posts stuff likea billion times about free robux scams.

12 Botting people who play clickbait games
13 Someone hacking and they blame it on you

That happened on Obstacle Creator by Swoof once to me

14 Some robloxians will push you and touch you
15 Being accused of Being an ODor because of their appearance
16 Getting assaulted for no reason whatsoever
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