Worst Things the Rosalina Fanbase Does

Rosalina. One of the more recent characters in the Mario franchise. She has a fan base but it has some flaws.

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1 Go on and on about how she's been in so many games

Which is why Daisy fans hate her - Randomator

It annoys me so much - ParkerFang

2 Don't realize how overrated she is

She's been in almost everything since Galaxy - Randomator

Same with WaluigI, Luigi, Yoshi and Daisy Fans - ToadF1

Just like Daisy and Luigi - ParkerFang

3 Hate Daisy just because the fanbase

That is not a legitimate reason to hate a character. Also maybe Daisy fans wouldn't be against Rosalina so much if you didn't "brag" about Rosalina's game appearances. - Randomator

Yes the fandom is cancerous but Daisy isn't part of that - ParkerFang

4 Overreact when someone attacks Rosalina

Seriously though not everyone is going to like her. Just ignore people who attack your opinions. - Randomator

Yeah... - ParkerFang

5 Brag about how she got into smash

Yeah we don't need to hear that anymore Rosalina fans alright? - ParkerFang

6 Think she's so sexy

Way too much fan art. - Randomator

7 Think that she's a goddess

She's not. She's just a random girl who went into space.

8 Don't realize how her popularity changed her.

She was a space princess,mother of the lumas and was quiet and calm. Then she was in smash bros fighting against the top Nintendo character legends in a span of less than 5 years. - Randomator

9 Don't realize that her popularity lead to baby Rosalina.

Oh my God! YES! Baby Rosalina is such a Dumb idea, as well as Pink Gold Peach, TanookI Mario, Dry Bowser, Cat Peach, Baby Daisy, Animal Crossing Villagers, Isabelle and ESPECIALLY Funky Kong! - ToadF1

10 Rude to other female Mario character fan bases.

Stop drooling over Wendy

The main reason I hate her

Same with Peach Fans, Daisy Fans and Even Toadette Fans - ToadF1

Sorry Waifulina fans we already have enough of you drooling over a recolored Peach.

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11 Be rude to Candy Kong

Because she's not a Mario character nice try Wendy fan - ParkerFang

Because Candy is a slut

12 They are rude to Pink Gold Peach

Good! Pink Gold Peach deserves it - Randomator

13 They say she's better than Daisy
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1. Go on and on about how she's been in so many games
2. Hate Daisy just because the fanbase
3. Overreact when someone attacks Rosalina



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