Top 10 Worst Things Ronnie Anne Santiago Has Done

Ronnie Anne started off as a bully in The Loud House and quickly grew to be a bit nicer though ever so often she still does some pretty terrible things. For this list we'll be counting down the top worst things Ronnie Anne has done in both The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
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1 Sabotaging the Upstairs Apartment So that the Reynolds Wouldn't Want It So Sid's Family Could Get It - Friended

After befriending Sid and learning her family are looking for a new place to live and seeing that there's a vacant apartment in her building and that a couple the Reynolds also want the apartment she, Sid, Bobby and her cousins sabotage the apartment and make it so bad that the they won't want it and it works until she ends up in hot water then the buildings landlord Mr. Scully whose friends with the Reynolds tells Rosa whose the apartment manager about the apartment being a disaster and nearly fires her until Ronnie Anne confesses that she made the apartment look bad so the Reynolds wouldn't want it so the Changs would take it she ends up getting scolded by her mother and is forced to fix the damages though everything turns out for the best as Mr. Scully allows the Changs to move in.

2 Her and Sid Almost Getting the Burger Blast Restaurant Shut Down - Fast Feud

When a new burger restaurant Burger Blast opens up the girls are unable to sleep due to how bright the sign is and how loud their tip song is and resort to trying to shut down the restaurant by having Sergio and his pigeon friends swarm the restaurant while also tipping off news reporter Jim Sparkletooth that Burger Blasts burgers are made from pigeon meat however they learn too late that the workers Padma and Pierre had already taken care of their complaints not to mention they were pretty nice to them they confess they made up the pigeon meat rumor and were trying to shut down the restaurant because they just wanted some sleep they also apologize to Padma and Pierre.

3 Bullying Lincoln - Various

For a lot of the first and second season Ronnie Anne was a bully to Lincoln for seemingly no reason though the sisters claim she picks on him because she likes him Lincoln even states that she shoves sandwiches down his pants during lunch period though in later seasons she eases up on the bullying.

4 Losing la Tormenta's Mask - Saving Face

In the episode Ronnie Anne and Sid try to find out if the new building tenant Blanca Guzman is their favorite wrestler La Tormenta and fixes it so that they and Rosa can be able to get inside her apartment and to their excitement they find out Blanca really is La Tormenta even though it was blatantly obvious as they find her ring attire and mask but they end up losing her mask when it goes flying out the window and into the street unable to find it in time they get Frida to make a fake one right before La Tormenta's match but at the match they see La Tormenta is weak without her mask and has struggles in her matches against Princess Valentina and La Gaillina Malvada after hearing from her uncle Carlos that a Luchadora is powerless without their real mask Ronnie Anne and Sid track down her mask and give it back to her during the final match understandably Blanca/La Tormenta is upset at them for not only for sneaking into her apartment but for also losing her mask but she does forgive ...more

5 Making Breakfast Bot to Do Her Chores - 1, Breakfast Bot

When her Abuela Rosa has to leave to fix the Flores's bathroom she orders Ronnie Anne and her Cousins to finish her chores for her while she's away of course they don't want to do it because they want to watch their show but are still forced to do it despite having the easiest job watching the Menudo and convinces Sid to program her Breakfast Bot to do her job for her so they can watch TV her cousins C.J. and Carl are upset over this as Breakfast Bot is doing her chores while they're still doing theirs which leads to them having Sid reprogram Breakfast Bot to do their chores as well this leads to Breakfast Bot being outraged by them turning him into slave which leads to him starting a revolt along with the other electronics and begin to attack Ronnie Anne and the others.

6 Trying to Break Up Her Dad and Ms. Galiano - Teacher's Fret

After finding out her dad is dating her teacher Ms. Galiano Ronnie Anne is in a panic feeling embarrassed by the taunting of her classmates about her teacher dating her dad as she attempts to break them up by sabotaging one of their date by tricking Ms. Galiano into cutting her hair into a mohawk and wearing and has her wear a perfume made from the foul smelling odor of a polecat but when that fails she and Sid steal their phones and change their contacts so they would text the wrong people and it seems to work but she feels guilty after showing up the next day and sees both Ms. Galiano and her dad crying as she confesses to trying to break them up only to learn she didn't break them up but rather they made the decision to break up and remain friends and their crying is unrelated to the break up as her dad is crying as his soccer team lost and Ms. Galiano is crying from the effects of the new make up she's wearing which is seriously stinging her eyes.

7 Her and Sid Spending All of the Money They Found in the Purse - Finders Keepers

Ronnie Anne and Sid find a change purse with a 100 dollars inside and try to find out who it belongs to after being unable to find the owner the girls give in and spend all the money but to their horror they get a call from Maybell stating the purse with the 100 dollars is hers as the girls try to make back the money they spend but fail and are forced to confess to Maybell of spending her money and even though she was furious she does cut them a deal by having them do chores for her.

8 Trying to Trick Her Father Into Staying in Great Lake City - Operation Dad

Ronnie Anne's father Arturo visits from Peru and despite having such a good time hanging out together in the city she desperately wants him to stay but he informs her his job in Peru really needs him so she tires to get him to stay by acting up and dressing like a punk her dad sees through this and calls her out on he lies realizing how much effort she when through to try and get him to stay even if it was underhanded he decides to stay however when Ronnie Anne sees the letters her dad got form his patients thanking him for helping them she realizes how selfish she's been and convinces her father to go back where he's needed though in the end her dad decides to stay for a while.

9 Tricking Her Grandparents Onto Going on Camilla - Grandparent Trap

Worried that her grandparents might split up seeing how much they fight with one another she tries several things to try and fix their relationship and as a last resort she tricks them on going on Camilla's talk show hoping she can fix their relationship which only makes things worse as Camilla constantly trues to rally them up for he audience causing them to argue with one another on live TV as Camilla asks her audience if Hector and Rosa should make up or break up as the audiance chants in unison wanting them to break up realizing how much things are spiraling out of control Ronnie Anne confesses to her grandparents that she brought hem on the show because she was worried about them breaking up as Rosa and Hector laugh stating that they love each other not matter how much they argue with each other.

10 Upsetting Lincoln by Telling Him She Never Wanted Him to Visit - City Slickers

Lincoln visits the city as he, Ronnie Anne and her new city friends Nikki, Casey and Sameer hangout however Lincoln notices how awkward Ronnie Anne is acting around her friends hiding that she's from Royal Woods and claims to be a city kid when he confronts her about it telling her he knows she's been lying to her friends about not being from Royal Woods an argument ensues as Ronnie Anne yells at him fearing he's going to mess things up with her friends she tells him she never wanted him to come in the first place and accuses him of trying to ruin things for her in the city as Lincoln storms off as Ronnie Anne realizes she made a mistake as she follows him back to the apartment as he's packing apologizing and explaining she didn't mean what she said and confessing that she lied about nor being from Royal Woods worried that her new friends wouldn't want to hang out with her as Lincoln assures her if they were really her friends they'd like her for who she is.

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